Master of the End Times - Chapter 255

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Chapter 255: Fiery Rampage

Chapter 255: Fiery Rampage

Fengli colony’s black market was flourishing, and at the end of January, the newly established Fengli colony once again received news that shocked everyone .

Qin Feng, the mayor of Fengli colony, had ordered people to build a wanted board on the city wall outside of the colony .

The board was not like a big screen, it was built of steel and concrete .

There were seventeen heads hanging on the board .

These dead people actually looked very different from when they were still alive .

But the identities of these seventeen people were clear to everyone .

They were the Scorpion Corps .

Subsequently, the Bounty Hunter Network also showed that the manhunt for E-tier criminal, Scorpio, was completed, and the accomplisher was Qin Feng .

Not only that, the manhunt for the other members of the Scorpion Corps that were displayed on the Bounty Hunter Network were also all completed .

At this point in time, almost everyone knew that Qin Feng had completely wiped out the entire Scorpion Corps!

The Scorpion Corps was not an ordinary force, but a notorious Dark Coalition Organization that had to be reckoned with, yet Qin Feng issued a bounty on them and completed it by himself in just a week’s time .

This caused some people to feel chills run down their spines, and they dared not underestimate Qin Feng ever again .

Qin Feng might be young, and arrogant too at that .

But Qin Feng’s tactics were extremely cruel, straightforward, and merciless .

Initially, some foolish Dark Organization members who tried to wait for the right time to strike Qin Feng had now carefully retracted their claws . Some of them were even afraid that Qin Feng would find out their plans and were in a panic .

Qin Feng did not have the time to care about those people .

As long as these people were honest and had no plans in striking Fengli colony, Qin Feng did care about them .

Moreover, this training exercise also allowed Qin Feng to see Zhou Hao’s true potential . Even now in Fengli, Zhou Hao was the strongest apart from Bai Li, Qin Feng and Lin Wuyi .

However, his strength was still somewhat lacking . If Zhou Ho were to successfully advance to E-tier, Qin Feng would be able to hand the colony over to Zhou Hao without having to worry!

‘In two months, the grave of the War God will probably open . Then, I’ll bring Zhou Hao along on my journey!’

Qin Feng had the future plan set .

But two months was still quite a long time . Now, Qin Feng had no plans on stopping and idling around .

He turned on his communicator and checked the Wanzong trading network .

But after swiping around, Qin Feng could not find anything that he needed .

He wanted to find a good motion arts technique .

Qin Feng was obviously not very satisfied .

But soon, an ability caught Qin Feng’s attention .

‘Fiery Rampage?’

Qin Feng felt a jolt in his heart .

Abilities were ever-changing, and what Qin Feng had mastered was far from enough!

Due to Qin Feng’s strength, the abilities he had mastered were relatively few, but every single one of them was incredibly powerful .

‘You can use it as an F-tier? And it only costs a million?’ Qin Feng bought it without a second thought .

An hour later, the item arrived, and Qin Feng could not wait to open it .

“Ability Devourment!”

After he had devoured the fire runes, the runes began changing and they then reassembled themselves to form a new ability .

Qin Feng walked to the backyard and unleashed the ability . In the next moment, he felt as though his feet were strapped with fire cannons . His entire body leapt high and forward, and in the blink of an eye he had reached twenty meters with just a single leap .

If it were not for Qin Feng’s strong body, he would have made a fool of himself earlier!

This ability was actually really good, and just now it only appeared to be weak because of a slight careless mistake . In fact, this ability allowed him to run even faster, and cover a greater distance, which could make up for Qin Feng’s shortcomings .

He clearly needed more training with this ability .

At this moment, Qin Feng’s communicator began to beep .

“What’s the matter?”

On the other side of the call was Liu Heng .

Now, he was mainly in charge of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and most of the contacts from other colonies were handed over to Liu Heng, and he handled everything quite well . He would not have contacted Qin Feng if it were not for a serious matter .

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“Mayor Qin, someone from Sea City is looking for you!” Liu Heng said . “There’s a letter from Sea City, it’s an invitation for you to participate in the defense against the sea beast tide!”

As they had entered January, it was the most dangerous month of sea tides .

No one knew when it all started, but every January, Sea City would be besieged by swarms of sea beasts . These sea beasts would crawl ashore, hunt on humans, lay eggs, and terrorize the city .

Most of the sea beasts that were able to come ashore were amphibious, and there were also some that possessed strong toxins and would appear frequently, which affected the plantation and crops of Sea City .

That was why hunting these sea beasts had become a tradition that had to be done every year in Sea City . Although Sea City was considered one of the most dangerous places, it was also a place full of opportunities and hardships .

“Okay, got it!”

Qin Feng nodded, which indicated that he understood the message .

“Then, Mr . Mayor, do you really plan on going? I always have the feeling that the current executives of Sea City are not easy to get along with!”

Sea City had gotten Shademaster and the gang to cause trouble in Fengli . People from Fengli colony did not know what had happened exactly but Qin Feng was able to make that guess .

Liu Heng did not know either, but he had a feeling that Sea City was not friendly toward Fengli colony .

Moreover, Qin Feng had returned from the city with a full cargo of items before . It was worrisome that the executives of Sea City, who were clearly mad at Qin Feng, would be very unhappy unless they acquire something from Qin Feng .

“Of course, why wouldn’t I go? But name the price as Fengli is a part of me, and if they want me to go, you should charge them a million per day, and the loot will all belong to me!” Qin Feng replied .

“Also, name the same price for Bai Li, and tell them the sea beast tide will come around the middle of the month . I’ll not receive post-payments, so tell them to pay three billion as the upfront fee and then we’ll talk!”

Even though Liu Heng knew how capable Qin Feng was, and the price he asked for was not excessive, he felt that the conditions given by Qin Feng were a bit too harsh!

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“I don’t think they would agree to that, would they?”

“You just tell them that it’s their business to agree or disagree, not mine!” Qin Feng sneered . Deep down, he knew that these people would agree to it .

Liu Heng had no choice but to relay the message back to them .

The person who contacted Liu Heng was an F-tier aptitude user, but it was obvious that there was someone else behind him . As soon as Liu Heng relayed the message, the people on the opposite side of the call were instantly infuriated . It was clear that they thought Qin Feng was overbearing and self-righteous .

The call ended rather quickly, but what Liu Heng did not expect was that in just half an hour’s time, he received an agreement from Sea City . They had agreed to Qin Feng’s requests and that the three billion yuan would soon be transferred over .

They would also quickly send someone over to pick up Qin Feng .

“Boss, did you already figure out that they would eventually agree to it?” Liu Heng was a bit confused .

“Heh, you don’t have to think too much about this . Once I reach Sea City, feel free to contact me if you need anything!”

“Understood, Boss!”

Liu Heng did not get to the bottom of it .

Qin Feng made preparations for his journey to Sea City, but in less than half a day, Xue Xingfu came over once he received the news .

“Mayor Qin, you’re not leaving again, are you?”

Xue Xingfu was wailing deep down .