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Master of the End Times - Chapter 273

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:56 AM

Chapter 273: Xue Yuan

Chapter 273: Xue Yuan

The moment Qin Feng stepped onto the bus, the screen on it began to provide updates, greeting people with scenes that were being captured by drones .

The range of this beast wave was not that wide, it mostly consisted of G-tier ultra beasts . After all, this was a safe colony and the level of ultra beasts nearby was not usually very high . However, there was a beast king among that large number of ultra beasts .

That was why there was an emergency broadcast for all the capable aptitude users in the colony . The F-tier aptitude users who heard this that felt like they had the power to do something decided to participate in a heartbeat .

A beast king . How rare of a sight!

The bus was not even full yet, there were only a few dozen passengers, but the driver could not wait any longer! He put the pedal to the metal, speeding down the street to the point where the partols had to block the roads so that the bus could pass .

In less than fifteen minutes, they had already left Hanchuankou and were wildly driving into the wilderness . In about ten minutes, the passengers heard gunshots from the aptitude users that were fighting back as they retreated .

 By now, the ultra beasts had made it close to the agricultural zone . There were small defensive outposts near the area that could be bolstered .

Qin Feng and the rest quickly got off the bus and saw just what they were up against .

“It’s a wolf pack!”

“Pale Wolf beast general, that white one, that white one must be the beast king!”

“Holy shit!”

“Are there any F-tier that can block that?”

The people briefly argued noisily amongst themselves but they were quick to join the battle . They were afraid of how dense the wolf pack was but they could not back out now, also going with the tactical retreat .

Soon, F-tier aptitude users arrived and it was not just one of them .

There were two of them that came in on patrol cars, they were dressed in special patrol uniforms of the Hanchuankou colony . They were obviously squad leaders!

“Leave the beast king to us, you lot handle the rest!” One of the squad leaders commanded while raising a hand and shot out a beam of light .

It was purple!

He appeared to be an electric ability user . The beam of lightning rushed out to meet the Pale Wolf King in the blink of an eye .


The figure of the Pale Wolf King dodged away from the attack, but the other ultra beasts that did not move as quickly dropped to the ground from the electrical attack .

“Hurry up and help me deal with this a*shole!” The electric ability user called out .

“Leave it to me!” Another person said, rushing forward and plowing through the G-tier wolves that were no match against him .

F6-tier ancient warrior .

These G-tier ultra beasts were too easy to kill .

Moving quickly, the ancient warrior slammed a palm into the beast king, intercepting his opponent’s attack on the ability user who continued to unleash his power at the ultra beast .

The battle was fought in a dazzling manner .

Qin Feng did not want to intervene, if he did anything he would have been exposed as a D-tier aptitude user .

Fortunately, he did not need to wait too long . Another bus had arrived to drop off its passenger .

A young man with fiery red hair jumped right out of the vehicle . From the first glance, he did not look any younger than seventeen years old and wore an F5-tier aptitude user badge on his chest .

It was Xue Yuan!

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Qin Feng was not too far away from him . At this time, the other party had just gotten out of their bus, his eyes lighting up at the sight of the beast king .

“Now that’s quite the prize!” He said to himself, rushing forward into the fray .

Xue Yuan’s F7 martial prowess was obviously powerful .

“Sanguine Arts!”

Xue Yuan raised his hand before slamming his palm into the Pale Wolf’s back . There was no crack that came from the Pale Wolf King’s spine being broken, instead the attack left behind a bloody handprint where it landed .

Then the Pale Wolf King’s waist began to droop, as if it had no bones to support it there .

This was the power of the Sanguine Palm .

“Awooo!” The Pale Wolf King let out a pained howl .

Xue Yuan raised his hand again, slamming his palm directly onto the top of the beast king’s head .


The bloody palm was extremely powerful . One moment, a blood-red palm print appeared, and in the next, the Pale Wolf King was dead on the ground bleeding from its eyes and nose as its aura disappeared .

The Pale Wolf King had been slain .

The ability user and the ancient warrior from the patrol team were quite shocked when they saw this, looking at Xue Yuan with a trace of awe .

“Thanks for your help, bro!” The ancient warrior said with a smile .

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Xue Yuan ignored the man, reaching out with a hand like no one else’s into the Pale Wolf King’s chest cavity . As the hand pierced into the flesh, it made a mess and coated the arm in a layer of blood .

Soon, the Pale Wolf King’s energy crystal core was ripped out and placed into his spatial rune equipment .

That made the patrol team members stop in their tracks .

“Bro, we spent a long time fighting that Pale Wolf King . You killed it in the end, but shouldn’t we be splitting the spoils? Don’t you think it’s a bit rude to be behaving like this?”

Xue Yuan revealed a dagger in his hand that was shaped similar to that of a scalpel, designed to harvest materials .

He glared at the ancient warrior before smirking . “You’re both trash and you want me to share the spoils with you?”

The man starred furiously at Xue Yuan .

“What did you say, kid?” The man was a rank higher than Xue Yuan and believed that Xue Yuan was about as young as he looked . That did not stop him from having the desire to teach the little punk a lesson .

“Do you know whose territory this is? You can’t just do whatever you want here, be sensible and take those out before you humiliate yourself, bro!”

“Humiliate myself?” Xue Yuan chuckled, striking his hand out .

The attack was quite straightforward and not very fast .

The ancient warrior saw this and was a little bit nervous, he had seen what that palm could do and knew that Xue Yuan was tough but he did not want to admit it!

With his internal strength condensed in his palm, he fiercely struck out!


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Their palms collided . The smirk lingered on Xue Yuan’s face, and the strangest thing was that his eyes began to turn blood-red .

The ancient warrior suddenly let out a scream .

His entire palm, including his bones, had melted . His meridians had been scoured and the flesh now a bloody pulp . In the blink of an eye, his hand had melted into a stump .

Even though he had destroyed his opponent’s hand, Xue Yuan did not plan on sparing him so easily .

“I didn’t get to practice some blood sucking today, good thing there’s plenty of people here so come at me!”

Xue Yuan once more raised his hand, bringing it down toward the top of the ancient warrior’s skull .

It was at this moment that another figure suddenly appeared .

A black cloak, under the cloak was a combat uniform that glowed with silver light, and even a fleeting glance made it known that it was made out of beast king materials .

A pair of black daggers jumped out from under the cloak and cut at Xue Yuan’s neck .

This person was Qin Feng!

“Ah!” Xue Yuan croaked but quickly changed his stance as a blood-red light condensed in his hand and shot out toward Qin Feng .

However, the condensed internal force blast was blocked by a wave of internal power . Qin Feng’s internal force was huge, how could he have been hit by the other’s blood colored internal force .

Not giving the other another chance to fight back, Qin Feng relied on his tough physique and speed to pierce through Xue Yuan’s chest with a dagger .


A soft sound was heard as Xue Yuan stopped moving, he looked down at the dagger that was stuck inside his chest with disbelief .

It hit something vital, there was no doubt that he was going to die!