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Master of the End Times - Chapter 288

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:32 AM

Chapter 288: Entering the Battlegod Tomb

Chapter 288: Entering the Battlegod Tomb

These clues could not be left behind, or else they could expose Qin Feng’s identity and Fengli colony would be met with catastrophe!

“Xiao Bai! Quickly get rid of the dirt over here!”

Bai Li willed her power to create a massive ditch in the ground . Qin Feng followed up by hopping in and unleashing a few blows with his fists to further destroy the ditch .

The enemy was already looming in the woods nearby!

Qin Feng pumped internal force into his legs and frantically dashed forward .

“The fiend went that way!” Having perceived Qin Feng’s movements, the three figures quickly gave chase .

It was the Xue family’s Xue Yukui, along with the Third Elder and Sixth Elder . The three were extremely fast .

Qin Feng was not slow either . At this time, the internal force within his dantian was in turmoil, as if it was about to explode at any moment, the speed he put out was even more terrifying .

He stepped over twenty meters in a single bound, moving up to one hundred meters in the blink of an eye .

The three elders of the Xue family were hot on his tail and the distance between them was beginning to shrink .

After five minutes of this wild chase, the distance between them was only fifty meters apart!

Qin Feng consciousness quickly picked up the presence of a group of people . Out of all of them, the weakest was E-tier and the strongest was D-tier, there were up to five of them .

He soon picked up his pace, increasing his speed again .


Bai Li appeared in Qin Feng’s arms . She had been at the sidelines, planning to unleash a killer move should Qin Feng’s pursuers catch up to him .

There was no need for that now .

As they continued to run, a large mountain began to loom into view .

It was surrounded by mist, giving the mountain an otherworldly and timeless feel . At the foot of the mountain was a stone tablet that was carved with three traditional Chinese characters .

It was the Battlegod Tomb!

On the stone tablet, there were countless smaller characters detailing the requirements needed to enter the tomb, and next to the tomb was a flight of stone stairs emerging from an open gate that resembled that of the main gate of a monastery, the only place that was not shrouded by fog .

Moreover, the gate was glowing with a silver light, which meant that it was obviously a spatial rift .

Such a scene stunned the Xue family .

For they recognized all the people that were standing in front of the Battlegod Tomb . People from the Four Cities’ Yang family, Tieh* family and Hou family were all present here .

They were all D-tier aptitude users, sat cross-legged as they absorbed the otherworldly energy that lingered here to speed up their training and cultivation .

Xue Yukui suddenly thought of something and his expression darkened .

Xue Yuan was originally going to come here to participate in the Battlegod Tomb and was killed by Bloodhunter before he got here . He did not expect the killer to actually arrive here at this very place .

“B*stard, you think they can protect you? I’m gonna kill you today!”

The four of them, three chasing after one, soon arrived at the base of the Battlegod Tomb’s mountain .

The D-tier and E-tier aptitude users all opened their eyes and looked to where the commotion was coming from, toward Qin Feng . His consciousness swept across the crowd and detected someone familiar .

It just so happened to be Chu Yingshan who had told Qin Feng to come here to seek for opportunities .

Although Chu Yingshan could not enter the Battlegod Tomb, when it was opened up, the spirit mountain would also open up . This resulted in the heaven and earth spirit aura of the area to be five to six times richer, making it suitable for cultivation .

The Battlegod Tomb had not been opened for a very long time, cultivating here for a month and at most half a year sounded like a good idea .

Now was not the time to reminisce, Qin Feng could not even say hello to the man .

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He was rushing forward in a mad sprint, not even slowing down as a jade token appeared in his hand .

It was a Battlegod Token!

He directly crashed into the mountain gate next to the Battlegod Tomb’s stone tablet . The space rune on the gate rippled, and then Qin Feng disappeared into it .

Xue Yukui, who was still giving chase, did not stop . After seeing that Qin Feng had gone in, he thought that they would be able to enter too and charged toward the monastery gate .

Suddenly, the gate flashed with silver light, and when Xue Yukui opened his eyes again he realized that he had reappeared twenty meters away from the gate .

A spatial ray had shifted him .

Swish swish!

