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Master of the End Times - Chapter 267

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:33:06 AM

Chapter 267: Absolutely Humiliated

Chapter 267: Absolutely Humiliated

It was just a momentary confrontation, but Qin Feng had displayed such explosive combat prowess .

“Bring the remaining two over here too!”

Qin Feng let out a grim laugh, standing on the Drakocroc general’s back as the creature’s charred skin bled profusely with a stream of thick blood .

Everyone was as quiet as cicadas in winter .

Qin Feng had already seen through their actions but regardless of how many there were, the beasts had to be killed, so he could not care less!

These creatures were simply no threat to his person at all . Soon, the remaining two were unceremoniously put down with his Fire Dragon Style .

An aptitude user who had just awakened last year; a talented ability user genius but had also mastered two ultimate level abilities and even had an inconceivable level of sword fighting which could allow him to kill beast generals in seconds .

When people saw Qin Feng’s strength, it felt like they had just reached the foot of a very tall mountain .

After killing all five beasts, he began to stuff their remains into his spatial rune equipment in full view of everyone .

Without the beast generals leading the charge, the other ultra beasts were not as confident in their advance .

These ultra beasts were soon blocked off by gunners, and Sea City’s troops began to rebuild their fortifications in anticipation for the next sea beast tide .

Based on their previous experience, there would be around one or two waves left before the season would end!

Qin Feng walked to where Wang Zhichao was, noticing the other’s ashened complexion . Like he owed him a few billion yuan .

“Deputy Mayor Wang, with good luck I managed to complete the mission!” Qin Feng said .

That made Wang Zhichao suddenly very upset .

He could only make sure that his face remained stern as he coldly remarked, “Bear in mind not to be impatient! You’re still young, don’t just go around showing off!”

As he said that, Wang Zhichao faintly revealed the aura of an E8-tier ancient warrior . His gaze fell onto the E-tier badge on Qin Feng’s chest and he felt a sense of superiority .

Qin Feng merely chuckled .

Around this time, an ancient warrior appeared next to him .

“Mayor Qin, thank you so much for just now!” The man was grinning from ear to ear . “My name is Chu Yingshan, a drifter!”

Drifters, also known as ‘experiencers’ were not originally people from the Three Cities . They just happened to have been passing by .

Chu Yingshan was by no means weak . Standing at E5-tier, he had been hired by Wang Zhichao to help with the sea beast tide .

He was the one that was pinning down the Frigid Armored Bear, that ice-coated monstrosity could have been considered the strongest of all the ultra beast generals . It was also E5-tier!

Even though they were in the same tier, it was clear that Chu Yingshan could not have beaten his opponent . One false step and he would have ended up becoming prey!

He was in it for the money so that he would not have any problems in the future . He already knew that Wang Zhichao’s people would cheat him, but all he could do was endure . This was not the last resort either and he could not turn on these people, all he planned to do was turn tail and run the moment it became too dangerous .

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Therefore, when Qin Feng came over to help, he managed to earn Chu Yingshan’s gratitude .

“Hello, you can just call me Qin Feng!” He reached out to shake the other’s hand .

Before his rebirth, he was a drifter too . He had been to plenty of places, walked from the north to the south and witnessed the seasons change . Qin Feng knew of the difficulties drifters had, but he was comfortable with them .

Chu Yingshan appeared to have great potential, he did not look very old, probably around twenty eight years old from the looks of it .

“Qin Feng, when I came over to the Three Cities I’ve admired you for quite a while . I didn’t expect that I’d get to be in battle alongside you today! You’re stronger than I imagined, and you say you’re only seventeen years old, right?”

Chu Yingshan and Qin Feng struck up a conversation .

Qin Feng’s height was now very close to his fully developed height before his rebirth . He was taller and stronger than most ordinary people, standing at 189cm tall .

With such a height and physique, he indeed did not look like a seventeen year old!

“That’s right, but my age has nothing to do with my strength . I mean I have strength now but I couldn’t have done so without experience . In the past seven or eight months, I’ve experienced hardships that normal people couldn’t even begin to imagine!” Qin Feng said .

At this point, Chu Yingshan and Qin Feng had found a common topic .

“Not bad . Strength doesn’t come from nowhere . It comes from facing life or death situations, otherwise I wouldn’t have become a drifter . Though, Qin Feng, how strong are you now?”

It was not just Chu Yingshan that was curious . Wang Zhichao, who had turned to face the side, was curious as well . He wanted to know Qin Feng’s true strength .

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His body was very strong, having the body of a beast king made his level unpredictable . Not only that, he had not been truly tested before . That E-tier badge he had on was merely his current identity, without it people would not believe that he was merely E-tier .

The asteroid assimilation move had its limits as well, the move used no more than one tenth of his internal force and naturally his power was still a mystery .

Qin Feng glanced at Wang Zhichao and smirked at the thought of that mild aura he produced earlier .

“Right now, I’m almost about to reach E8-tier!” He said, mobilizing more than seven layers of the sea of clouds that were his internal force as his body began to unleash his aura .

At that moment, Chu Yingshan and Wang Zhichao felt as if they were facing an infernal beast! The force was absolutely terrifying!

Wang Zhichao felt absolutely humiliated and no longer wanted to listen to the conversation between the two .

What did he just hear?

An E-tier seventeen-year-old, twenty years younger than he was .

Going out to practice and gain experience, was that them mocking him not leaving his house? Wang Zhichao could not remember when was the last time he actually fought!

Not only that, Qin Feng’s internal strength was catching up to his own .

He thought about how he deliberately exposed his internal power just now and felt that his face was a burning red .

These two were so busy talking that they naturally would not have been bothered by Wang Zhichao .

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“But you’re also an ability user, that’s really impressive! Was ancient martial arts something you had to cultivate? Man, I finally know what the word ‘genius’ means!” Chu Yingshan said with admiration .

Wang Zhichao’s expression was ashen, letting out a cold harrumph as he turned to leave . The way he moved hinted that he was going to break out into a run at any moment .

Chu Yingshan noticed the Deputy Mayor at that moment, and he asked with some confusion, “Deputy Mayor Wang, what’s wrong? Think we’re wasting time talking here? Now that the situation’s stable, you wouldn’t want us to go kill more ultra beasts, right?”

Qin Feng smirked . “Maybe the shock is too much . ”

Chu Yingshan caught the meaning behind his words and understood what actually happened before letting out a boisterous laugh .

“Talented people are produced with each generation, the new is always replacing the old . Even if your mind is too narrow, martial arts will never stop moving forward!” said the ancient warrior .

After Chu Yingshan had awakened, he began to wander about . He was more familiar with ultra beasts than he was with people, and he had never experienced infighting within a colony . While he was not naive, he was absolutely innocent, and even had an absolute belief in martial arts .

The man had Qin Feng beat in that regard .

After he awakened his ability, Qin Feng also knew that in this world, abilities were the strongest, second to none .

As an ability user continued to grow, they could raise mountains and part seas, wipe out enemy forces with a snap of their fingers . There was nothing they could not do .

In contrast, although the ancient warrior’s internal force was strong and their martial prowess impeccable, they did not have the destructive firepower needed in the face of sea beast tides like ability users did .

Qin Feng was about to reach D-tier, and he anticipated that moment more and more!