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Master of the End Times - Chapter 256

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:28 AM

Chapter 256: Month of Sea Beast Tide

Chapter 256: Month of Sea Beast Tide

Although Qin Feng would bring back bigger rewards each time he went out, Xue Xingfu was still anxious about the safety of Fengli in the constant absence of their prime commander .

The colony was facing a greater threat by the day as its business continued to expand .

“I have received an invitation to join in on the defense against the sea beast tide from Sea City,” Qin Feng answered .

Xue Xingfu immediately pulled a long face and persuaded Qin Feng, “A new mayor has just taken over Sea City . That place is now conquered by one of the factions under Leitang Organization . You were the biggest winner last time out and walked out without paying them any compensation . This went against their rules and they are surely still holding a grudge over that . ”

Xue Xingfu was able to see the grander picture, an insight that Liu Heng lacked .

“I know what you are trying to say . But do you expect me to crouch like a turtle just because some hooligans have a grudge against me?”

“Mayor, you are walking straight into a trap!”

“With great risk comes great reward!”

“But why insist on this particular risk? You have just returned from yet another fierce battle, why don’t you rest for a bit?”

Qin Feng shook his head . “When have you ever seen me step on the brakes? If I have loosened up even once, do you think I would have achieved all these?”

Xue Xingfu recalled their past encounters after Qin Feng had said so . He first met him about half a year ago . He was only a rather mature teenager in Xue Xingfu’s eyes then .

The second time they crossed paths, Qin Feng had journeyed to the wilderness and brought back the materials of a beast general .

Fast forward to today, Qin Feng had already transformed into a mayor . He did not stop there and further popularized his colony, turning it into a famous business hub that attracted numerous opportunities . Fengli had enormous potential in the years to come .

There was a reason behind Qin Feng’s success .

“You win,” Xue Xingfu did not have anything left to say . His brows still furrowed deep .

“You have to elevate your personal strength as well instead of relying on your superior . Once you are an E-tier, then you could be the deterrent force of Fengli . What’s good about earning so much if you don’t have the ability to protect your wealth in this tumultuous era?”

Qin Feng remembered that Xue Xingfu was officially a high-tier aptitude user in his past life . Nonetheless, he was better known for his business mind and seldom involved himself in battle . That led to speculations that he was merely a paper tiger .

Qin Feng bore the same opinion . After having known Xue Xingfu for some time, Qin Feng could tell this underling was not especially disciplined in training .

“Money is my life! It’s hard to admit it but I guess you are right . There’s no way I can hold onto my current position shamelessly when those young ones in the colony are catching up to me so quickly,” Xue Xingfu was rather embarrassed as he said .

Qin Feng corrected him, “That’s not your expertise, so I am not expecting a spectacular improvement . But that doesn’t mean you should completely neglect training!”

“Noted . ” Xue Xingfu nodded obediently . It was extremely convincing when these words were coming out from Qin Feng’s mouth .

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The next day, a hover train had arrived to fetch those from Chengyang to Sea City .

Unlike the situation in Han Town, the occurrence in Sea City did not need any publicity . Every year, people from all around the world would rush to Sea City, searching for opportunities during this time .

The tsunami would bash the coastal region of Sea City around the same time annually . All sorts of things might be washed up the shores by the waves, including silver pearls or even golden pearls . Those loots would be more than enough to support a G-tier aptitude user in reaching F-tier .

However, the mood was slightly different this year . The spatial waymarks sold by Wanzong had resulted in a huge loss among the upper-classes of the Three Cities . Quite a number of colonies were also holding Sea City in contempt, and they had refused to take part in this year’s sea beast tide .

Though the number of participants was still enormous, the lack of high-tier aptitude users meant that things might go out of control if a powerful beast were to suddenly emerge along with the tsunami .

That was why the organizer was willing to give in to Qin Feng’s exorbitant request .

As predicted by Xue Xingfu, they were indeed plotting something sinister back in Sea City .

“Those from the Dark Coalition have failed to bring down Qin Feng the last time . This time, we must exterminate him once and for all!”

“Yes, Deputy Mayor . Don’t worry, our plan won’t fail this time . We can guarantee that Qin Feng would not leave Sea City alive if he dares to set foot in our turf!”

The man on the main seat nodded satisfyingly . A sense of rage flashed past his eyes .

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His name was Wang Zhichao, he was about thirty-five years old . He was E8-tier now and had the potential to attain D-tier in the future . He naturally became the deputy mayor after being Lei Chen’s right-hand man for some years .

Wang Zhichao was the one that had employed Shademaster to make a scene at Fengli back then . He did not think that they would be so incompetent . Not only had they failed to assassinate Qin Feng but the loots had also been gained by Fengli . Indirectly, those goods helped to boost the black market’s reputation further .

Initially, Wang Zhichao planned to claim back those treasures by killing the mercenaries once they had succeeded in the mission . Now, it seemed impossible to even locate where the stuff had been sold to .

“Qin Feng, I hope you bring something precious with you this time . Or else, your death alone would not be enough to compensate for my loss!” His ultimate aim was to get some shares in Fengli once Qin Feng was done for .

However, was Qin Feng really that easy to be killed?


Qin Feng met with Tan Yue again on the hover train . It was not uncommon to see him here since this was his job .

However, their previous rapport had completely disappeared this time around .

Qin Feng had become stronger and more popular, while Tan Yue was still only a train conductor .

That was not all . What happened in Pingyun had also alienated them further . Though Qin Feng had rescued them, Tan Yue and the others feared that Qin Feng might be possessed by the Wraith Devil and decided to cut ties with him .

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From Tan Yue’s perspective, he was angry that Qin Feng did not explain himself then .

To Qin Feng, he did not feel that it was necessary to clarify anything to an F-tier aptitude user .

“Alright . Your work is done here . Just go on ahead with your other duties,” Qin Feng said and dismissed his service .

Tan Yue subdued his urge to say something and merely nodded . He proceeded to leave Qin Feng’s luxurious coach politely .

Bai Li watched their awkward exchange and did not understand what had happened .

“You guys quarreled?” Bai Li asked .

Qin Feng explained the previous incident to her . Then, he murmured, “This is on me for not thinking it through . At first, it’s not that big of a deal that I am a dark ability user . But it’s better to keep this a secret after what has happened . Otherwise, Zhongcheng might distrust me while those in the dark might also use this against me . ”

That was why Qin Feng had decided to distance himself from Tan Yue as well . He could not afford to let more information slip .

Qin Feng initially planned to poach people with caliber like Tan Yue from Zhongcheng to work for him . Unfortunately, he had to give up on that thought now .

Anyhow, that was not Qin Feng’s but Tan Yue’s loss .