Master of the End Times - Chapter 250

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Chapter 250: Pulling a Tooth from The Tiger’s Maw

Chapter 250: Pulling a Tooth from The Tiger’s Maw

“Do you think Mr . Qin might be offended by our behavior?” Yu Gung said as he watched Qin Feng’s retreating figure and trembled a little .

Tan Yue also felt a little uneasy . He bit on his lip for a moment before saying, “Apply for Mr . Qin’s battle achievements, even if he says it’s fine, since these achievements can make up for whatever transgressions we’ve had with him!”

The most important thing was that Tan Yue was actually afraid that Qin Feng was actually the Wraith Devil’s new host .

Including today, it had been three days since the Wraith Devil’s appeared in Pingyun .

The neighbouring cities had finally decided to send aptitude users over, but they had suddenly received news that the battle was already over . The news that Tan Yue and the rest delivered made those in charge scratch their heads .

“Rewards first . Then we’ll talk about what comes next!”

In the end, according to calculations, Qin Feng’s battle gave him three hundred thousand internal points for the Zhongcheng Organization .

As he was leaving Pingyun, he closed his eyes and began to rest, but his peace was disturbed when he felt the communicator on his wrist suddenly vibrate .

It was a notification .

It told him that he had temporarily become part of the Zhongcheng Organization’s internal staff, minus the luxury of an employee discount . That 300,000 points he just received had to be used quickly as well, then his status of being an internal staff member would be revoked and the special page would be closed .

Upon seeing this, Qin Feng understood what the organization meant .

“It’s better than nothing!”

Qin Feng had merely wanted to take down the Wraith Devil, the rewards from the Zhongcheng Organization were not essential to him .

But when he accessed the Zhongcheng Organization’s page, he had to take a moment to catch his breath . Their collection was definitely bigger than the collection in Fu City .

The items they provided were worth less than 300,000 points, but there were plenty of things that would be of use for E-tier aptitude users .

All in all, Fu City only had one D-tier aptitude user but there were several of them in the Zhongcheng Organization, even their organization’s chairman was no small fry .

Qin Feng did not want to get lost in the selection so he decided to sort the search filters from the highest to lowest price .

Suddenly, extremely valuable things began to appear in front of his eyes . The first one that caught his attention was the Lava Flow Style that got its name from the Fire Dragon Style .

Since the Fire Dragon Style was given a discount when he was in Fu City, he only needed 100,000 points to redeem it . Now, he did not have a discount, so he did not really hold the 300,000 points with much consideration .

“Redeem the Lava Flow Style and transfer it to Fengli colony!”

Right after he placed the order, the internal staff’s access also disappeared . Qin Feng adjusted his communicator so that nobody would disturb him, closed his eyes to regain composure and quickly fell asleep .

The Zhongcheng Organization also received the prompt around this time .

“Qin Feng redeemed something!”

“What is it? Something that replenishes the consciousness? I mean, defeating the Wraith Devil was no small feat!”

“Then you’re saying that he’s actually the Wraith Devil in disguise?”

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“What? I can’t still be afraid?”

That was right . Most people were still afraid .

Afraid that Qin Feng was actually the Wraith Devil’s host . He was already very powerful, if he had been possessed by the Wraith Devil this could only spell disaster in the future!

Tan Yue let out a sigh of relief, waving a dismissive hand .

“Stop overthinking it, Qin Feng just redeemed the Lava Flow Style!”

“Magma Style? Doesn’t he already have the Fire Dragon Style?”

“Yes, conjuring a Fire Dragon is extremely difficult, but the Lava Flow Style doesn’t take a lot of energy!”

Tan Yue shook his head, he understood Qin Feng more than these people .

“It wasn’t long ago that Mr . Qin obtained the Fire Dragon Style . I know that he got it as a reward when he was in Fu City, and from what I’ve heard . It’s hardly been a month and he’s already able to master the ability!”

The people that heard this drew a long breath .

Suddenly, it felt as if someone like that killing the Wraith Devil was not too far-fetched!

As for Qian Yuan and the Fang sisters, they thought that Qin Feng was a legend worth remembering for a lifetime!

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Qin Feng slept for an entire day, and by the time he woke up his car was quickly approaching Chengyang City!

His communicator was turned on again and notifications kept popping up . Obviously, when he was resting everyone had something to say to him .

He frowned involuntarily when he saw one of the messages .

Qin Feng called Xue Xingfu’s communicator to contact him and the man responded quickly .

“Boss, it’s about time you responded . I was starting to worry that something might have happened!” Xue Xingfu quickly said .

“Don’t worry about it . Ignore whatever nonsense the outsiders say,” Qin Feng retorted .

Xue Xingfu continued, “The transactions have been good recently . People got some goods that weren’t easy to sell and came to us, so we’ve accumulated a lot of low-level goods . Then, I contacted some small colonies and dumped them on them at lower prices, but when the merchants from a small colony left the area they were robbed by some Dark Coalition people!”

He seemed to be getting angrier as he continued on with the subject, “Only one survivor escaped, running back to Fengli and saying that it’s our fault! That if they didn’t make this trip then they wouldn’t have died . Sure the guy’s calmed down by now but Boss, this ain’t good news!”

As Feng Li was just recently established, there were not many aptitude users around . As such, they only specialized in selling goods instead of selling services .

Otherwise, the colony would be empty!

As such, when people left Fengli, whatever happened would be outside of the colony’s control, and when they return to their homes they would want nothing to do with the colony! Since the word was being spread around by the people, any bad rumors equaled bad business . There were plenty of small colonies and in fact, they paved the road to wealth .

“Did you know who did it?” Qin Feng asked .

“Yeah . They call themselves the Scorpion Corps,” Xue Xingfu replied .

“So . They want to die too?” Qin Feng said coldly . He had recently just killed three people, and it seemed that what he did had not set an example for this group .

After all, this group only had one E-tier aptitude user .

Xue Xingfu promptly began to explain, “After the last Wanzong Auction, while a lot of people died in that colony, the Dark Coalition’s people have also suffered heavy losses . Now, these people are fighting a secret war over territory, divvying up their unsavory influence . The head of the Scorpion Corps has recently been making frequent expansions!”

Qin Feng sneered, “Who gave him the courage to even reach this point?”

Xue Xingfu did not dare say anything . He knew Qin Feng enough to know that he was extremely angry right now .

Qin Feng’s current strength had been restored to E-tier, and because of the examples he had set previously, a lot of people were afraid of him .

This was the boon of strength .

He thought that they would be able to have some peace for a few days but it seemed like someone had come along to provoke him again . Whether or not these people were doing it intentionally, he still found it all very troublesome .

No matter, he would just have to kill them all again to warn those who had secretly been eyeing Fengli colony .

“The ones to take action surely wouldn’t be them . Just because they don’t enter Fengli they think they’d be safe? What, do they think we are lambs for the slaughter? Grab some cash and hurry over to the bounty hunter network and list everyone in that group as ‘Wanted’ . Starting from their boss at one billion, ten million for their F-tier members and one hundred thousand for their G-tier members!”