Master of the End Times - Chapter 259

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:24 AM

Chapter 259: The Great Tsunami

Chapter 259: The Great Tsunami

Yang Ping felt a chill run down his spine .

But Bai Li only glanced at him for a while and retracted her gaze uninterestedly .

“Go then . ”

Bai Li could not care less . Because she had seen through him the moment they met .

Her natural instinct told her that Yang Ping had been channeling nothing but animosity toward them from the start . Other than Yang Ping’s speed boat, there was not a single boat parked at the dock where they arrived .

This meant that others would not have any means of leaving the island once Yang Ping left .

That, however, did not apply to Bai Li . She could even detect Fengli’s spatial waymark from another dimension, let alone being in the same dimension . At this distance, she would have no trouble activating the waymark three times in a day . That was why she had let Yang Ping loose .

Yang Ping was reassured after Bai Li said so . He reckoned that he must be over-sensitive earlier .

To him, Bai Li was just a young girl . There was no way she could have the insight to see through his plans .

He left hurriedly . After he was gone, the soldiers around immediately burst into a commotion . One of them shouted at Bai Li, “Missus, how could you let him go this easily? He might be lying to you!”

“Oh?” Bai Li looked at the soldier puzzlingly .

Seeing Bai Li’s baffled expression, the soldier thought that she knew nothing and advised her, “Shelter island is used to barricade E-tier beasts . Soldiers are never needed here in the first place . He has abandoned us here in this no man’s land to kill us off!”

Bai Li smiled lightly . She seemed more mature now, and her action resembled that of Qin Feng’s .

“You lot might be the loose end . That doesn’t include me, and my boyfriend over there . ” Bai Li pointed toward Qin Feng .

“Missus, don’t underestimate the dangers of this place . This is only the beginning . Nobody would survive the real beast tide!”

Bai Li waved them away and said, “Leave at once if you are scared . Run as far as you can . Since the guy named Yang Ping has decided to abandon you all, he wouldn’t care whether you live or die . By the way, if you guys manage to survive, come join us at Fengli . We need manpower there . ” She used the opportunity to promote their colony .

The soldiers became hopeful hearing what Bai Li had said .

“Missus, you mean we are allowed to leave?” The soldier who voiced out earlier was certainly moved .

“Yes! You are scared, no? We don’t need you here anyway . ”

The soldier gritted his teeth and saluted Bai Li . “Thank you, missus . We will certainly submit to Fengli colony if we ever get out of this alive . ”

After all, they would be labeled as deserters if they did escape from this . If no colony was willing to take them in, they would be forced to live in the wilderness . More so, they might end up joining the Dark Coalition .

The members of the battalion had made preparations as soon as they set foot on the island . They found everything they could use and built several small boats from the available materials . Of course, the crude boats were nothing like Yang Ping’s remodeled hover speed boat . They might also bump into dangerous sea beasts on their way back to the mainland .

However, steered by their internal force and conscious energy, they could still make it back to Sea City within three hours if they were lucky enough .

In the meantime, Yang Ping was staring at the highest lighthouse of the shelter island from afar . A sense of cruelty appeared in his eyes .

“Qin Feng, don’t blame me for this . You shouldn’t have played with fire in the first place . I am just following orders,” As he mumbled, he took out a switch and pressed the button .


He could clearly see the lighthouse exploding into a mushroom cloud from ten kilometers away . Noticeably, clouds of white powder disseminated across the air following the explosion .

“Go!” Yang Ping ordered, and they left the island quickly .

At the same time, Qin Feng was startled by the abrupt explosion . He turned back to check out what had just happened .

Bai Li was perplexed too . She did not understand why the lighthouse had suddenly exploded . Luckily she was not standing there, while all the soldiers had long retreated from the fort .

The roof of the lighthouse was blasted off, and bulks of powder came pouring out of it .

The powder spread through the air rapidly and agitated the sea beasts that had just landed on the beach .

“Sea extract!”

Qin Feng’s expression could not be grimmer .

He ignored those beasts near the shore and dashed speedily back to the fort using Fiery Rampage . After a few hops, he landed back near Bai Li .

Bai Li sneezed a few times . The scent from the powder made her extremely uncomfortable .

“What’s this?” Bai Li complained .

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“It’s a type of scent used to attract sea beasts . It is said that this triggers their estrus . In the wilderness, larger beasts often find it more difficult to meet mating partners . To reproduce, the female will release the extract to lure the male toward them . ”

This hormone had been developed and made use by humans to lure away beasts that they were unable to cope with .

Qin Feng did not expect to see such a large amount being stored on this island .

“Are you alright? This thing seems to affect mutated beasts aside from sea beasts!” Qin Feng looked at Bai Li worriedly .

Bai Li shook her head and said, “I can hide my physical existence inside the void . Only my blood pressure has gone up slightly after inhaling some of it just now . I am fine otherwise”

Bai Li was, after all, a beast king . She would not fumble this easily to some powder trick .

Nonetheless, such a huge dose would be blown deep into the ocean zone carried by the strong wind . This would instantly turn Blackstone Fort into a giant beast bait .

Soon, the beasts would flood the shelter island .

This was when they heard an unidentified rumbling sound .

Bai Li was curious and looked up . She saw a giant wave appear at the edge of the horizon .

It was the tsunami!

The giant wave was about five-storey high . It was like a giant maw ready to crush the sky and the land .

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Qin Feng was looking at it too . Though this was not his first time seeing a beast tide, he still felt that this might be the most impressive scenery he had ever witnessed .

Both of them were rooted on the ground .

The wave came crashing onto the island .

Instantaneously, the tsunami wave washed up ample beasts onto the beach .

The entire shelter island acted like a giant blockade . The wave raced past the beach and hit on the cliff, rocking the Blackstone Fort built on top of it .




Black reefs effectively intercepted the wave, but the whole island was quaking due to the impact .

Another tsunami wave promptly followed!

This time, it was accompanied by a giant storm . A rainstorm ravaged the shelter island like meteorites .

In front of this natural disaster, Qin Feng and Bai Li were insignificant .

Qin Feng released his internal force and formed an invisible shield with it . He held Bai Li close while barricading the seawater that was showering madly upon them .