Master of the End Times - Chapter 271

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Chapter 271: Battlegod Token

Chapter 271: Battlegod Token

Xue Xingfu took out a jade token .

The token was about the size of a palm . Its color was as dark as ink and definitely a well-refined black jade . There was Chinese calligraphy imprinted on it .


Qin Feng’s eyes were filled with excitement .

‘It’s a Battlegod Token!’

Xue Xingfu narrated exultantly, “A giant rift appeared out of thin air outside Niumeng City two days ago . Through the rift, one can see a mountain housing great energy . There’s a stone slab in front of the mountain . On it was carved all sorts of ancient calligraphy . Roughly, it says that someone known as Battlegod had left behind his legacy hoping that it would be inherited by someone worthy . After that, rifts began to appear in multiple locations . This Battlegod Token is the ticket . However, there’s a bunch of them, roughly five thousand being dispersed . ”

“How much did you pay for this?” Qin Feng asked .

Xue Xingfu replied, “Ten million . ”

Even Xue Xingfu had misjudged the value of this token .

“Did I spend too much?” Xue Xingfu asked carefully . Though the Battlegod Tomb showed a lot of promise, nobody knew what was exactly in it . Besides, since there were so many tokens distributed, Xue Xingfu was concerned that this might be a fraud .

“Not at all . Give this to Zhou Hao . ” Qin Feng said .

Xue Xingfu was stunned . He then asked, “What about you?”

“Me? Well, I am going to rob it from someone, of course . ” Qin Feng smirked .

Xue Xingfu was almost choked by his own saliva .

Robbing was something only those from the Dark Coalition would do . How could Qin Feng say this out loud in broad daylight?

“Please remember you are the leader of Fengli!” Xue Xingfu reminded him .

Qin Feng replied, “Don’t worry . I am going to rob none other than those from the Dark Coalition . ”

“This… I bet it’s not going to be easy . If ten million is not considered a lot, then I can bring in a few more . That way, we can send out more people from our colony as well . What do you think?”

“Don’t bother . Even if they obtain the inheritance, they have little chance of coming back out alive . ” Qin Feng was well aware of how dangerous the tomb could be .

The source of danger did not come from beasts but other human beings .

There were five thousand tokens out there now . Soon, a lot of powerhouses would learn about the value of this other-wordly powerful tomb .

Hence, not only would the value of the token be getting higher and higher in the future, the people that enter the tomb later would also become stronger and stronger .

There were two criteria to enter the tomb .

First, the person must be aged twenty or below .

Second, his or her inner power must be able to form a cloud, which meant that the person had to be at least an F-tier ancient warrior .

Not that they could find another person matching the above criteria in the colony . Even if there was one, the addition of one or two persons made no difference in the face of five thousand competitors .

This would be a fierce contention and Qin Feng expected to see a lot of blood .

Zhou Hao was strong enough and he could definitely survive the tomb with Xiao Huang’s aid . Others might not be as lucky .

Thus, Qin Feng decided to give this opportunity only to Zhou Hao .

“If you say so…” Xue Xingfu gave up on the idea .

“By the way, have you collected the beast king cores as I have requested?” Qin Feng asked .

“I have amassed thirty of them at the cost of twenty billion . ” Money could buy you anything in this world . Even the precious beast king cores that were put on sale in the black market .

Xue Xingfu had anonymously gathered multiple cores during Qin Feng’s long absence .

“Good . Bring them to me . ”

“Noted . ”

Xue Xingfu had no idea what Qin Feng used the cores for but he mourned the lavish spending . He did not stay for long after passing the cores to Qin Feng .

Qin Feng gave all the cores to Bai Li . He then called Zhou Hao to meet him in the hall .

Zhou Hao had been training intensively recently and his strength had increased rapidly . Currently, he was an F4-tier aptitude user .

Though his improvement was not as rapid as Qin Feng, he was still evolving at an unbelievable rate . This was all thanks to the Golden Queen Ant .

“Take this and depart to Niumeng immediately . But don’t enter the city first,” Qin Feng instructed him about the Battlegod Tomb .

“How about you? You fit the criteria as well . Why don’t you go by yourself? Judging by your power now, you could get the inheritance with ease . I don’t need you to make way for me,” Zhou Hao said .

Qin Feng stopped Zhou Hao’s hand that was about to reject the token and explained, “I will get my own token . But I am probably going to join with a hidden identity . ”

Zhou Hao, who was puzzled, asked, “Why a hidden identity?”

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“Xiao Bai is going to follow me . But she wouldn’t get past the entrance in human form . Besides, I should not be going there with my current status as a mayor . Besides, the competition would be tough this time . If I am to kill those influential people in there, things would turn real chaotic . ”

Zhou Hao was baffled . “Influential people?”

“Yeah . Such as descendants of various famous families, or even people from Dragon City!” Qin Feng answered .

Zhou Hao finally understood what Qin Feng meant . “I get it now . Please be careful out there . ”

“Don’t worry . When you see me, just pretend that we are strangers,” Qin Feng said .


Zhou Hao left with the Battlegod Token after they were done talking .

Niumeng was rather far from Fengli . It would take days to reach so one would need to depart earlier .

However, Qin Feng did not move .

Not only that but a lot of people had seen Qin Feng inspecting Fengli’s ongoing development .

From Wanzong’s branch, the underground market, to the establishment of the orphanage and defense system, Qin Feng had gone through each of them .

His final inspection was the factory, where Liu Zhenshan was in charge .

After relocating to Fengli from Han Town, Liu Zhenshan had been working behind the scenes all this while . This was because Qin Feng was simply too capable and had brought home numerous materials all the time . If they were to rely on others to process the materials or just sell the raw materials, it would assuredly not bring the biggest profit to Fengli .

As such, Liu Zhenshan was elected the head of research and development . They set up a factory and focused on how to produce equipment from raw materials .

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Self-sustenance was their ultimate aim . Qin Feng did not want other powers to hold onto industries essential to Fengli .

As the materials brought back by Qin Feng were usually of good quality, most equipment forged by Liu Zhenshan was E-tier .

He was confused by Qin Feng’s order a few days ago but he had finished the task without any questions asked .

Inside the office, there were only Liu Zhenshan, Qin Feng, and Bai Li . The workers did not suspect a thing .

“Mayor, I have forged the items as you have requested . ”

As he spoke, Liu Zhenshan brought out a case and opened it .

In there laid a silver battle suit, a pair of daggers, and a white mask .

“These are all made with F-tier beast king materials . The outcome is better than expected . There’s this cape which is made from Darknight Bat . I purposely removed the glow on it so the user could blend in with the darkness . ”

“These two daggers are made from the F7-tier beast king Black Mantis’s blades . ”

“This mask is made from a special material that could block out consciousness and is anti-venom . It also boosts the wearer’s senses!”

Liu Zhenshan introduced the equipment one by one .

[1] The chinese word is 武 (Wu), which carries a lot of meaning such as wushu (武术, martial art), kungfu (武功 / 功夫) or battle (武斗) . The tomb belongs to 武神, which is directly translated as God of Wu . In this context, Battlegod is used instead of God of Wu as it would be more intuitive to English readers .