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Master of the End Times - Chapter 284

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:40 AM

Chapter 284: Ambush

Chapter 284: Ambush

Qin Feng did not hide indoors the next day .

He went out as usual because it was the opening of the Battlegod Tomb .

Qin Feng was not going to miss such an important date, though he knew the short trip there would not be a peaceful one . Qin Feng would show no mercy to anyone who dares to block his path and did not mind killing dozens of assassins as warm-up .

After having breakfast, Qin Feng descended to the lobby with Xiao Bai in his arms . They were ready to check out of the hotel .

A person walked toward him as soon as he exited the lift .

The man wore a tailor-made battle suit . A sigil displaying E5 was hanging handsomely on his chest .

He was obviously not an assassin judging by his upright posture .

His battle suit clearly indicated that he was a uniformed personnel . Qin Feng immediately recognized the uniform as the one worn by the patrol unit of Niumeng City .

“Nice to meet you, Bloodhunter . ” The man offered a handshake and introduced himself . “My name is Liu Lei, the commander of the Niumeng patrol troop’s fifth battalion . ”

Qin Feng raised his eyebrow .

“My purpose here today is to escort you out and ensure your safety . As you might have heard, the Xue family has put a price on your head last night . A lot of killers have infiltrated the city since then . For your safety and the city’s security, please forgive us for the inconvenience caused . ”

Qin Feng glared at him and said, “Since you have asked for my forgiveness, I suppose you understand how inappropriate your request is . ”

Liu Lei dared not offend Qin Feng . This was a man who could even defeat a D-tier ancient warrior .

A lot of people were busy guessing Bloodhunter’s true identity now . But no matter what, he was definitely out of Liu Lei’s league .

“Mr . Bloodhunter, I know this would restrict your personal freedom but we are doing it to protect you!”

“Do I look like I need your protection?” Qin Feng snorted .

Liu Lei expected the response and answered hurriedly, “At least we can stop people from harassing you . Please be cooperative with us until you leave Niumeng city . ”

Qin Feng fetched his Silver Bolt with a gesture and said, “I don’t need your protection . I am leaving Niumeng now . ”

Liu Lei was surprised that Qin Feng had chosen to leave so soon . Regardless, it was the best-case scenario for them that Qin Feng would willingly bring his trouble out of Niumeng City .

“Please allow us to send you off . ”

“Whatever . ” Qin Feng started his car and drove out of the hotel . More than ten patrol cars convoyed around his Silver Bolt to keep Qin Feng “safe” .

Those who watched in silence were irked by what they saw .

“What’s going on? Why is the patrol troop escorting him?”

“What is Liu Lei plotting? Is he here to interfere?”

“Ask for intel, quick . ”

These assassins had their eyes and ears everywhere . It was no surprise that one or two of their informants were among the forty personnels escorting Qin Feng .

They soon learned that Qin Feng was exiting the city and Liu Lei was just seeing him off .

“Let’s do this outside of Niumeng . ”

“What a daring guy . I would not have opted to leave town at such a timing . ”

“Hmph, what an arrogant piece of sh*t . I am going to claim the reward this time . ”

The assassins moved out as quickly as they could after confirming Qin Feng’s intentions .

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They could plan an ambush ahead since Qin Feng was moving relatively slow on wheels at the moment .

Qin Feng could not care less . He would not back down from anyone trying to take his life . It was their choice to become his enemies, not his . Hence, he would not go easy on them .

The convoy cruised steadily out of Niumeng City . The car in the front flashed a double signal and stopped at the side .

Liu Lei alighted and walked toward Qin Feng .

“Mr . Qin, we will part ways here . ”

Qin Feng scoffed and did not even bother to roll down the window . He changed his car into hover mode and drove off at full speed .

“Sigh . ” Liu Lei realized they were at fault this time . But the higher ups from Niumeng were left with no choice since Bloodhunter had aggravated none other than a renowned ancient warrior family .

Qin Feng’s car quickly went out of sight and out of the protection of Niumeng City .

His Silver Bolt had traveled a considerable distance after five minutes . It was indeed a speedy hovercraft .

Suddenly, Qin Feng realized that he was being targeted by two conscious energies .

Pew! Pew!

Two yellowish missiles were chasing after the craft .

“Hmph!” Qin Feng sneered and stored the Silver Bolt back into his spatial equipment . He then stood imposingly in the middle of the highway .

The two missiles were incoming fast .

Of course, Qin Feng would not risk exposing himself by reflecting the missiles using his conscious energy .

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The reflexes and defensive prowess of an ancient warrior were more than enough for him to deal with the two missiles . Qin Feng expanded his internal force to form a protective field that covered his entire body .

This was a defensive skill usually mastered only by D-tier aptitude users . Qin Feng could execute it easily owing to his enormous internal strength .

Not only that but Qin Feng dexterously dodged the missiles the moment they almost hit him . The assaulters did not have enough time to change the course of the missiles as Qin Feng was too fast .

Boom! Boom!

The two missiles hit the ground .

The explosions splashed the rocks and sand off the road, which hit Qin Feng’s internal force shield . The shield was slightly rippled but its energy was hardly exhausted . The attack did not even smudge Qin Feng’s suit .

“Stop making fun of yourself using such a laughable trick . ” Qin Feng infused his tone with internal force and delivered his mockery far and wide .

That failed to draw out the ambushers .

They were still observing closely while contemplating their next step . Everyone wanted to be the third dog* .

Qin Feng, on the other hand, would not wait passively and charged right at them .

It was just like having a stroll in the park for him but his pace was rather fast .

The ambushers panicked when they saw Qin Feng making the first move .

Apparently, they did not expect the missiles to do Qin Feng any harm . It was simply to stop Qin Feng from getting away with his hovercraft .

That had been achieved but it seemed that they had little idea on what to do next . A dogfight was imminent .

Finally, the first person got sick of hiding and stepped out . Many would soon follow . To be honest, it was not difficult to guess their thoughts .

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If those who came out first were to successfully assassinate Qin Feng and run away with his body, then those who emerge later would have gained nothing .

They must get a piece of Qin Feng no matter what . The allure of the three billion reward was hard to resist .

That was almost the worth of an E-tier beast king like Drakocrocs . Its skin could be used to forge many equipment and wear .

In other words, three billion was equivalent to a full set of king-tier items .

Nonetheless, not everyone could earn money as easily and as fast as Qin Feng . On average, an E-tier aptitude user could only pocket one hundred to two hundred million each time they carried out a deadly mission .

Hence, to them, Qin Feng was no longer a person but a walking bag of gold .



“Everyone, attack!”

These people came out from their hiding and jumped at Qin Feng .

Qin Feng smirked .

‘Can’t wait for your turn to die, eh?’

There was a total of thirty of them .

Qin Feng showed no fear despite being heavily outnumbered .

*Translator’s note: The third dog reference originated from the phrase “While two dogs fight for a bone, a third runs away with it” .