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Master of the End Times - Chapter 266

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:08 AM

Chapter 266: Easily Handled

Chapter 266: Easily Handled

Qin Feng responded rather bluntly .

There was a tinge of red on Wang Zhichao’s eyes, the bloodshot look obviously meant that he was furious! Qin Feng’s words were like a slap in the face .

Wang Zhichao did not have a way of defending himself because he knew that there was nothing he could say to refute those words . If only he was strong enough to take on these beast generals by himself, then he would have already gone ahead instead of having to deal with Qin Feng’s unfettered attitude .

It was at this moment that Qin Feng continued to speak, “I see that you’re not willing to admit defeat, Deputy Mayor Wang . We’ll have a little competition of who can kill the most ultra beasts . How about that?”

Wang Zhichao did not dare to take on this bet .

“I have to preside over the situation so how could I have time to go messing around with you? You’re wasting time with all talk and no action, every second counts, and with every second a life could be lost . Mayor Qin, I hope you can see the bigger picture!”

Qin Feng chuckled in a slightly disdainful manner .

Such a person was afraid of even comparing prowess in battle and they wanted to hurt him?

Sounds like a fever dream .

Qin Feng’s gaze left the Deputy Mayor and he finally had a look at the situation .

Indeed there were five beast generals running amok, one of them was a Drakocroc general and there was also a Frigid Armored Bear, a Teal Tyrant Crab, a Three-Banded Boa as well as a Triple Octopus .

Their combined strength was immense .

Moreover, all of these beasts were huge and were no less than ten meters tall . It seemed like they were sweeping the area of aptitude users, who could only duck their heads and run . The Sea City army took out a large number of electrofusion guns to paralyze and stall these beasts’ movements .

One aptitude user pulled the trigger and electricity erupted from the muzzle toward the ground before forming into a large net to act as a hindrance to the enemy, but he was much too close to his target .


The Three-Banded Boa general locked onto its target and blasted out a spray of red, yellow and purple smoke, almost forming a small cluster of fog in its target area .

The aptitude user was shocked when he was covered by the fog and wanted to flee . After two steps, it felt as if something was stuck in his throat and he found himself unable to breathe, his mouth agape as his face turned blue . By the time his eyes rolled to the back of his head, he had already died before he hit the ground .

The surrounding aptitude users were too afraid to move forward and did not dare attack . Those few E-tiers from Sea City could only surround the beast warily, otherwise these ultra beasts would turn the whole place upside down!

They were like Yang Ping, haggard and dirty, their hands refusing to rest in their fight against the ultra beasts .

What a motley crew!

These people had been beaten down and were almost broken, their confidence was in shambles . Otherwise, a group of E-tier aptitude users would have no problem taking down a single E-tier ultra beast so long as they worked together!

Not to mention, Wang Zhichao was here . The problem was that even though Wang Zhichao had the strength, he did not have the spirit .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng was enveloped in flames as he quickly entered the battlefield . Almost instantly, the moment he landed into hostile grounds, a beast general had already locked onto him

It was the Teal Tyrant Crab . The giant enemy crab was huge, it was about five or six meters wide and had two huge pincers that were probably two to four meters long . The pincers were strong enough to shred through bedrock .

When it saw Qin Feng appear, the Teal Tyrant Crab did not hesitate to try and snap him up with its pincers . He responded quickly, pulling out the Verdant Emperor Saber to parry the incoming claw attack .


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Sparks flew as their weapons collided .

Everyone nearby had on a shocked expression . The shell of that crab was incredibly tough and they knew that better than anyone .

After all, if it were not for that fact the thing would have died already . Its shell resisted their decomposition blasters and they had no other way of removing its exoskeleton .

In Qin Feng’s eyes, this did not mean much . The split second after sparks were created, he violently flung the crab backwards with the amount of force he exerted; he continued his momentum and brought the Verdant Emperor Saber down on the crab again .

That kind of power was too great to imagine . He was not just holding back the crab, he was quite literally knocking it back .

Wang Zhichao witnessed Qin Feng’s bravery and combat prowess, and his eyes momentarily reflected intense jealousy .

So young but so powerful . Someone like that was going to be a huge problem if he were not dealt with soon .

However, there was nothing Wang Zhichao could do! Unless…

His eyes suddenly lit up .

“Disregard the critical moment we are in and lure that twenty-four-arm octopus and giant drakacroc there!”

If the five ultra beasts were to gather together, that might as well be a disaster . In order to prevent that from happening, those fighting had naturally separated them into different parts of the battlefield so that the E-tier aptitude users could deal with them one by one .

These people, who were highly ranked in Sea City, were also members of the Leitang Organization .

They were still taken aback by Wang Zhichao’s words .

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“Deputy Mayor, wouldn’t that actually make things worse?”

“If these ultra beasts kill Qin Feng, they’ll become harder to control and it wouldn’t be easy to separate them again!”

“Deputy Mayor, please reconsider!”

Nobody dared speak out loud, instead they directed their messages back to him through their communicators . The E-tiers of Sea City already had their hands full in the face of just one of these sea beast generals, they did not believe that Qin Feng could take on three at a time!

“Hmph, didn’t he brag about how he defended the shelter island for more than ten days? I want to see just how strong he is . Now move it!” Wang Zhichao said coldly .

At this point, the other E-tier aptitude users had begun to deviate from their original positions and were headed toward Qin Feng . Of course, while the plan was to throw in some false drama, it was not hard to play their panic off as real . In reality, they could not bear it anymore!

“Mayor Qin! Help!”

An E-tier ancient warrior rushed toward his side and the Triple Octopus chasing behind him was much stronger than he was . It shifted its tentacles under it and started to gallop forward, if it got close enough to lash out, it would have been able to grab this ancient warrior ten times over .

However, this octopus was nowhere near that beast king he fought .

Qin Feng had been repeatedly flipping over the Teal Tyrant Crab, naturally moving away from their original position, and it just so happened that the Triple Octopus was in the same path .

He flipped the crab directly at the octopus, their bodies collided with one another and caused them to sustain massive damage .

There was no doubt that this ancient warrior was safe!

Qin Feng did not stop his attacks .

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“Hell Magma!”

He summoned runes that quickly appeared under the feet of the two ultra beasts .


The ground seemed to spew out magma, drowning the Teal Tyrant Crab and the Triple Octopus in it . This scorching lava singed the fine hairs on the skin of the E-tier aptitude users that were too close by as they felt the intense heat, especially the ultra beast generals that were caught in it!

What a devastating attack!

By this time, the Drakocroc general had reached Qin Feng’s position .

“Come on then!” Qin Feng shouted, raising a hand and causing more flames to spread .

“Blazing Sky!”

A straight line of bright light pierced through the air, the glint of it momentarily dazzled the onlookers .

The Verdant Emperor Saber had directly slashed through the neck of the Drakocroc general . The E-tier aptitude users that the Drakocroc had been chasing around suddenly stopped .

A black, charred wound had appeared around the creature’s neck, right before the huge head began to roll off onto the ground .

The Drakocroc general had been slain!

Three ultra beast generals, two of which yet to be confirmed dead . Nobody had expected the situation to turn out like this!