Master of the End Times - Chapter 264

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Chapter 264: The Threatening Tide

Chapter 264: The Threatening Tide

Of course Qin Feng knew that in the end Bai Li was still just a fox kit that was actually around eight months old, which was why they took baths separately .

They slept soundly after relaxing on the extremely soft beds that their suites provided, drifting off into sweet dreams . It was the best sleep that they have had in the last two weeks .

Unlike those two, the entirety of Sea City sounded a top priority alert .

The sea beasts were incoming .

Previously, due to Qin Feng’s actions and Blackstone Fort’s defense, the sea extract made the low-level ultra beasts that managed to bypass the shelter island turn back to the island, greatly reducing the city’s crisis .

However, the repeated battles in Blackstone Fort left it in ruins, making it unable to resist against the force of an incoming tsunami and was washed into rubles!

 The last tsunami was split in half and did not manage to reach Sea City’s coast, but now this one was pushing onward without mercy

The careless sentries in their watchtowers widened their eyes in horror as they watched the incoming rising waters and let out terrified screams .


“Run away!”

“The fortifications won’t hold it!”

“Retreat, everyone retreat!”

“Argh! Help!”

Even though they were trained soldiers, discipline be damned at such a sight!

They tried but they did not manage to outrun it . The moment the tsunami met the shore, it was no longer a massive wave but a flash flood that had reached the top of the watchtower, and was followed by a school of ultra beasts .

In the unlikely event that the waters threw an ultra beast at the tower, it would have brought down the structure immediately .

Sea water rose, turning turbid yellow the moment it hit the sand and instantly bringing down the fortifications as it rolled forward . The fortifications were originally there to fend off against sea beasts and came equipped with huge cannons but now they were all submerged .

Even heavy artillery was nothing against the force of nature!

The aptitude users who stayed were all immediately submerged under water .

“Run! Run!”

Those who were wise enough to begin running when they realized that something was wrong were now snatching mere seconds from the Reaper . Some found high ground, while others were dragged beneath the waves .

More than eight hundred aptitude users were now in the water .

The turbulent waters that were full of sea beasts .

“Oh f-”


“Stay back! I said s-”

They fought back with all they got, but even with all their might they still would not have been these monster’s match on dry land, let alone face them underwater . There were all kinds of ultra beasts around, falling into the waters was a death sentence!

The muddy yellow water became stained red for a moment, and in the next the red was washed away .

Such heavy casualties!

Yang Ping took in the sight, even when he had warned the aptitude users to fall back he did not realize how threatening the tide would have been .

The subject that truly made them despair was what was beneath the waves .

“Beast general! E-tier beast general!”

“Hurry up and move!”

There were loud roars coming from all around them, nobody thought about fighting anymore . The main objective was to survive .

In this chaos, these ultra beasts thrived!

There were three beast generals that were washed in with the tide . While it was less terrifying than the previous seven beasts, three of those things were more than what Sea City could handle!

That was because Sea City did not have any D-tier aptitude users at the moment .

Yang Ping’s face paled . Just like that, it was up to him and the other remaining E-tier aptitude users .

“Fight back! What are you doing just standing around? Get a move on!” Wang Zhichao barked out orders as he stood in the command room, watching the carnage that was being relayed by a drone .

Right now, all of the heavy artillery was submerged underwater and only E-tier gunners could be mobilized .

“Curses!” Wang Zhichao wrung his hands, gritted his teeth and made the decision based on his gut . “Hurry and grab every E-tier aptitude user you can and get them to the frontline!”

“Deputy Mayor! You’re… you’re going too?!” His secretary beside him asked in a voice trembling with fear .

“If I go, then who’s going to give out orders? Ready the special missiles . If things go south, we’ll use those to destroy the beasts!”

The secretary breathed a sigh of relief . At least he was not going to die along with the rest .

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“Yes, Deputy Mayor!”

Wang Zhichao frowned, his heart was drumming against his ribcage .

Fortunately, the tide had retreated after swallowing a huge portion of the coastline, leaving a bunch of exhausted ultra beasts and half of the aptitude users alive .

Those who were familiar with the tide knew that it would not end just like that, as far as they knew there would be another one incoming within ten hours .

This high tide basically massacred them in a sudden thrust .

In fact, these survivors did not know that if it were not for Qin Feng’s help, the situation would have been more intense and the ramifications much worse . If only Blackstone Fort could hold on, if only Qin Feng did not need to retreat, then these people would have experienced a peaceful month of sea beast tide .

Today, the cruelty of the sea beast tide month had opened people’s eyes!

At this time, Qin Feng was sleeping peacefully, and after ten hours, he naturally woke up .

Looking at the time, it was seven o’clock in the morning .

“Xiao Bai, wake up . We’re going down for food!” Qin Feng hollered .

For more than ten days, they ate nothing but dried rations . Their taste buds needed something new .

Bai Li’s beast-type body meant that she would be fine if she were to just eat energy crystal cores . Qin Feng, on the other hand, had not yet developed some kind of unbreakable iron stomach, and to him days without taste were days not worth living .

Since he had returned to a human colony, the only thing to do was to have a big meal!

After putting on his casual clothes and Bai Li putting on a dress, with her badge stuck to her chest, the two went down to the restaurant .

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This time, the restaurant was not as lively as when the Wanzong Auction was being held . There were only two to three people, their faces rejoicing as if they had just been given a new lease of life .

He stopped by the open kitchen and said, “I’ve got an ingredient I’d like you to prepare for me!”

Then he proceeded to pull out a tentacle, which would have been unrecognizable if he did not explain what it was .

The tentacle was only about ten centimeters long, but it was about half a meter in diameter . It looked like a millstone .

Such a large ingredient exuded a bone chilling aura . The customers in the restaurant picked up on it and their hairs stood on their ends .

The head chef felt his blood run cold . “Sir . What exactly is this? Why does it look so scary?” His voice trembled a little .

Realizing that his line of questioning seemed rather unprofessional, he steadied himself and cleared his throat . “If I knew what it is I’d be able to better prepare the ingredients to cook it!”

Qin Feng nodded, remarking, “It’s a Squid King, very powerful . It was an E-tier beast king! Don’t worry, it’s very much dead!”

He used his internal force to sweep away the overbearing aura that the tentacle exuded as he spoke .

When the head chef felt the aura disappear, his body shook even more . This time with excitement!

“In all my years as a chef I never thought I’d be able to cook something from an E-tier beast king! This will become legendary! Rest assured sir, I will definitely do this for you!”

With a twirl, the chef began to work as he unleashed everything he had in his culinary arsenal to produce dish after mouth-watering dish from the ingredient he was given . The smell itself was enough to make people drool .

Qin Feng and Bai Li had a very hearty breakfast .

At this moment, a flustered G8-tier aptitude user entered the restaurant . He looked at Qin Feng and Bai Li as if he had found his saviors .

“Mayor Qin!”

He was still a distance away when he began to shout .