Master of the End Times - Chapter 287

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Chapter 287: The Xue Family Gives Chase

Chapter 287: The Xue Family Gives Chase

“Beast King!!!” Zhao Yingyi was shocked when he saw Bai Li but it was immediately followed by a glint in his eyes . “A contract beast? You’re a really lucky kid, having a beast king as a contract beast, but do you really think you can beat me like that?”

Zhao Yingyi was very confident . After all he was wearing the inner armor of a D-tier beast king, Qin Feng and Bai Li’s attacks would have no effect on him .

“Well, I don’t have time to dilly-dally . Those Xue family dinosaurs are still waiting to reap the benefits, I’m afraid they’ll catch up soon!”

Qin Feng was quiet for a while, then he said, “Then I won’t waste time with you, after all I’m not sure about dealing with a bunch of D-tiers!”

Zhao Yingyi sneered, “You sound like you’re pretty sure of yourself right now!”

Who was Zhao Yingyi? He had been called a prodigy at a young age and had a valiant kind of strength . All the ultra beasts he had fought before were D-tier, and he had killed countless D-tier aptitude users, even when he was E8 to E9 tier he hunted and fought D-tier gunners .

That was why he felt that Qin Feng’s battle record was not all that special . Maybe he was just a little bit stronger in the beginning, but Zhao Yingyi felt that this kind of person should be put down before they become too big of an issue .

Besides, he got bored and decided to come over . The moment he saw something exciting he just had to be involved!

By now the two daggers in Qin Feng’s hands had disappeared, obviously he had stored them back into his spatial rune equipment .

Then, another blade appeared in his hand . It had a long and wide blade that looked respectably heavy .

It seemed to be filled with power, but the most important thing was that the blade did not give off the special light that man-made equipment had . Its tier was unknown .

Uncertainty blossomed in Zhao Yingyi’s subconscious mind . ‘Could it be? A God Weapon?’

When the Earth was invaded by the rifts, many long lost legends finally received their answers and there were items that could be used by humans with properties that could never be produced by humanity .

They called them God Weapons .

If that were true then he would have to be extra careful .

“Let’s see if you really have real skills!”

Zhao Yingyi pulled out a metal staff, a D-tier weapon that shone with silver light .

This Zhao Yingyi had terrifying strength and a profound background . Qin Feng fearlessly charged toward him .

“Blazing Sky!” Once a move had been made, it had to be a sure-kill move .

“Thousand Dervish Smite!”

Zhao Yingyi also pulled out tricks of his own .

With large amounts of internal force flowing through their weapons, there was a resounding bang from the collision .

They were already in the middle of a mountain, such a loud noise would have caused a lingering echo .

Xue Yukui and the rest who had been looking for clues immediately turned toward that direction .

Meanwhile, the battle between Qin Feng and Zhao Yingyi became more and more intense .

For a moment, his consciousness tugged at him . He felt that his expanded consciousness had picked up the presence of multiple D-tier aptitude users .

That must be the Xue family’s people .

This must be resolved quickly!

With a flick of his wrist, he collided with Zhao Yingyi’s weapon and sent him three meters back .

Zhao Yingyi became more and more apprehensive the longer he fought, he had not expected Qin Feng to be so strong . The more he had this feeling the more he wanted to kill his opponent .

When Qin Feng retreated, Zhao Yingyi immediately gave chase .

In response, Qin Feng suddenly mobilized his consciousness .

“Magma Burst!”


A scorching wave of heat rose from the ground and instantly enveloped Zhao Yingyi .

Zhao Yingyi left himself open and cried out in surprise, “Huh?!”

Quickly expelling internal force, he took a step and bounded away from the column of magma that erupted out from the ground below him . When he moved, a pitch black crack with silver light at its rim appeared at the area where he was dodging toward . He was not sure what that was but it definitely was not good news so he decided to avoid it .

He might have avoided the first but a crack appeared behind him . Not only that, but in the blink of an eye the cracks began to spread, surrounding him from all sides .


Pfft pfft pfft!

Zhao Yingyi’s arms and thighs were suddenly slashed by the cracks .

Bai Li unleashed her power!

Qin Feng naturally was not going to stop .

“Dark Shroud!”

A shroud that was pitch-black suddenly covered Zhao Yingyi!

“What the hell?” Zhao Yingyi lost his own rhythm but his powerful internal force rushed out and knocked aside the space runes, instantly healing his small cuts .

This was why D-tiers participated in the front line . They could even seal rifts with energy transformed by their internal force .

The spatial ability was not invincible!

However, this kind of ability was not something that could be so easily shrugged away . Countering it took a lot of internal force and the gain was not worth the loss . Qin Feng would not give up this opportunity .

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“Dark Ray!”

A beam of darkness slammed into Zhao Yingyi’s body, causing him to suddenly feel very weak, and his strength had been greatly reduced .

At this time, he realized what he had encountered!

“Fire ability and dark ability!”

These were definitely abilities!

Just what was Bloodhunter? An ability user and an ancient warrior?

Zhao Yingyi did not have too much time to think because Qin Feng had already gone in for an attack .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng absorbed a large amount of Zhao Yingyi’s internal force .

“Get off me!” With a swing of his staff, he managed to pull himself away from Qin Feng’s absorption .

Strength indeed .

All of a sudden, Bai Li appeared once again .

Zhao Yingyi’s internal force had already swept away the Dark Shroud, then he saw Bai Li .

“Look at me!” Bai Li’s eyes emitted a piercingly bright silver light, momentarily dazzling Zhao Yingyi .

He was an ancient warrior but he did not have the consciousness to match the strength of a king-class spatial ability user .

Bai Li added, “Stop moving!”

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Zhao Yingyi’s body suddenly seized up and Qin Feng brought his blade toward his neck .

After struggling for a while, Zhao Yingyi managed to stagger backward .

But it was too late .

Qin Feng’s saber had already cut into his neck, slashing out a chunk of it .

“Hurk…huh…” For whatever Zhao Yingyi wanted to say, he had no energy to continue .

Qin Feng approached him, knowing that his opponent had not died yet . Before the internal force in his dantian dissipates, he quickly struck his opponent’s dantian with his palm .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

His internal force surged . Qin Feng’s dantian’s internal force felt like it was about to explode!

After one day of battling, combined with Zhao Yingyi being a D4-tier ancient warrior, it resulted in the internal strength in his dantian reaching the limit of ninety nine layers .

He did not dare absorb it all and loosened his grip .

Three D-tier aptitude users were about a few hundred meters away from him, fast approaching on his left!

Qin Feng flicked his hand, melting Zhao Yingyi’s body in hellfire after he had taken away the D-tier inner armor and other useful equipment . After picking up the silver light equipment, he kicked at the ashes to scatter them

“Darkness . Fire . Return!”

All the runes were absorbed back into Qin Feng . If it were not for special equipment, it would have been impossible to detect fluctuations of power here .

The only sign would be the ground that the magma pillars had suddenly erupted from earlier having turned into volcanic ash from the eruption .