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Master of the End Times - Chapter 248

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:43 AM

Chapter 248: Holy Light Mortar Shells

Chapter 248: Holy Light Mortar Shells

Outside of the colony, the monitor displayed the visuals of a giant humanoid creature that broke through the darkness as it appeared on the detector .

“What is that?”


“What kind of monster is that?”

Everyone took in a breath, because of the Wraith Devil’s appearance they had deliberately investigated the entity .

However, they had no idea what type of form this was .

“This must be a beast king’s special evolutionary method! I’m afraid that we’re now seeing its final form!” Tan Yue said .

After all, it looked rather weak earlier on!

Except the Wraith Devil was nowhere near a weakling, it was just that it was being held back by Qin Feng!

Qin Feng was standing in a building that had been cut off by the waist . A glass window covered his figure and surrounding him was a patch of darkness .

“So, it has appeared!”

This was the Wraith Devil’s final form, he had known because he had seen this form face-off against E-tier aptitude users before .

Of course, in the end it was the Wraith Devil that won and the strong ones who faced it made a final conclusion that it was only in this state that the Wraith Devil could be killed .

Otherwise, in the soul-like state, it could escape at any time it wanted .

Qin Feng’s consciousness reached into a space and pulled out a massive gun barrel .

This gun barrel had a diameter that was almost a full meter long . Being a mortar, it required the strength of a D-tier ancient warrior to carry it around . His body was comparable to that of a humanoid beast king, so his power was naturally enough to carry the mortar around without much trouble .

“Bring it on!”

Qin Feng loaded in a mortar shell, the shell was completely white and emitted a warm glow . He found that the glow actually made him feel slightly uncomfortable .

Click .

Once the shell was properly loaded, Qin Feng pointed it at the Wraith Devil and pulled the trigger .


The mortar’s muzzle began to gather up a white light before it violently shot out .

A dazzling white light streaked through the night sky, colliding dead on the body of the corpse giant that the Wraith Devil was controlling .

The white light instantly enveloped the target .

“Aaahhh!” The Wraith Devil bellowed in pain, quickly controlling the corpse giant to dodge the attack . There was a hole that had been punched into the giant’s abdomen and judging from how black smoke was coming out of its body, the attack had made a hole that ran straight out on the other side .

This Holy Light Energy Bomb was extremely expensive, each of them was worth about 300 million yuan . Firing one was basically like throwing money into a furnace .

Fortunately, Qin Feng did not own these shells . He picked them up from a group of gunners back on the island .

Killing the Wraith Devil with these would be so worth it!

At this point, the Wraith Devil was experiencing excruciating pain after the attack . It was like its very soul was being burned .

The beams of darkness that had been turned into threads which were wrapped around the corpse giant were actually part of its soul . Anytime the threads were damaged meant that the soul would get damaged as well . Even if it was not killed by the attacks, it would have dropped off from being a king-tier .

The Wraith Devil did not dare resist, in fact it was in despair . Everything that Qin Feng had brought could restrain him .

How could Qin Feng let him run away?


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Qin Feng smashed the glass and went after the creature in quick pursuit .


Another bolt of light began to emanate from the mortar that he was carrying on his shoulder .

The beam cut through the sky .

“Great Wall of Corpses!”

The corpse giant waved its hand and quickly summoned up a massive wall made of decaying corpses in front of it to block this light .


The light beam instantly punctured the great wall like an arrow through paper as the decayed corpses it touched instantly disintegrated .

The wall bought the giant just enough time to avoid getting hit by the light but by now Qin Feng was already fifty meters in front of it .

“Another one!”

Qin Feng’s mortar fired three more times .

This time, the giant had learned how to avoid being in the trajectory of the light beams as they only seemed to travel in a straight line .


Changing the direction of energy beams was more difficult than that of a simple artillery shell, but for Qin Feng, he had no problems whatsoever .

In a flash, one beam suddenly bent at an angle to land a direct hit on the giant’s body .


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The corpse stumbled and began to fall, smashing several buildings as it did . Taking hits from an energy beam made by light runes twice was quite debilitating even for the king-tier Wraith Devil .

The corpse giant collapsed back into its many headless bodies before it quickly reformed, seemingly as good as new . However, it obviously looked like it had just shrunk about half a meter .

Qin Feng retracted the gun barrel and put rune equipment onto his left arm as he broke into a mad dash forward .


The Wraith Devil commanded the corpse giant to swing at him, a giant fist quickly coming into view .

The massive fist roared as it was flung forward, but Qin Feng did not want to collide with it . The black threads had changed the strength of the corpses, each of them had become a part of the beast king’s structure .

This was the Wraith Devil’s ability . Assimilation!


There was a huge pit left at where Qin Feng stood before . By that time, he had already reappeared somewhere else .

“Grasp of Death!”

The Wraith Devil commanded again, and another hand swept through the air as it rapidly approached the ground .

Within the palm of the corpse giant’s hand were multiple other hands from the corpses that made up its huge gait . If Qin Feng were to get caught by the large hand, the many smaller ones would make it impossible to escape .

When he tried to evade it, it was already too late!

“Fire Dragon Style!”

He raised his hand and the fire dragon burst out, slamming into the giant hand .

The fire dragon then shot out into the sky, the people outside of Pingyun could clearly see the force of this shocking power from the released energy .

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In the command vehicle outside of Pingyun, the people who were watching the surveillance drone footage were worried .

“Who do you think will win?” An F-tier aptitude user asked, swallowing hard . In their hearts, they all hoped that Qin Feng would be the victor .

However, the Wraith Devil was displaying an incredible amount of strength and nobody dared underestimate it . Even in the current situation it looked like the creature was obviously stronger .

They were hoping that Qin Feng still had a few tricks up his sleeve, otherwise the winner and the loser of this battle had yet to be decided!

Then again, they obviously underestimated Qin Feng . When they were estimating his powers, they mostly regarded his capabilities as an ability user, but Qin Feng’s strongest power should be one as an ancient warrior .

Qin Feng’s huge internal force and physical strength made him fearless in this thrilling battle . The two were locked in an earth-shattering battle within Pingyun .

Pap pap pap!

Several drones were destroyed in the dark . As Qin Feng surveyed with his consciousness, he found out that there were no longer any drones surrounding him!

By now, the battle between him and the giant had lasted for about ten hours! Nobody could believe that a person could persist for such a long time . Including the first night, Qin Feng had basically been fighting for two days and two nights straight!

Dawn was quietly approaching .

“Dark Shadow!”

Upon discovering this, the Wraith Devil began to shroud itself in darkness to defend from the sunlight . It was also planning on killing Qin Feng in the dark .


The left hand of the giant broke apart, and ten headless bodies fell from it just as the entire thing was consumed by darkness .

In the blink of an eye, their aura turned to that of a beast king’s .

They got up and rushed right at Qin Feng .