Master of the End Times - Chapter 290

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Chapter 290: The Battlegod Tomb’s First Level

Chapter 290: The Battlegod Tomb’s First Level

When Qin Feng saw that Zhou Hao returned to his meditation, he didn’t call out to him either .

There was currently no danger within the Battlegod Tomb and he took advantage of this moment to activate Asteroid Assimilation . The move began to absorb spirit aura around him, and the surrounding blood mist rushed towards him .

Qin Feng’s body became covered in that blood mist and it was absorbed by his skin in the blink of an eye . His absorption ability was also working, but people wouldn’t have known that, otherwise he wouldn’t be absorbing so quickly .

He had suffered a lot of injuries along the way, this time under the large quantities of energy provided by the Dragon Blood he repaired them one after the other, allowing his body to recover to its strongest state .

“Ability, Absorb!”

Qin Feng’s ability began to frantically and greedily consume the surrounding Dragon Blood . This resulted in a whirlpool appearing around him which reached out to suck away mist that was further away .

The ability continued to strengthen his body and soon the thick fog was swept away .

He furrowed his brow and opened his eyes .

It wasn’t just him, everyone else that had been meditating also began to open their eyes and scanned their surroundings . Some of them noticed that there was something different about Qin Feng .

They were stunned for a moment before that turned into an alertness and hostility towards him .

They came here for challenges .

Of course they would naturally go for someone who had been performing outstandingly .

Qin Feng didn’t have time to deal with them .

He got up from the ground and started to walk forward . This place could no longer satisfy him!

Originally, this would have been the limit for many top prodigies but for Qin Feng this was far from enough .

As he continued to move, the Absorption ability continued to absorb the blood mist as if he had been turned into a figure made out of the substance . His body was being constantly strengthened, becoming even more perfect .

His insane behavior directly caused the concentration of the blood mist to decrease to a point where it could no longer satisfy other people’s cultivation .

“Follow him!”

“What happened?”

“Someone ungodly came over? Just who is this guy?”

The style of Qin Feng’s mask made many feel that their questions had been answered but they were too afraid to confirm it .

After all, this was too much of a coincidence .

How could Blooduhunter, who killed Xue Yuan three days ago and provoked the Xue Family, be here? Wasn’t the guy supposed to be E-tier or something?

It didn’t matter what they thought in their hearts, they didn’t stop their feet and walked after Qin Feng .

He quickly arrived about 50 meters away from the stone dragon . The massive dragon head was spewing blood that rained down like a waterfall . When blood hit the ground it rolled into the strange grooves carved into the floor and slipped back into the pool below .

The droplets were of a different consistency compared to the Dragon Blood that he obtained from the Drakocrocs, he also discovered that this Dragon Blood was only E-tier . It could be absorbed by F-tiers and quickly improve physical fitness .

Its was impossible for it to be F-tier as there were no Draconic Ultra Beasts and if it was D-tier, then all of these youths would have exploded and died .

The Battlegod’s Tomb was a place where the Battlegod selected successors, not a death trap set by a malign devil .

He quickly walked to the edge of the pool and noticed a white jade staircase . As he stepped even closer he noticed that there was writing on the edge of the pool .

“Ten unshaking breaths in Dragon Blood and you may enter!

Qin Feng’s consciousness spread out and through the bloody waterfall he found that behind the stone head was a huge body that had a cave in its center!

“This must be the Battlegod Tomb’s first trial!”

The Battlegod’s Tomb took in many disciples, all hoping to bear its mantle . Qin Feng knew that after the tomb’s door had opened, it would still open again the next year for people to try again at passing this trial . Still, those stumped by the first trial would still go home with massive reward .

Dragon Blood was extremely previous .

Not to mention the Battlegod Token’s price could be raised to incredulous levels .

Qin Feng braved the cascade of blood and stepped onto the white jade stairs .

Once the stairs reached the edge, it continued to go downwards and then a few stones appeared on the surface of the pool that could be used as stepping stones but at this time, under the barrage of blood and how slick the ground was it was near impossible for anyone to stand in it .

Obviously without saying, this didn’t include Qin Feng .

Dragon Blood strengthened his physical form and he had the physical strenght of an E-tier King level ultra beast . This kind of barrage didn’t give him the pain like he was about to explode .

“Come on, bring it on!”

Qin Feng began to wildly unleash his absorption ability .

The blood washed over his body and continuously strengthened it . His physical strenght was increasing bit by bit .

Originally, after killing so many ancient warriors along the way, the physical body had gained some enhancements but that was obviously not enough . This Dragon Blood felt just right .

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He devoured it like a madman .

The other prodigies could only stop behind him, temporarily losing sight of him .

Many people were starting to get anxious .

“If he can pass then why can’t I?”

“Lets go!”

“How could he hoard the Dragon Blood all for himself?”

With this in mind, they began to rush forward as well .

That was when the pain hit and it didn’t seem to stop . Although the Dragon Blood could enhance the self, the pain was unbearable and it hit at its strongest .

This resulted in them being afraid of their bodies exploding .

Before this, everyone had to make progress systematically, a gradual process that had not been broken before .

Who would have thought that Qin Feng’s arrival would shatter equilibrium and cause people to rush things!

“Fine, I’ll go too!”

Zhou Hao also began to move forward .

The Dragon Blood crashed down onto his body and there was a sudden pain .

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The skin and muscles felt like they’ve experienced countless workout routines, resulting in severe pain and soreness . Something that was difficult to experience after awakening!

“Aaaah!!!” Zhou Hao roared


As if sensing Zhou Hao’s pain, the Golden Ant Queen immediately climbed down from his shoulder and instantly enlarged her body . She stood over Zhou Hao, blocking the incoming rush of blood and allowed Zhou Hao to breathe .

“No, Xiao Huang, get out of the way!”

Zhou Hao’s body twitched involuntarily but he sat cross-legged and continued to focus on his internal force .

Xiao Huang moved away, at the same time greedily consuming the Dragon Blood . The endurance of Ultra Beasts was far greater than that of humans!

The others weren’t so lucky to have a contract beast to escort them and even fainted because of the pain . Without internal strenght, the power of the Dragon Blood had nowhere to go and thus muddled up the meridians .

There wasn’t a fortunate event where when one faints they would still gain strenght without experiencing pain .

“Reversal Mend!” Zhou Hao felt the internal force inside Xiao Huang’s body and used Reversal Mend to speed up the circulation of his own internal power, quickly absorbing the Dragon Blood .

Person and beast worked together, naturally their progress was much faster than everyone else’s and were able to absorb more than everyone else .

Gradually, the pain began to numb until it was but a tingle .

Unknowingly, his strenght had increased to F6 tier .

In one day, Zhou Hao had climbed up two tiers, such a feat really was enviable .

“Lets go!” Zhou Hao continued to walk forward, not realizing that the surrounding waterfall seemed to have gotten smaller .