Master of the End Times - Chapter 276

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Chapter 276: Bloodhunter

Chapter 276: Bloodhunter

It was said that whatever a person did no longer mattered after their passing, as such further harm should not be done to the body . Unexpectedly, Qin Feng decided to literally throw Xue Yuan and Zhang Wen’s bodies to the wolves . There was not even a body left to bury .

The onlookers were taken aback, fearing Qin Feng even more . They believed that he was not a good person either, maybe he was also a wanted criminal and what they saw was a villain dealing with another .

The two from the patrol team did not have anything else to say!

Qin Feng decided to ignore them . These people died in the hands of Xue Yuan before Qin Feng’s rebirth .

Now, he had changed their destiny . That was the greatest gift he could have given them so he did not think that he owed them anything . As for whether or not they would be implicated by the Xue family’s rage, he would think not . After all, he planned to provoke the Xue family into a greater rage!

After he threw away the corpses, he took the vehicle that helped the wounded back to Hanchuankou colony .

Among the wounded in the vehicle was the F-tier ancient warrior who got his hand dissolved into a bloody sludge, he did not dare say anything .

When he arrived at Hanchuankou, Qin Feng searched for the bounty hunter’s hall with his communicator and got off the vehicle when he was nearby .

Those within the hall watched him vigilantly as he entered, to them he had a strange figure .

“Sir, how may we help you?” The staff member at the counter asked .

“Submitting a wanted person . ”

Qin Feng threw Zhang Wen’s head onto the counter .

The person did not ask many questions and immediately scanned the head for information before being taken aback by surprise .

Zhang Wen! Such a person was killed?

The death did not mean anything, although it was surprising enough . Just like the uproar that Qin Feng caused when he turned in She-Wolf .

As for Zhang Wen’s origin, that had caused a few headaches! This was one of the Xue family’s people!

Before you hit the dog you need to know who their master was first! There were consequences to these actions!

The staff member swallowed hard .

“Hurry up . I want the money!” Qin Feng urged in a horse voice .

“Yes, yes Sir . Please provide your communication number and bounty hunter status!”

Qin Feng provided his number, but his identity was blank and he had not registered .

“Sir, would you like to register as a hunter in our bounty hunter network? Please enter your hunter name and strength and we will automatically create a file for you!”

Qin Feng said in his baritone, “Call me Bloodhunter!”

Bloodhunter, someone who hunts down those from the Xue family!*

That kind of name was way too specific!

The staff member did not dare make any comments and the direct application was approved . At the same time, Zhang Wen’s 300 million bounty was directly transferred to Qin Feng’s new communication number .

On the Bounty Hunter Network, Zhang Wen’s number was now marked as ‘complete’ and the person who completed this was naturally Qin Feng’s new name, ‘Bloodhunter’ .

Not only that, the network could be used to communicate with other bounty hunters and powerful hunters could accept assigned tasks so long as they could accept the price and provide accurate information .

That was why the network’s site had an interactive platform that allowed it to broadcast news .

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Qin Feng immediately uploaded a picture of Zhang Wen’s head and sent out a small paragraph of text .

“Zhang Wen? How so?!”

He smiled coldly under his mask and left the bounty hunter hall . He then went to the largest car exhibition in Hanchuankou and happily looked at the displays .


Meanwhile, on the west side of Niumeng City, among the rolling hills, laid an elegant looking village .

Those that did not know the truth would have thought it was paradise . It was actually the Xue family’s home base .

It had an out-of-time quality to it, as if it had captured the essence of the world thousands of years ago and preserved it there . With blue bricks and black tiles, all the houses were built close to the ground with jade carvings laid upon them as beautiful decorations .

While the exterior’s aesthetic was antique, the interior was very luxurious and there were electronic products left and right .

Around this time, everyone in the Xue household’s communicators flashed blood-red as a beeping sound was heard .

Their faces fell when they looked at their communicators .

“The son of the seventh generation, Xue Yuan, has been slain!”

“Attendant, Zhang Wen, has been slain!”

Everyone was shocked by the news . This message was naturally based on the pulse of Xue Yuan’s hand that wore the communicator . If the communicator was lost or damaged, it would be impossible to send this message .

This would have only been sent if he really did lose his life .

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Xue Yuan’s father was the first one to go mad .

“How is this possible? Xiao Yuan was only gone for two days, how could he have died? This must be a malfunction! And Zhang Wen, where is he? Piece of trash!”

Xue Linhan roared .

The Xue family was an ancient martial arts family, and perhaps it could be considered to be in its late degenerate stage as it could no longer live in seclusion .

But they were definitely part of the top ones among the Four Cities of the North Sea . The families in Chengyang might seem very bullish or overbearing, but when compared to the Xue family they might as well be on their knees!

The old patriarch of the Xue family was still on his retreat and was a C-tier ancient warrior . Now, the acting patriarch was a D-tier ancient warrior and one of the Xue family’s elders . The other elders were also D-tier as well, having exactly seven of them .

Seven D-tiers, there were not that many in the Three Cities along the Sun and this was just a small family, which showed how powerful the family was!

Of course, Xue Linhan was not an elder and was of the sixth generation . He was still strong but the family’s resources were inclined toward the younger generation and a person’s aptitude was limited . Once you have reached middle age, it was harder to go forward .

Especially for ancient warriors!

Some people would never touch the edge of D-tier for an entire lifetime .

Xue Linhan was at E8-tier, and it would take him about five to six years before he could reach D-tier! However, what made him proud was his genius son .

Someone with natural talent, and would soon surpass him . Who could have known that a trip to the Battlegod Tomb, along with a bodyguard no less, would have ended up in such a tragedy?

“Thirteenth Elder, please don’t get angry!”

A servant looked at Xue Linhan’s fit of anger and was worried that the man would get so enraged that he would just go insane . How would Xue Linhan have listened to something like that?

“My son is gone . My son is gone, and you want me to not get angry? Leave!” Xue Linhan proceeded to backhand the servant across the cheek .

The force of an E-tier ancient warrior cracking a blow was enough to make the servant’s neck make a crunching sound as it broke, sending the body tumbling into the wall . Nobody was sure if the person died on impact or before .

“Aaaah!” Xue Linhan flipped his table soon after .

The other servants were scared for their lives and could only try to avoid their master’s immediate rampage . They were also terrified that Xue Linhan would kill everyone .

One brave soul peeped out from behind a fallen bookcase and meekly said, “Milord, now the most important thing is to find the murderer and avenge Young Master’s death!”

After hearing these words, Xue Linhan finally regained his senses .

He quickly clicked on a video on his communicator . It was a feed from Xue Yuan’s communicator and it naturally showed him the last thing his son saw before he was fatally wounded .

Qin Feng was standing directly opposite Xue Yuan, it revealed that Xue Yuan was injured as the hand that wore the communicator was grabbing Qin Feng’s wrist .

Qin Feng’s body could be clearly seen from the video . It was just a black cloak, a standard combat uniform and a pale mask . Even the parts where the eyes were had special lenses where the eyes could not be seen!

This kind of enemy left no clues!

*Translator’s Note: The translation of ‘Bloodhunter’ (猎血者) sticks the Chinese word for ‘blood’ between the Chinese words for ‘Hunter’ . Xuehunter just doesn’t sound as cool .

Also, some life advice . Don’t tell someone who’s angry to calm down, that doesn’t work .