Master of the End Times - Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: The Victor’s Compassion

Chapter 254: The Victor’s Compassion

Outside the valley, the troop charged forth .

“Xiao Huang!”

Zhou Hao slapped his shoulder, and a palm-sized ant on his shoulder quickly climbed down . The ant transformed and was as huge as a big truck on the ground .

Zhou Hao rolled over and triggered his conscious power . The golden ant fluttered its wings and took off from the ground, and Zhou Hao was going to ride on top of it .

“Zhou Hao, give me a lift!” Liu Heng took few strides to catch up with him, he did a flip and landed on top of the Golden Queen Ant’s body .

“Hold on tight!”

The two of them dashed forward .

Liu Xue and He Ling were lagging behind, but they used motion arts and were able to zip through the snow without leaving a single trace behind .

Soon, they were inside the Scorpion Corps’s camp, which was in ruins . The caravans were all blown up and only one tent remained in good condition . The flames illuminated their surroundings .

“Enemy attack, here it comes!”

Someone screeched in terror .

“Beast king!”

“How’s that possible, do you mean a beastmaster’s beast king?”

Those people were scared out of their wits .

Zhou Hao quickly locked his conscious energy onto an F-tier aptitude user without caring about the others .

“Li Hu? Ten million yuan is now mine!”

The Golden Queen Ant charged toward Li Hu ferociously .

Li Hu dared not fight against the Golden Queen Ant . He turned around and ran in fear, but he was nowhere faster than the Golden Queen Ant .

Before he could run far, a terrifyingly long spear had pierced through his back .

He was instantly picked off from the ground .


Zhou Hao held the four-meter long spear with both hands, and with a flick of his wrist, the spear was retracted .

Zhou Hao grabbed Li Hu’s heavily injured body, he lifted his arms and pulled him up by the neck .


With one move, Zhou Hao’s eyes were bloodshot red .

This was his first time participating in a battle . Although he was still a teenager, he was not excited nor did he feel uneasy, instead, he felt his blood boiling .


The mighty Golden Queen Ant charged toward the crowd in a rampage .

The others then caught up with him and began to obstruct the F-tier aptitude users, while a large number of aptitude users from Fengli colony had also joined the battle . They surrounded the G-tier aptitude users and killed them .

For a brief moment, the screams and cries of killing echoed in the remote valley .

At this time, Qin Feng was still chasing after Scorpio .

‘I didn’t expect Scorpio to be this good in using motion arts, even with my internal force enhanced speed, I can’t catch up to him!’

Qin Feng’s brows were slightly furrowed, but he was still able to keep up with Scorpio . He did not have the slightest intention of giving up on the chase .

If he were not able to catch up, Qin Feng would maintain his speed so he would not let Scorpio throw him off .

‘Even with an improved Spectre Motion Steps, it would still be slower even though it’s a motion arts movement . It seems like I would require a stronger motion arts technique!’

The motion arts technique he had previously given to Zhou Hao would not work in this situation because it required a matching internal strength technique . Since Qin Feng already had the Star Absorption skill, there was no reason for him to learn the technique .

Even though Qin Feng was distracted about getting the internal strength he would be getting later, his pace did not slow down at all .

When compared to him, Scorpion was super exhausted!

His motion arts was indeed very good, but any motion art technique that involved extreme speeds would consume a lot of the user’s strength .

Scorpio’s internal strength was almost depleted!

“Damn it, I can’t believe he’s still after me!”

Scorpio reached for his spatial rune equipment and pulled out a small porcelain vial, he poured out the pills inside and stuffed them into his mouth .

He felt his internal strength bubbling inside . Once he had recovered some strength, he continued with his escape .

Qin Feng frowned again .

“Scorpio, you’d better stop running . You’re wasting the pills, maybe you should just leave it for me!” Qin Feng sneered at him .

“Eat my fart!” Scorpio was still running frantically, he dared not stop at all .

But no matter how fast he could run, he still could not outrun him .

“Stop him!” Qin Feng shouted .

While Scorpio was still figuring out who Qin Feng was talking to, a human figure suddenly appeared before him .

It was an extremely beautiful young lady, and as Qin Feng was becoming more famous, Bai Li too was starting to gain more recognition .

Word got around that Bai Li was Qin Feng’s girlfriend, and she was like a treasured antique vase to him .

However, many people said that Bai Li was actually quite powerful and awe-inspiring, but it was just that she did not fight much .

Scorpio thought that she was just a lovely girl, but soon he realized that he was dead wrong .


Five streaks of white light blinded him .

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Scorpio let out a scream, he did not even know what he was hit by, but he felt severe pain on one eye . A huge gash formed on his eye all the way to the chin, and five more bloody gashes were formed on his chest . The tremendous force sent Scorpio flying backward .

He landed in front of Qin Feng .

Qin Feng bent down and landed a punch on Scorpio’s dantian .

“Star Absorption skill!”

The powerful suction drained out all of Scorpio’s internal energy!

Scorpio’s body twitched, he felt as if his internal energy was being siphoned away from his body .

Scorpio had used up most of his internal energy earlier, but the Star Absorption skill was extracting the energy from his dantian . If the internal energy inside was completely drained out, it would absorb the internal energy that was stored in the limbs .

This was known as a reversal meridian, but Scorpio did not have the energy to stop this from happening .

In the blink of an eye, the internal energy inside of Scorpio’s body was completely leached out .

Then, Qin Feng raised the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand .


Scorpio tried to resist, but he had no strength at all . Before his death, his eyes were filled with remorse, and he looked as if he regretted provoking Qin Feng .


The saber came down like a guillotine . Qin Feng had beheaded Scorpio .

With just a flick of his hand, Qin Feng wrapped Scorpio’s head with conscious energy and sent it into his spatial runic equipment .


A tiny amber landed on Scorpio’s body . Just like that, the body of the Three Cities’ Executioner who had terrorized and slaughtered countless people was burnt into ashes .

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After the fire had died down, Qin Feng picked up some of the runic equipment that remained .

Afterward, Qin Feng brought Bai Li with him and returned to the Scorpion Corps’s camp side .

The battle was now nearing its end .

Although Scorpion Corps had more F-tier aptitude users than expected, with Zhou Hao’s Golden Queen Ant, those F-tier aptitude users were nothing to worry about . Even if there were ten more of them, they would still not be a match for the Golden Queen Ant .

About three hundred people died under the cannon siege . As soon as the troops from Fengli colony showed up, these people were like homeless dogs scattering around aimlessly . They had no fighting power at all and were all quickly slaughtered .

The ground was piled with black charred corpses, and there were also bodies that had fresh wounds . The entire place reeked of fresh blood and a terrible stench .

The crowd turned toward Qin Feng as he was illuminated under the fiery glow .

Some of them were actually new to this kind of large-scale siege that involved a Dark Organization, and some of them were even trembling .

It could be out of excitement, or it could be out of fear .

Qin Feng stopped walking and looked at the people who were following him from behind .

He lifted his hand slightly and pointed at the bodies that were piled up next to him .

A spot that reeked of blood, decay, and dread .

“See here?”

The crowd was silent .

“This is a scene which can only be savored by victors . ”

“If you become losers, your bodies will belong to this pile of corpses . ”

“With that said, try and keep up with me, and you will see more of this later in the future . When the time comes, you will get used to this scene!”

“A victor’s compassion is what losers admire the most!”