Master of the End Times - Chapter 269

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Chapter 269: Killing the Beast King with Ease

Chapter 269: Killing the Beast King with Ease

To most people, a beast king symbolized total destruction .

Aptitude users would only dare to challenge the beast king if the tier gap was huge enough .

Otherwise, it was no different from suicide .

Wang Zhichao was the combatant with the highest tier on the scene .

The corresponding beast king within his capability would be an F8-tier . However, he still would not dare face an F8-tier beast king alone if it really did appear . A minor slip up in front of a beast king would get him killed instantly .

As for now, the beast king they were expecting was an E5-tier .

 Not to mention, it was one of the most horrendous kinds—Venomous Giant Seawasp .

Even Lei Chen would have hesitated if he were here .

A creature like a beast king could usually be avoided if one did not provoke it . Sea wasps were not able to live without water so it would certainly leave when the wave recedes .

Yet, Qin Feng had decided to challenge the unthinkable .

They could think of one possibility—Qin Feng had gone insane .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

Hellfire spanning one hundred meter square burned blazingly .

The fire seemed to be undeterred by the water and attached itself to the Seawasp king’s body .

The flame engulfed the beast rapidly .

The Venomous Seawasp did not make a sound but expressed its anger by splashing the water . A giant wave soon formed and engulfed Qin Feng .

Qin Feng’s conscious energy was fused with the stallion’s and they galloped to the sky to evade the massive wave .

“Fire Dragon Style!”

A fire dragon emerged in response to Qin Feng’s raised hand . The dragon then dived back down straight into the water .

The excessive heat carried by the dragon boiled the seawater instantaneously .

The steam generated from the boiling was highly venomous . Qin Feng relied on his physical attribute comparable to that of a beast and continued to battle fearlessly .

Other ultra beasts around collapsed as soon as they came in contact with the venomous vapor .

“Retreat . Abandon this barricade now!” Wang Zhichao bellowed and ordered everyone to fall back at once . The steam had reached the barricade and already put down a few soldiers .

No one dared to stay put . They did not wish to suffer from the “battle between gods” .


“So this is the power of an E-tier aptitude user? That’s insane!”

“No . Perhaps only Qin Feng could be this powerful . ”

Other aptitude users had completely given up the barricade . They did not care whether the beasts would climb the wall and threaten the safety of Sea City .

Their own safety was the top priority at the moment .

The sea beasts, on the other hand, did not have time to ascend the barricade either . They were killed by the poison, if not already burned to death .

The venom from the Seawasp king was deadly but Qin Feng had no fear .

The attack from the Venomous Seawasp was equally aggressive .

It was not a simple-minded beast that relied solely on its brute force but a highly intelligent water-type beast king .

Qin Feng’s fire-type ability should be countered easily by its water-type attack . Yet, the beast could feel that its life force was being sapped out by an unseen power hidden within the flames .

That was because the flame was not an ordinary flame but Hellfire!

This type of flame was equipped with dark runes, which enabled it to burn away its target’s life energy .


A waterspout rose from the seawater and struck at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng urged his stallion to gallop away .

One after another, waterspouts rose behind Qin Feng .

Then, a giant water dragon from within the waves chased after Qin Feng .

Qin Feng hastily summoned the fire dragon and the two forces collided head-on . The fire dragon was extinguished, while the water dragon evaporated .

The resulting water vapor shrouded the area . No living creature was able to escape this dead zone .

“My turn!”

The Venomous Seawasp had a huge, soft, and slimy body . The beast was only able to reach the shore by clinging onto the dead bodies of other beasts .

The beast king had almost zero weaknesses . Its body was mainly constructed by water . Even if it was shredded, the beast could quickly heal itself by absorbing the water runes in its surrounding .

But Qin Feng knew that even such a beast was not invincible . Its weak point was its water-type ability core .

The core was currently being protected by a ball of muddled materials .

Amidst the wave, the water depth was about seven to eight meters deep . But the ground beneath it still trembled as Qin Feng pointed at it .

“Lava Flow!”

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This style did not only alter the land but also created a blasting impact .

The ground under the seawater quaked rampantly as if Qin Feng had taken control of a lava vein within the crust .


A spout in red broke through the ground and shot up to the sky .

It was a lava-spout . Like volcano eruption, the lava elevated sky high all the way into the clouds .

At this moment, even the aptitude users that stayed far behind the barricade could get a glimpse of the lava-spout .

The Venomous Seawasp, who resided right on top of the lava-spout, was unprepared for it . Its body was made of water so the lava pierced right through it instantly .

“Come here!” Qin Feng extended his hand and the ability core fell right onto his palm .

The ability core was almost the size of a basketball .

Plentiful water runes swirled around the core . This could be easily sold at three billion in the market .

The Venomous Seawasp did not die immediately after losing the core . That only provoked it further .

Translucent materials began to stack up and it promptly surrounded Qin Feng . The beast wanted to engulf Qin Feng and poison him to death .

Qin Feng danced furiously with his Verdant Emperor Saber .

The fire radiances from the saber turned into a fiery cyclone and completely shattered the Seawasp’s water around him .

Then, scarlet flames spread across the land and ruthlessly scorched everything it touched .

The Venomous Seawasp’s body was lit by Qin Feng’s hellfire and turned into ashes .

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Seawater gradually regressed after the epic battle came to an end . Qin Feng and his stallion were seen standing on the body of a giant sea beast .

There was only one word to describe the surrounding—Massacre!

All the beasts being washed up to the shore were killed silently by the battle between Qin Feng and the Seawasp .

This round of sea beast tide ended abruptly, with Qin Feng being the last man standing .

In a dimension where others could not see, remaining power from the killed beasts was absorbed rapidly by Qin Feng .

Qin Feng instantly made another breakthrough .


The others could only watch in awe . Their communicators were still connected to the regional network while some drones were still patrolling the sky . They witnessed the entire process, as well as the final outcome .

This sea beast tide had ended in the hand of a single man .

How unbelievable was that?

“Qin Feng . So this man is the mayor of Fengli colony…”

“He is the real deal!”

“Is Fengli still recruiting? I am so going to Fengli after this . ”

“Did he just break through the next tier?”

“How strong could he be? I believe he will attain D-tier in no time!”

The aptitude users behind the wall discussed feverishly .

Qin Feng rode the stallion back on top of the barricade . He looked down on those aptitude users that had clumsily fled back by a few hundred meters earlier .

The umbra stallion galloped and stirred up the dark mist behind it . Soon, Qin Feng arrived in front of them, and the people subconsciously opened up a path to let him through .