Master of the End Times - Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Missed A Great Opportunity

Chapter 244: Missed A Great Opportunity

“Damn it!”

Qin Feng was extremely agitated as he had lost such a great opportunity .

However, there was nothing else that Qin Feng could do . After all, it was extremely difficult for him to deal with king-tier advanced wisdom tribes!


All the flames burning around the area dissipated while the fire dragon circled around before it returned back into Qin Feng’s body .

Everyone in the surrounding area felt relief wash over them as soon as the massive ability was called off .

It was indeed an intimidating and suppressive ability that had caused everyone to be horror-struck .

This person was shockingly powerful .

When did such a powerful person step foot onto Pingyun?

At that moment, three of the patrol team members that were left behind seemed to be horrified by the scene earlier as they looked at Qin Feng in fear .

They did not have a clue about the entity that had escaped earlier on, they could barely register the fact that the person in front of them had such overpowering combat capabilities .

They had no idea how to handle such a situation .

In the midst of all the confusion, several shadows appeared and approached them .

Before Qin Feng’s rebirth, Pingyun Colony had recovered from the rift within a short amount of time . The Wraith Devil remained undetected as it lived on amongst the people with its effective hiding skills .

Now that Qin Feng had caused such chaos, every high-level authority in the entire colony had made an appearance!

Even the train captain of the Zhongcheng Organization that was taking a rest in Pingyun had rushed over to find out what had happened .

Everyone was taken aback as they saw Qin Feng, an E-tier ability user, who was recalling a giant-sized fire dragon .

“What happened over here?”

“What has made you so angry, Sir?

“Let’s talk things through . Who’s the one who made this great sir here angry? Apologize immediately!”

All the hullabaloo that ensued was just for show, an E-tier aptitude user, an ability user at that, who was overpowered was someone that no one in Pingyun could go up against .

It was at that moment, a familiar voice was heard .

“Mayor Qin!”

Qin Feng looked toward the direction and noticed that it was Tan Yue .

“Mayor Qin, why are you here?”

When Tan Yue met Qin Feng at Sea City, he was still addressing Qin Feng with his full name .

However, it would be inappropriate to do so now!

Qin Feng had taken down eight of the members from the Dark Coalition by himself, and he had also decapitated the famous One-Eye, Shademaster, and Savage King who had caused chaos in Fengli colony, he had even kept all of the decapitated skulls as plunders .

Since then, there were many that would want to trade at Fengli colony!

“Tan Yue!” His timing was impeccable .

Although Qin Feng was an E-tier aptitude user, he lacked the power to convince the others in Pingyun to fully cooperate with him .

“The Wilderness Exploration Army from Chengbei gave me some intel, and I was passing by this place for my practice!”

Qin Feng had long prepared the excuse for himself!

Tan Yue did not suspect anything either, and he could not resist the urge to ask, “Did something happen here just now?”

He was surprised to see Qin Feng using his Fire Dragon Style .

After all, it was the ultimate skill that required a large amount of conscious energy with every use .

However, Tan Yue did not know that the seemingly taxing Fire Dragon Style was just a simple task for Qin Feng, and he would only use it when necessary, after all, it was too overwhelming and eye-catching!

Qin Feng replied immediately, “As the space stabilizing device was released earlier, I was able to sense danger here, and when I arrived I noticed the presence of an advanced wisdom tribe entity!”


At that moment, everyone else in the surrounding was as equally shocked as Tan Yue .

Everyone was fearful of the presence of advanced wisdom tribes .

“What, what type of enemy was that?”

Someone from the crowd could not resist the urge and asked .

Qin Feng replied with a deep voice, “E3-tier Wraith Devil, advanced wisdom tribe, does not have any physical attacks, fearful of fire and light abilities, however, these are all irrelevant to all of you!”

Qin Feng took a deep breath and continued, “It’s because the Wraith Devil was a king-tier entity!”


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Everyone was shocked and inhaled deeply when the name was mentioned!

It would require the city’s defending artillery to destroy an ordinary E-tier ultra beast, and the strongest aptitude user in Pingyun was only F-tier .

Neither the train captain nor the leader of the patrol team would be able to defend against it .

Furthermore, Qin Feng had now revealed to them that it was an E-tier from an advanced wisdom tribe, and a king-tier at that!

It was indeed horrifying .

None of them could imagine what would happen in the future, as if a sharp dagger was hanging on top of their heads .

“The person that got away, do you all know him? Let’s begin the arrest now! Avoid close contact with that person, or your life might be at risk!” Qin Feng asked the patrol team members .

It was at that moment, Fang Yue replied with a trembling voice, “Yes, it was Guang Xiaogang!”

Guang Xiaogang was one of the unlucky ones that was being devoured by the Wraith Devil .

Besides Qian Yuan, he was one of the most powerful people present at the scene .

Unfortunately, his body was now a host to the Wraith Devil!

Qin Feng seemed irritated by it .

“Why did all of you not listen to me when I commanded all of you to go?”

Qian Yuan and the sisters of the Fang family remained silent and dared not answer that question .

They were unaware of what was happening when Qin Feng commanded them to leave without specifying the reason, they thought that the situation was under control when they saw Qin Feng’s dominance over the Wraith Devil .

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Who would have thought that the creature was a humanlike king-tier entity?

With that in mind, was it not true that it had also shown that Qin Feng was indeed a horrifying presence as he was able to go up against a king-tier entity?

What was his actual identity?

“While the Wraith Devil has not returned yet, all of you should leave Pingyun, or else, death will take you down even without you noticing it!”

“But…” Fang Yue became even more doubtful as the sky had already turned dark, they were all reluctant to risk their lives in the wilderness again as they had already encountered a beast general earlier, it might even become worse if they were to go out again .

“Mr . Qin, allow us to follow you, then, we will definitely be safe!” Fang Ling suggested .

Qin Feng sneered and replied, “Why? To hold me back? Just like what Guang Xiaogang had done earlier? Though, with your capabilities, all of you would not contribute much of a combat power to the Wraith Devil even if you were to be devoured by it!”

Another person then approached them and interrupted the conversation .

“Greetings to you, Sir, I am Yu Gang, the mayor of Pingyun Colony!”

A chubby looking person that seemed to be about fifty years old approached with an F8-tier aptitude user badge on his chest, and although there was still presence of his internal energy, Qin Feng was already able to sense weakness from him that was caused by a lack of training!

It would be more appropriate to label Yu Gang as a trader rather than a person in charge!

He was also holding a managerial position within the Zhongcheng Organization .

There was a pungent smell of alcohol and cigarette smoke from his body that was nauseating to the stomach .

“Greetings to you! I am Qin Feng! Head of the Fengli colony under Chengyang City!” Qin Feng offered a handshake as he introduced himself .

“Fengli?” Yu Gang’s eyes were wide open when he heard the name, there was a great number of advertisements from Fengli colony recently, and Pingyun had also received quite a few orders from Fengli .

“My pleasure!” Yu Gang instantly replied with a handshake .