Master of the End Times - Chapter 252

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Chapter 252: Siege of the Scorpion Corps

Chapter 252: Siege of the Scorpion Corps

“Okay, we’ll get ready in just a moment . ”

The three vehicles headed into the wilderness without drawing any attention to themselves .

The journey was calm and quiet, and they felt that the beast repellent powder had worked . They did not even have the faintest idea that Qin Feng had also secretly enhanced their camouflage with Dark Shroud .

Fengli’s troops were approaching their target in a stealthy mode .

The first Fengli colony troop battle was about to begin!

Now, in the wild, a U-shaped valley was seen in between the low mountain ranges .

The valley was covered in lush forestry, and since it was winter, the withered trees did not have any branches or leaves . The human tracks were covered after two consecutive heavy snowfalls .

After getting through the small path and going around the front, a small village could be seen in the valley,

It was not quite accurate to call it a village, perhaps it was more like a campsite . There were caravans with solar panels installed on the top which helped to keep them moving . Outside the campsite, there were some fences, as well as some temporary large tent houses, and toilets a distance away .

Some of the big tents were bustling with liveliness and loud voices, and occasionally the miserable screams of a woman could be heard .

“Those pricks over at Fengli colony are such jerks . They’ve earned so much money and they should’ve shared some of the wealth with us . Stingy b*stards!”

“Someday, once we’ve gathered enough forces, we’ll take over the colony and force them to pay for protection with their money . We will charge them 10 million, no, since they’re so rich, we’ll charge them a billion!”

“A billion? You’re underestimating the wealth of Fengli colony! They make more than a few dozen billions every day now!”

“F*ck, that much every day? Wouldn’t that be tens of billions a month? Son of a b*tch, and now they’ve even placed a bounty on us! How about we go to their colony and kidnap some of their b*tches there . I’m tired of seeing these bunch of old faces!”

As the man was talking, he reached out to pinch the woman who was forced into his arms . His pinch was hard and the woman’s cheeks instantly turned purplish-red, but she was unfazed by the pain . Her naked body was heavily bruised and battered, as if she had been turned into a broken doll!

The man was bored too, but there was nothing he could do . His entire team could not go out as the manhunt issued by Fengli colony was too ruthless!

From the bounty, there was a 100,000 credit bounty reward for just a G-tier aptitude user, and anyone registered in the Bounty Hunter Network system could hunt them down .

Men would do anything in their means to become rich, and since G-tier aptitude users were easy to deal with, someone might have formed a team just to hunt them down!

At this moment, they did not have the slightest clue that someone had actually touched down on their base camp during this snowy winter .

These people were all still outside of the valley, which was three thousand meters away from their base camp inside the valley .

Qin Feng and Wang Chen climbed up the slope .

Then, Wang Chen quickly set up his guns .

“There’re more than fifty lodged caravans, with an estimated number of four hundred people . ”

“There are ten small tents and three large tents, they carry out their activities inside these tents . ”

“There’s one villa-style luxury caravan, I think that’s where the members of the Scorpion Corps are at!”

“There are sixteen sub-standard caravans, with one person living in each, they probably belong to the F-tier aptitude users!”

“One of the tents may be holding captives!”

Wang Chen quickly analyzed the situation .

Qin Feng was on his side and was observing the situation as well . He nodded and said nothing at all .

There was nothing wrong with Wang Chen’s analysis .

There were more people than expected, but Qin Feng was fine with it since it would just cost them more money .

Right now, Fengli was not short of money .

“Get ready, cover fire! Watch out and avoid shooting at the tent with the captives!”

Qin Feng gave the order and the aptitude users of Fengli colony quickly assembled their equipment .

One by one, the cannon barrels were set up . There were roughly fifty of them .

This was truly a show of wealth and power .

“Ready, fire!”

Wang Chen gave the order and all fifty gunners pressed the switch .

Whoosh whoosh…

Bright cannonballs soared into the air once they were fired out .

Although these cannonballs were not very powerful, they were definitely not weak . Any G-tier aptitude user would definitely be blown into pieces if they were not able to dodge the cannonballs in time .

But any F-tier aptitude user could easily evade them .

If they had any F-tier gunners, they might even be able to directly repel the cannonballs .

At this time, outside the Scorpion Corps territory, a few of the Scorpion Corps watchguards were rubbing their fists as they grumbled .

“We’re deep in the forest where there are no ultra beasts . If there’s any, it’ll probably be beasts that’re looking to mate . We’re so unlucky to be sent out for night watch!”

“You don’t say, but I’ve got some wine here, let’s drink!”

“Haha, not bad for a young lad like you . Ok, drink up!”

They were not wary of the invasion in the slightest . After all, the location where they were stationed was so remote that not even the birds would fly over there .

None of them would have thought that someone would launch a surprise attack on them .

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After downing a cup of wine, they heard a buzzing sound in their ears .

“Wow, is your wine really this strong? I’m already getting a little dizzy, and I can even hear a buzz in my ear!”

“Huh? I don’t think so, I secretly drank a cup earlier but I didn’t feel anything!”

“You brat, I can’t believe you didn’t share some with me earlier!”

Suddenly, the man felt that something was not right and he stared into the night sky .

Even if there was a mental energy field around to prevent the loud sound from being heard, the sound could still be heard if the person was standing close to the sound source .


The cannonballs fell from the sky, producing sparks as they grazed through the air .

“We’re under attack!” The man let out a harsh, fearful roar .

At this time, there were already some F-tier aptitude users who had spotted the cannonballs .

A Dark Organization like the Scorpion Crops could not afford to train that many gunners, instead they had many ancient warriors, with ability users being in the dominant position .

At that moment, the two F-tier gunners immediately countered the attack .

“Conscious force, repel!”

In an instant, around half of the fifty cannonballs were reversed and they flew in the direction from which they were shot from .

However, the remaining cannonballs were taken care of by another gunner . The gunner set up his cannon and took aim at one of the cannonballs .

By hitting one of the cannonballs, the other cannonballs would also explode in mid-air!

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The cannonball flew into the sky .

It struck the barrage of cannonballs and caused a chain of explosions . In just the blink of an eye, the sky was dyed red .

Boom boom boom boom!

The loud deafening blasts broke the silence of the night, which woke up all the members of the Scorpion Corps . All of them rushed out frantically to find out what was happening .

“Quick, take cover and prepare to retreat!”

One of the higher-ups of the Scorpion Corps roared in fury .

At that moment, Scorpio, an E-tier aptitude user, came out of his caravan which the higher-ups reside in .

Scorpio had a pair of triangular slit-eyes, which displayed his ruthless expression .

He was around forty years old and had been an E-tier aptitude user for more than ten years, so he could be said to be an old fart among the dark forces .

No one dared to make a move against Scorpio .

Recently, he had been expanding his territory at a frantic pace, which earned him quite a lot of income and his strength had improved as well .

Now, he was already an E-tier ancient warrior .


Without hesitation, Scorpio took a step forward and activated his motion arts technique . In the next moment, he was already dashing toward the valley .