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Master of the End Times - Chapter 245

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:49 AM

Chapter 245: Tragedy At the Bar

Chapter 245: Tragedy At the Bar

Yu Gang was showing a lot of hospitality to Qin Feng for being his guest but Qin Feng did not have the time for all the formalities . He briefly walked Yu Gang through everything while telling him the method to handle the problem .

“E3-tier Wraith Devil, king-tier? Are you sure about that? Why would such a powerful enemy appear here?”

Yu Gang obviously did not believe in what Qin Feng was telling him, without witnessing it with his own eyes, he refused to believe it .

Qin Feng’s face hardened upon hearing the response from Yu Gang .

“If you choose not to believe, then sit back and wait for Pingyun to transform into a ghost town, I am just being helpful in giving my advice, after all, I was just passing by!”

Yu Gang was instantly unsettled by Qin Feng’s anger, however, there was still hesitation within him even though he was fearful of Qin Feng .

After all, Qin Feng was a highly regarded E-tier aptitude user .

“Master Qin, I did not mean that, this is just too overwhelming for me, why would an E-tier beast king appear here, I would still have to address a valid reason to the public later!”

Qin Feng replied with a deep voice, “This question should be answered by this ability user here, when I was alerted by the space stabilizing device and arrived here, he was already possessed, there might be some unknown means used to summon such a horrifyingly unusual entity!”

Qin Feng pointed toward the decapitated youngster whose body was lying on the ground with a massive wound on his back .

Yu Gang’s blood ran cold .

It was because he knew that the youngster was an ability user that was receiving special attention from the colony . As there were no universities within Pingyun, any talented ones would receive resources from the colony .

Yu Gang immediately waved his hand and instructed the others to further investigate for any other possible leads .

Soon, Yu Gang’s communicator vibrated, someone had provided him with an update .

Only then, Yu Gang considered Qin Feng’s statement as the truth .

“Mr . Qin, what should we do now? How do we track down the Wraith Devil?”

Qin Feng replied, “Tan Yue and the others have already gone in pursuit . The best way is to send everyone out from the city and scan everyone with a conscious energy scanning device, those who have been possessed by the Wraith Devil would have their conscious energy way above the normal range . My advice to you is to carry this out as fast as possible!”

“Wouldn’t this… be too much of a hassle!” Yu Gang replied as he thought that it would cause too much trouble to the public .

Yu Gang blew Qin Feng’s top again with his reaction .

How could he still think it was too much of a hassle to take precautions when faced with an E-tier king?

“If you’re dead then there would be no more hassle!”

“Please calm down Mr . Qin, what I mean is, isn’t there already an ongoing pursuit? With Pingyun being so small, where else could he escape to?”

Qin Feng was left speechless, some people would never sense the threat until they had seen the grim reaper!


It was at that moment, the Wraith Devil that had possessed Guang Xiaogang’s body walked into a lavish underground bar located at the centre of Pingyun .

It was still trying to evaluate everything in the world .

Every time the Wraith Devil devoured a person, it would be able to inherit all of the memories of the soul, and it would be able to recall all the happy and depressing memories .

Obviously, from Guang Xiaogang’s memories, the happiest place was one that was filled with beautiful ladies .

At that moment, as soon as the Wraith Devil arrived, it was immediately surrounded by about five ladies that rushed toward him .

“Hey, Brother Guang, it has been a while!”

“Come, come dance with us!”

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“Brother Guang, drink with us!”

The Wraith Devil enjoyed the moment of being surrounded by beautiful ladies that were all soft-spoken, and with the past memories of a human being, his classification of beauty had also adapted to that of a normal human being .

But still, its soul was itching to devour all of the filthy souls, to him, nothing could be more delicious than that .

It was at that moment, everybody was alerted by their vibrating communicators .

“Beep beep beep, alert, wanted person, level of threat labelled as A-tier, please report immediately if identified! Huge sum of reward awaits . ”

Then, an image appeared on the communicator, it was the picture of Guang Xiaogang .

All of the ladies who were surrounding the Wraith Devil were caught unawares, they looked at the image on their communicators and took another glance at the Wraith Devil, and one of them who reacted fast enough had tapped on the report option .

Then, all of the beautiful ladies who were initially warmly welcoming the Wraith Devil began to leave .

The Wraith Devil was alerted by the vibrating communicator that belonged to Guan Xiaogang, and it saw the image that had appeared automatically on the screen .

With the past memories that it had, it was able to read the contents, and it was surprised that the colony had placed him on the wanted list so quickly .

“Technology? Keke, I can’t even enjoy myself!”

Technology advancement had allowed the traces of the Wraith Devil to be found easily .

It was still trying to find out more about everything in the world that had caught his interest, yet it was already filled with dangerous threats, and it prompted it to begin its destruction upon the world .

With that in mind, it identified a girl that was trying to leave without being noticed and it immediately grabbed onto her .


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It opened its mouth wide and extended a black tongue, the gory tongue pierced through the centre of the girl’s forehead and crushed her skull into pieces .


The bar was instantly filled with fearful screaming .


On the other hand, as Qin Feng had already connected his communicator with Pingyun’s management level, he reacted instantly as soon as he received the report that was made .

“Quick, move now, lock the area, nobody can enter it, every team member retreat!” Tan Yue came over and commanded .

Every F-tier aptitude user reacted to the command accordingly .

Even Qian Yuan was involved in dispersing the crowd, at that moment, aptitude users were at the dominant position to give commands .

Qin Feng took the lead and entered the bar, however, in the short amount of time it took for them to arrive, the bar had already turned into a slaughterhouse .

The deafening music was still playing in the background though there were no presence of living human beings left in the bar, the atmosphere was filled with a revolting stench of fresh blood .

As soon as Qin Feng stepped inside, his boots were dipped into fresh blood .

From the outside, the public had connected with the internal surveillance system of the bar and was able to witness the scene filled with unprecedented brutality .

Yu Gang no longer acted nonchalantly the moment he saw the number of corpses strewn across the place, he felt a cold chill run down his spine .

At that moment, Qin Feng had already arrived at the centre of the bar, his eyes swept across the area as a spotlight flashed onto a massive operating station .

“Whoa la la!”

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The spotlights continued to flash and the music was gradually turned down .

Without the noise, it would be easier to gather his conscious energy and concentrate .

All of a sudden, a shadow appeared from the ground and pounced toward Qin Feng .

It was a girl that had just died, and there was a massive hole in her skull as her face was overflowing with fresh blood mixed with yellowish-white brain mush, it was sickening to say the least!


A powerful force rammed into Qin Feng’s body .

Qin Feng raised his Verdant Emperor Saber and defended with an attack that sliced his opponent into half .

However, it was at that moment, every dead corpse on the ground began to crawl up and lunge toward Qin Feng with an insane urge to kill him .

“These would not stop me, show yourself now!”

Qin Feng spoke as he casted out flames that were surrounding his body .

A gigantic ring of fire circled around Qin Feng and rose up, plowing through the corpses .

Then, a shadow rose up from under Qin Feng’s feet and grabbed onto his leg!

“Keke, you shall die now! Be my puppet!”

A massive dark rune began to rise up and wrap around him, Qin Feng was engulfed by a ray of black light!