Master of the End Times - Chapter 275

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Chapter 275: : Disposing Corpses

Chapter 275: Disposing Corpses

In Zhang Wen’s eyes, since Qin Feng had killed Xue Yuan, he probably was not that strong . After all, the people who were strong usually found it disdainful to kill someone lower-level than they were, and even if they were strong, they were not Zhang Wen’s match .

He knew all the E-tier aptitude users in the Four Cities of the North Seas, and it was impossible for a strong user who was using the Spectre Motion Steps to have made an appearance .

After such an analysis, Zhang Wen subconsciously felt that Qin Feng did not have any power . Maybe that internal force in those daggers would not be able to pierce through his defense!

Zhang Wen ferociously struck out another palm attack, trying to hit Qin Feng with it .

Only to have it blocked by Qin Feng’s raised arm .


The dagger in his right hand managed to pierce Zhang Wen’s waist, not only that, the left arm that had blocked his attack came toward him in a vicious strike .

Zhang Wen’s eyes widened, stiffening his legs and leaning back as far as he could in order to avoid the blow . [1]

Otherwise, that hit would have slashed through his throat!

He did not expect his opponent to be so fierce!

Not only that, his waist was not as invincible as he had thought . The E-tier purple armor was damaged, a powerful internal force was wrapped around the dagger as it was violently jammed into him .

Serious damage!

“Huh?” Zhang Wen uttered before rapidly backing away .

However, his retreat opened up a large wound . If it were not for the function of the rune equipment and his protective layer, Zhang Wen would have been split open and his intestines would be spilling out .

His internal force worked quickly to cover the wound as he pulled out a packet of medicine to apply on his injury .

Zhang Wen had a look of uncertainty on his face, staring at Qin Feng with suspicion and anger .

“Who are you?”

Qin Feng’s power was beyond his expectations . The time he struck Qin Feng with his Sanguine Palm, he felt the vibration of his opponent’s internal force barrier .

This trick had no effect on Qin Feng!

“It doesn’t matter who I am,” Qin Feng said indifferently, he knew that Zhang Wen had clearly seen the strength of his inner force!

Then again, why would that matter?

“Because you’re going to die today!”

Qin Feng was not the type to gloat or explain himself, lest the other party dies with their question answered . It was best if they died entirely in the dark!

He did not speak any more and once again activated his Phantom Motion Steps . This time there was heavy use of dark runes as Qin Feng’s form split into countless shadows, his actual form unable to be picked out from among them .

This attack was also very fast! Zhang Wen tried to use his hands to defend against Qin Feng’s assault but his efforts were fruitless .


Swish swish swish!

Wounds appeared on Zhang Wen’s body, his protective inner armor having been broken . It seemed that its defensive force did little to block Qin Feng’s daggers .

Although Qin Feng was wearing F-tier gear to cover up his identity, his daggers were E-tier king grade .

No matter how good Zhang Wen’s treatment was in the Xue household, he would still have never gotten the chance to use rune equipment made out of E-tier beast king materials .

“Didn’t you say you wanted to make me suffer before? How do you like this now?” Qin Feng said, remembering the aftermath of the escort caravan after Xue Yuan’s rampage .

His opponent struck a palm out, but instead of killing him, Qin Feng drew more blood in order to diminish his opponent’s power!

Qin Feng’s pupils began to turn blood-red .

“Aaah!!!” Zhang Wen screamed, surging all of his internal force as if trying to repel Qin Feng, but all was in vain .

At this point, Qin Feng felt something move around in front of his chest . He then realized it was Bai Li . She was still nestled in a pocket, Zhang Wen’s screams might awaken her!

That snapped him back to his senses . With this kind of torture, even his mentality had changed .

He did not continue, planting a palm on Zhang Wen’s abdomen .

“Activate, Asteroid Assimilation!”

The vigorous internal force was immediately drawn away, Zhang Wen could not react at all this time . He had been hit and was involuntarily twitching all over as his internal force left him like water from a broken dam . If this continued on, even without Qin Feng doing anything else, he would still surely die!

However, Qin Feng did not bother waiting, bringing the daggers down on Zhang Wen’s head without hesitation .

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The head bounced up into the air for a moment before falling down onto the ground .

Zhang Wen had been slain!

An E-tier aptitude user, having been so easily killed, shocked the aptitude users who had not run away .

They were deadly quiet, afraid to make a sound .

Qin Feng went on without stopping, picking up spatial rune equipment from Zhang Wen’s body . He used his consciousness to sweep through it but it was just some items like an expanded edition of martial arts studies and some powdered medicine . He casually stuffed that into the rune equipment in his pocket and picked up Zhang Wen’s head!

This head was also worth 300 million!

After that, he went to search Xue Yuan’s body and found his spatial rune equipment . After a quick check with his consciousness, he found what he wanted!

A Battlegod token!

Of course there were also many spirit herbs, ancient martial arts manuals, ultra beast materials and so on .

Xue Yuan was much richer than Zhang Wen was . Qin Feng did not hesitate and pocketed that as well before starting to leave .

The ancient warrior from the patrol team came over, hurriedly shouting, “Sir . This…This…”

He could not find any words . That was what fear looked like!

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Qin Feng deliberately replied in a baritone voice, “What? You want some beast king materials?”

The man’s face twitched, and he quickly said, “Sir, how could you still be thinking that at a time like this? Do you know who they were?”

Qin Feng nodded . “If I didn’t know, I wouldn’t have killed them . ”

The man was speechless, but that left his mouth full of bitterness!

Qin Feng knew, and even though he knew he still went on and killed his opponent . That was a lot of gall .

Of course, the power that he had was something they did not!

“Sir, the Xue family is an infamous dark ancient warrior family within the Four Cities . We can’t afford this kind of trouble!”

Qin Feng chuckled . “If it weren’t for me, you’d be dead . Are you saying that I shouldn’t be nosy, that I shouldn’t have tried to help you?”

The patrolman trembled, unwilling to say anything else . The electric ability user from before stepped up, respectfully speaking to Qin Feng . “Sir, the events today have been settled conclusively, please protect us for a while . We… we don’t want to die!”

Qin Feng immediately refused . “I don’t have that obligation . If you value your lives then you’ll pretend this never happened . ”

He grabbed Xue Yuan and Zhang Wen’s bodies and tossed them into the distance . There were still a few Pale Wolves that had not fled, and they saw food appear out of thin air, blood freshly flowing from their wounds . They exposed their fangs and rushed forward to tear into them .

Within a few minutes, the two bodies were eaten by the wolves and there was nothing left!

[1] This is roughly translated from a martial arts move called 铁板桥, which means ‘Iron Bridge’ as the user needs to stabilize himself before doing the move that involves straightening his back . Think that bullet time scene from the Matrix for a proper visual