Two more beams of light appeared, they were Third Elder and Sixth Elder .

On the gate, words written in characters from the ancient times appeared . For the ancient warrior families, it was not too hard to decipher what the words meant .

[No Battlegod Token!]

[No Ages Beyond Twenty!]

[No Entry!]

“How’s that possible? How did Bloodhunter manage to get in?” Xue Yukui was about to go ballistic .

The monastery gate naturally had no way of responding to that question .

The people on the sidelines, upon seeing this farce, could not help but speak up .

One man that was sitting cross-legged, who had a Qiang*, a spear with a red horse-tail-like tassel lashed where the shaft and blade met, grinned as he rejoiced in the misfortune he was witnessing .

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“Isn’t it obvious? The person had a Battlegod Token and wasn’t over twenty years old, that’s why he could go in!”

“You piece…” Xue Yukui was about to start swearing, but after seeing the person who spoke he swallowed the rest of the sentence .

It was Yang Mao, the Yang family’s Second Elder .

He was an ancient warrior of D5-tier strength .

On the other side, a short middle-aged man who was sitting cross-legged, with an épée resting against his shoulder also added in on the mockery, “So that was the infamous Bloodhunter I’ve been hearing about . I’ve also heard that they killed Xue Yuheng, who would have thought that one of Xue family’s elders would lose to some beardless child! What an embarrassment!”

Xue Yukui’s face flushed red .

“Tieh Lei, does this mean you want to duel?” The Xue family’s Third Elder bellowed .

“Sure! My arms are itching!”

The atmosphere between the two people was suddenly filled with domineering arrogance .

“Xue family, don’t forget whose territory this is . You’re challenging three families, are you sure this is a fight you want to engage in? Don’t stain the ground with your blood, there’d be no body or bones left to bury . ” A woman in her thirties with a whip wrapped around her waist said sharply .

Hou family’s Hou Yangjiao .

Not only that, there were two other D-tiers, and among them were the co-owners of two cities out of the Four Cities of the North Sea .

These people naturally did things their own way, but they were entirely different when compared to the Xue family .

They were part of the Human Alliance .

The Xue family was part of the Dark Coalition .

They would naturally be in opposition, but nobody wanted to go to war . That would bring no benefits .

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The three people from the Xue family had pale faces and could only swallow hard and speak no more .

In their hearts, they were wondering, why would these people be here?

In fact, the Battlegod Tomb did not give them much benefit, but Xue Yuan had been murdered three days ago and that had put everyone on high alert .

Xue Yuan was the Xue family’s current prodigy, their family treasure, who ended up having the misfortune of getting killed off . The Xue family was also a group of cruel individuals, what if they suspected that it was the other family’s fault and killed off the other family’s disciples?

Needless to say, Xue Linhan had really thought about it .

As a result, the three families sent their D-tier elites over but did not expect this series of events to occur afterward . The Xue family did not come to kill their disciples but they did not dare return and had been quietly keeping tabs on their surroundings .

Who would have thought that this would be the final result .

“This Bloodhunter’s not even twenty years old!”

“There’s no one who’s under twenty years old in the Battlegod Tomb right now . Doesn’t it feel like we’re just accompanying our kids to the study hall?”

“There would surely be fierce competition in the Battlegod Tomb . I hope that this Bloodhunter doesn’t kill innocent people, at least he went after people from the Xue family and has the status of a bounty hunter . He should not be someone from the Dark Coalition!”

Everyone had different thoughts, but they were all thinking about Qin Feng .

Meanwhile, the moment Qin Feng stepped through the gate, his sight shifted .

*Translator’s Note 1: ‘Tieh’ is directly pronounced from the Chinese word ‘铁’, meaning ‘steel’ or ‘metal’ . Tieh Lei could be read as ‘Honest/Sincere Steel’ in English .

*Translator’s Note 2: While the original version for this would be directly translated to ‘Red-Tassel Spear'(红缨枪), the direct word for this weapon would simply be ‘Qiang'(枪) as it means ‘Spear’ in Chinese .

Also, an épée is a weapon used in fencing . A kind of heavy rapier with a sharp pointed end