Master of the End Times - Chapter 281

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:45 AM

Chapter 281: Total Wipeout

Chapter 281: Total Wipeout

Dantian has always been the most protected spot for an ancient warrior . It would rarely be left exposed in a battle between two aptitude users .

That was why Qin Feng usually could not apply Asteroid Assimilation at the beginning of a battle .

However, as the fight drags on, there would be more openings and the supremacy of Asteroid Assimilation would be in full display in late-stage .

Xue Yuheng risked exposing his weakness in hopes of giving Qin Feng a heavy blow to turn the fight around .

Qin Feng grasped the opportunity and launched his attack as well . Though he would also sustain full damage that way, Qin Feng knew well that he was not going to be the one most wounded .

The pulling force of Asteroid Assimilation rapidly sucked out Xue Yuheng’s internal force from his dantian .

The internal force of a D-tier aptitude user was in liquid form . The fluidic internal power immediately transformed into a gas-form cloud after being absorbed by Qin Feng .

Another layer of energy cloud was quickly added into Qin Feng’s dantian .

The second and third layers soon followed .

After the fourth layer was shaped, Xue Yuheng began to jerk violently and his skin texture aged rapidly .

The four layers of internal energy fluid remaining in his dantian had been absorbed clean by Qin Feng .

He stared at Qin Feng horrifyingly . His meridian had gone haywire and blood was continuously spilling out from his mouth . Xue Yuheng tried to free himself but to no avail as he was captured firmly by the assimilation force .

Within a minute, Xue Yuheng’s life force had been completely sucked out from his body . There was no vigor left in his eyes as his frail body shrunk like a withered plant .

Qin Feng retracted his hand as he could no longer sense any internal force left in the victim’s body . He turned his palm into a fist and landed a heavy punch right on Xue Yuheng’s chest .


The sound of bones shattering was promptly heard . Xue Yuheng’s muscles were all wasted and his skeleton was the only thing supporting him now . The merciless punch easily smashed the bare bones into pieces .

Xue Yuheng was dead!

Those who were watching the battle from about a hundred meters away were round-eyed with terror .

Qin Feng did not stop at one life and turned toward the rest .

The deacon from Xue family, who had lost any will to fight, climbed into his luxurious hover car when he saw that Qin Feng had his gaze switched to them . His two legs were dangling outside of the car as he tried strenuously to reach the driver seat .

Qin Feng clenched one of his feet and dragged him out from the vehicle .

“Argh! Don’t kill me! Spare my life!”

So what if he was an E-tier aptitude user . Everyone was equally terrified in the face of death .

Asteroid Assimilation .

Qin Feng pushed his hand onto his victim’s abdomen and absorbed his internal force .

The deacon’s energy was nothing like Xue Yuheng’s . He only had one layer of loosely-formed sea of clouds, thus Qin Feng’s internal force did not strengthen by much after absorbing his .

The poor soul stopped moving after a while . He had suffered serious internal damage before and was using his remaining internal force to prolong his waning life . Now that he had lost the protection from his internal force, death was inevitable .

Qin Feng’s eyes glowed with malice after he had killed two persons in quick succession . He continued to pace toward the remaining members of the Xue family .

Fear had completely taken over them . They fell back subconsciously as Qin Feng approached them .

They were terrified!


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“I don’t want to die here!”

“Quick! Run for your life!”

They followed their elders here to flaunt their family’s superiority . Now, they were fleeing with tails between their legs . What an irony!

But they could not care less about their pride now . All they wanted was to stay alive .

The one that fled the quickest was not the youngsters but Xue Linhan .

“Where are you running off to?”

Qin Feng directed his internal force into his legs and immediately blew the tar roads apart .

He sprang forward quickly . “Die!”

Qin Feng put down five targets in one fell swoop using only his internal force .

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Their bodies were instantly mashed by Qin Feng’s powerful punches . To Qin Feng, these F and G-tier ancient warriors from the Xue family were nothing more than fleas . Nonetheless, Qin Feng did not plan to let anyone of them escape from his grasp .

He exterminated most of them in less than three assaults .

Xue Linhan was the only one still moving now .

However, he too was heavily injured with one of his arms cut off by Qin Feng earlier . He did not manage to run far .

Qin Feng caught up to him quickly .

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Asteroid Assimilation . Pulling force!

Xue Linhan felt a large whirlpool approaching him fast from behind . The powerful suction greatly diminished his speed .


His shriek was unable to deter Qin Feng .

Qin Feng promptly clenched Xue Linhan’s neck .


Xue Linhan’s neck was twisted at an inconceivable angle following the crisp popping sound .


Qin Feng triggered Asteroid Assimilation and emptied Xue Linhan’s internal force . He let his body go after that and beheaded him with a dagger . This head was worth a fortune if handed to the bounty hunter network .

Qin Feng began to sweep the battlefield afterward . The members from the Xue family had brought along a lot of spatial equipment with them, not to mention the possessions of the three top dogs, especially Xue Yuheng .

As a D-tier aptitude user, his wealth was comparable to that of a city mayor’s . The materials, potions, and power credits in his spatial equipment were worth close to ten billion . The amount of money in Xue Yuheng’s account was probably even greater .

Regrettably, Xue Yuheng had retired for a long time . He had not been wanted for ten years and the bounty on his head had long expired .

Anyhow, Qin Feng was content with the loot found on Xue Yuheng .

‘I didn’t think that my disguise would earn me ten billion this easily . ’ Qin Feng grinned .

“Stop being so carefree . You are bleeding!” Bai Li jumped down from the hover car quickly . She then climbed up to Qin Feng’s shoulder and licked his wound .

Qin Feng stroked Bai Li gently but accidentally tainted her shiny fur with blood . Bai Li rolled her eyes at him .

“My bad . Let’s head to Niumeng now so that you can have a shower there,” Qin Feng took out his Silver Bolt as he spoke and the hover car sped off instantly .

Half an hour after Qin Feng disappeared from the battlefield, a fleet of cars arrived . They were the ones that dared not move close earlier on .

Soon, they had their eyes on the tragic scene—the devastated highway, multiple rolled over cars, and a pile of human corpses . They gasped in horror .

“Let’s get the hell out of here . I am not going through here even if the detour is three times the distance!”

They wanted no part of such a disastrous battle . Leaving their trails here might drag them into unthinkable problems .

Even though the communicators on the dead bodies and the deserted hover car were extremely valuable, they did not have enough courage to pillage the warzone .

At the same time, the communicators began to ring non-stop in the Xue family’s base .

The deacon was dead!

The Fifth Elder, Xue Yuheng, was dead .

The deacon was dead!

The Seventh…

The Seventh…


The sixth-generation descendant, Xue Linhan, was dead .

Tragic news kept arriving through the communicators .

Those who departed to hunt down Bloodhunter had been completely wiped out .