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Chapter 26




 Xiaobai jumped down from the combat backpack . It lifted up its claw, revealing a fist-sized energy core beneath it . Seconds later, it disappeared into thin air . Not too long ago, Qin Feng and Xiaobai had come to an understanding about the looting of items . He knew that Xiaobai had just used its spatial element to retrieve the giant rat king’s energy core . It then transferred it back to its personal space .

 1“Fine! This belongs to you . I will not take it away . ”

 Qin Feng was slightly frustrated at this but knew that without Xiaobai, it would have been impossible for him to locate the injured giant rat king .

 Afterward, Qin Feng planted his dagger right into the creature, drawing a clean cut on its belly . He started to dissect the giant rat king, rummaging through its entrails and retrieving some valuable parts . Teeth and claws had a price to them and could be sold in the market . Other than that, some of the skin and fur on the giant rat king were still in good condition .

 As for its flesh, it was, as a matter of fact, edible . Around 100 pounds of tasty meat was all for Qin Feng to harvest . By selling these off, he could earn some quick cash for himself . Fortunately, Xiaobai allowed him to utilize its personal space . Surely, he would have trouble explaining away his bountiful harvest to the people . Having that in mind, he quickly stored all the rat’s parts into Xiaobai’s personal space .

 Leaving only bones on the ground, Qin Feng walked towards the vines . As he approached it, he found out that there were more than three Talent Fruits growing on the vines . Most of them had been gnawed by the giant rat king, leaving tell-tale marks teeth marks . It came to light that it was, in fact, rather difficult for a low-tier ultra beast the likes of a giant rat to evolve into giant rat king .

 “Three it is then . Three Talent Fruits are good enough for me!”

 Immediately, Qin Feng plucked off the three Talent Fruits from the vines . Unconsciously, he put one into his mouth and took a bite out of it .


 Xiaobai was staring at the Talent Fruit .

 “You can have one!”

 He decided to keep the last one for Zhou Hao . He then looked into his backpack, finding a bottle to store the fruit . Back at the base, everyone was still busy cleaning up the mess . None of them had the time to keep an eye on Qin Feng . No one would have noticed him leaving for a short period of time .

 Under those circumstances, he could conceal the fact that he had just killed the giant rat king alone . Though an exchange for a reward for this accomplishment was possible, he eventually concluded that he would be better off keeping his discretion .

 “Qin Feng!”

 Li Yao was looking for Qin Feng the moment the battle died down . Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found . After looking around her for a bit, she finally spotted him as he returned from killing the giant rat king .

 2“Qin Feng, are you hurt? I can treat your wounds right now!” Li Yao exclaimed when she saw his hands that were drenched in blood .

 1“Hey . I’m fine . Thank you . ”

 Qin Feng put on a frown on his face . He remembered that he’d not told Li Yao his name last time . That could only mean that Li Yao probably heard others mentioning his name since he had gotten quite famous at the base .

 His rejection had turned Li Yao’s face pale . She did not expect that Qin Feng would treat her in such an icy manner . Right at that moment, Xiao Jing approached them as well .

 1“Qin Feng! Are you okay?!”

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 Earlier today, she too had taken part in defending the base, which was why she had no idea how was Qin Feng was doing . When she was helping the others clean the plantation, she was unable to locate Qin Feng . That had actually given her a good scare . Now, she was simply thankful that Qin Feng was well and alive .

 “Hey? Are you hurt?” asked Qin Feng .

 “It’s no big deal! I killed 20 giant rats just now!” said Xiao Jing with a smile .

 “You should go collect your reward . I might have to go back to the colony!”

 Qin Feng nodded at Li Yao and walked towards the military exchange center . Xiao Jing was shocked by Qin Feng’s reply . Immediately, she went after him .

 “You… you’re not staying? Do you need more rest? Any plans to come here again?”

 In his mind, he knew exactly what Xiao Jing was thinking . Right after he was reborn to this world, he was the one who had taught Xiao Jing how to hunt . Technically speaking, he was indeed her first teacher and mentor .

 “Whether I come back or not, that’s not your worry now . With your current strength and skillset, signing up for any mercenary team won’t be a problem . I suggest you join the garrison troops first . After all, you have contributed a lot in defeating the rat tsunami . ”

 At Qin Feng’s consolation, Xiao Jing seemed to be a little more accepting of his leaving . During her time at the plantation, not only did she just follow Qin Feng around, but she even spent hours trying her best to socialize and learn combat fighting techniques . If she joined the garrison troops, she would be able to use his military merit points to exchange for inner force and learn machinery and fighting skills .

 “How about you? Where are you going?” asked Xiao Jing .

 “I think it’s time for me to go to one of those top colleges, eh!” answered Qin Feng .

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 1“Qing Feng, I have suspicions that those top colleges can no longer teach you anything!”

 Xiao Jing believed that Qin Feng was already extremely powerful . Besides, she had always been a cautious spender when it came to large amounts of money . Considering the fact that Qin Feng wasn’t yet self-sustaining, it would be unwise for him to spend all that money just to go to college .

 “That can’t be right . There will always be someone more powerful than me!”

 Li Yao followed silently behind them since they had started talking to each other . At first, she too, was unhappy that Qin Feng was going to leave . The moment she heard Qin Feng’s college-boy intentions, she put on a smile again .

 “Qin Feng, you’re going to study at the college? That means you’ll be my junior!”

 2… . .

 Qin Feng had no idea what went through Li Yao’s mind . Unlike Xiao Jing, Li Yao was simply a regular medical practitioner . Besides, Xiao Jing had something to do with his past, which probably explained why he was closer to Xiao Jing .

 1Both of them soon arrived at the exchange center and submitted videos that were recorded by their communicators to confirm the kills . Undoubtedly, this was one of the more essential functions of the local network of the plantation . However, Qin Feng had turned his communicator off when he was in pursuit of the giant rat king . This had made his video way shorter, an hour shorter when compared to his counterparts . In a blink of ten seconds, the results were released .




 [Herbivore Giant Rat kill: 561 . Soldier-tier Giant Rat kill: 21 . General-tier Giant Rat kill: 9]

 The message left everyone around Qin Feng in a dazed shock .

 They even started to think that he must have been, in fact, an F-tier ability user .

 “Is the system broken? How is it bloody possible that he can kill 500-plus of those rats all by himself?!”

 “That’s right! Perhaps it’s a team’s kill count!”

 “He doesn’t even have an ability user badge on him! Maybe there really is something wrong with the machine!”

 It was clear that the crowd had their doubts, well-founded if I may add . However, Qin Feng had no intention to defend himself .

 “Hey!!! Watch your mouth! It’s true that Qin Feng is extremely powerful! He is not even an officer’s son!” shouted Xiao Jing .

 1Unfortunately, her tiny voice was drowned by the groans and curses from the increasingly dissatisfied crowd causing none to pay any attention to her . Ultimately, the staff decided to check the replay . Its results had left the staff petrified .