Master of the End Times - Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: : Put Up or Shut Up

Chapter 265: Put Up or Shut Up

This G8-tier aptitude user was regarded as Yang Ping’s confidant, Tian Miao . Moreover, this person had previously met Qin Feng before . He was none other than the helmsman that piloted the floating speedboat!

“What’s the matter?” Qin Feng asked when he saw the person, his voice sounded rather gentle . After all, they did go through a life and death situation together .

The man’s awe at Qin Feng could be seen from his gaze, as he hurriedly said, “Commander Yang can’t leave the front line, and has sent me in his stead to invite you to the battle there!”

Qin Feng let out a frosty laugh, not bothering to mask his expression .

Tian Miao’s heart did a backflip, being a confidant he knew quite a bit about interacting with people . When he saw Qin Feng’s expression he knew immediately that he was not happy to be called up .

“I don’t want to make this difficult for you . Make Yang Ping personally come here and tell this to me in person!” Qin Feng said coldly .

Tian Miao swallowed hard and nodded quickly, “Yes, yes!”

He quickly sent a message, sweat beading on his forehead .

By now, Qin Feng was almost done with his meal, casually wiping his mouth .

Meanwhile, Bai Li was having a great time chowing down as the chef was still trying to make better dishes and was serving them to her .

“Beep Beep!” Qin Feng’s communicator rang . When he saw who was calling, a casual smirk appeared on the corner of his mouth

“Commander Yang, what’s wrong?”

Seeing Qin Feng’s unworried expression only made Yang Ping even more anxious .

After a night of battling, he looked extremely haggard, as if his energy had dropped by a lot . This was not just the consequence of staying up late, it was because he had been overdrawing from his consciousness . His eyes had dark circles and had a glassy stare .

“Mayor Qin, the sea beast tide is here again!” Yang Ping said with urgency, “Come to the front line!”

Qin Feng only smiled .

“Isn’t that normal? Or were the sea beast tides you faced while I was on the shelter island weaker?”

Yang Ping was horrified . He had his own speculations but after Qin Feng spoke he was left in a shock .

The month of the sea beast tide was so peaceful in the earlier stages, could it have really been because Qin Feng was fighting hard against such a desperate crisis?

“Commander Yang, that sea extract you have was very useful . None of those sea beasts approached Sea City and only focused on Blackstone Fort . It’s a shame that the fort wasn’t as strong, otherwise it probably would have lasted until the end of the month of the sea beast tide!”

Yang Ping looked flushed all of a sudden, he felt a little bit guilty at that moment and even more afraid .

“Mayor Qin, what sea extract… What are you talking about? If you thought that it was useful then that’s good, it’s good that it was useful!”

Qin Feng’s expression remained the same, he knew that Yang Ping was hiding something and did not dare to admit it .

He continued to stay silent, taking a long sip of water which Yang Ping did not dare object against as he patiently tried to persuade Qin Feng into taking action .

“Mayor Qin, help us please! There’s really no other way and we’ve been fighting for a whole day now . Everyone’s tired!”

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“Oh? I fought for ten days and I didn’t say I was tired . You are saying that you’re tired after just one day? Commander Yang, I think you’ve had it going much too easy and comfortable,” Qin Feng quickly retorted . “That’s it then! I’ll just take another day off and you and your boys out there can give it your best shot . Besides, I think I’ve done enough that’s worth getting a commission from Sea City . After all, no matter how powerful the ultra beasts are, wouldn’t Mayor Lei be able to handle it? Don’t think just because I’m some foreign aptitude user that you’ll get to boss me around, telling me what to do!”

Yang Ping sputtered from the bitter taste in his mouth . If Lei Chen were here, he would not feel so nervous .

The key point was that Lei Chen was not here!

And now even Qin Feng knew, naturally based on Yang Ping’s expression .

It was normal for him to be absent . Qin Feng could recall a major event that involved the gathering of many D-tier aptitude users from the Three Cities along the Sun as well as the distant Four Cities of the North Sea .

“Right, I’m gonna go take a nap or something . Good luck, Commander Yang!”

Yang Ping had been beaten black and blue; there was no way he could force Qin Feng to come to the battlefield! It was useless being as anxious as he was anyway, he could only report this to Wang Zhichao .

“Hmph! What nonsense, if he’s not coming then so be it! There’s hundreds of thousands of people at stake and you’re putting hope on some… some puffed up blowhard? How could he have faced so many beasts alone? He must be lying to you!” Wang Zhichao barked angrily .

In the last sea beast tide, two ultra beast generals were taken down by advanced energy cannons .

These high power energy cannons cost one hundred million per shot, like the ones Chi Long used in Han Town .

They were very powerful and were expensive to use; the problem was that it took more than just one to take down an E-tier beast general, especially giant sea beasts . One shot was simply not enough .

They had already fired five . That was five hundred million gone .

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If the situation could have been handled by throwing money at it Wang Zhichao would not have bothered asking for someone to find Qin Feng; they were running low on ammo .

The next sea beast tide could be seen coming from a distance .

“I’m going this time!” Wang Zhichao made up his mind and ordered someone to drive him to the front as he forced himself to go!

Sea beast tides got weaker and weaker each wave, he could only hope that the next wave had weaker beasts!

He was sorely disappointed when he saw that the next wave had five sea beast generals .

After all, Blackstone Fort on the shelter island had collapsed at this point and there were traces of battle left behind by Qin Feng . It was unknown how much beast king blood still lingered on the spot .

These beast generals made the mistake of arriving on that island and immediately retreated . There were stronger ones behind them and those did not dare turn back . So with nowhere to go, the only direction was Sea City!

Wang Zhichao scanned the surroundings with his drone and steeled his face from the results, obviously he was hesitating his next decision .

He asked in a grave voice, “Yang Ping, what Qin Feng said about being worthy of commission . He was just trying to extort us for money, wasn’t he?”

Yang Ping was taken aback by this, hesitating for a moment before saying, “Maybe… yeah, it must be!”

In reality, Qin Feng just did not want to show up and this had nothing to do with money but the serious look on Wang Zhichao’s face scared him enough to say so!

Wang Zhichao immediately said, “Contact Qin Feng and tell him it’s a hundred million per beast general and ask him if he can take action!”

That could have been considered as preferential treatment but there was nobody who could take down these E-tier beast generals, and their artillery shells cost one hundred million per shot . It was just more cost effective to hire Qin Feng .

Yang Ping quickly contacted him .

“Deputy Mayor, Qin Feng says that he gets to keep whatever he kills!”

Wang Zhichao was furious but he could only grind his teeth . “Fine!”


Half an hour later, Qin Feng slowly arrived at the newly-established fortifications . In fact, it was dangerously close to Sea City; those within the city could hear the roars of the sea beasts .

If this wall were to be breached then the sea beasts would swarm the city and slaughter its residents .

A blood-drenched Sea City would be a delicious feast for the beasts .

He had changed into his combat uniform by the time he arrived at the fortifications . He was tall and handsome but did not give off the aura that a young person would have, quite the contrary, he had this calmness that made him seem deep and unfathomable .

However, Wang Zhichao treated Qin Feng with little respect .

“What a bigshot you are! You wanted us to be begging on our knees so you’d show up?”

Qin Feng let out a frosty laugh, “Put up or shut up! Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk!”