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Master of the End Times - Chapter 295

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:20 AM

Chapter 295: Secret Art of the Overcast Dragon

Chapter 295: Secret Art of the Overcast Dragon

“What does it say? Why does it look so complicated?” Zhou Hao could identify one or two lines of the words, but there were too many characters that made him dizzy . He had trouble identifying the words, but he knew that Qin Feng was fluent with ancient Wuhan characters, so it was simply easier to just ask him!

“Not only does the dragon blood strengthen the body, at the same time, it tests the talent and strength of the youngsters who come to claim their inheritance!”

Qin Feng also placed his finger on the stone slab . “The previous garden was planted with greed flowers, so one would require the pristine lotus to pass . This is a test for the state of mind!”

“You can only enter once you’ve passed both levels!” Qin Feng concluded .

“So, is this considered a pass? They might as well just hand out the goods!” Zhou Hao was surprised . Dragon blood and pristine lotus were considered treasures!

“What may be strong to us, may be nothing to the Battlegods!”

“Got it!” Zhou Hao nodded .

“We’re going in! Then, we’ll be able to learn some new martial arts skills!” Qin Feng said .

Zhou Hao’s eyes immediately flickered with curiosity . “What martial arts skill?”

Qin Feng smiled slightly . “A-tier martial arts skill, Secret Art of the Overcast Dragon!”

“What?” Zhou Hao’s eyes were instantly lit up .

An A-tier martial arts skill was simply something that ancient warriors could only dream of .

Overcast Dragon was one of the most famous parallel techniques, and was created in the Battlegod Tomb .

It was a secret art that was quite popular in the end times and was very widely spread .

However, by the year of Qin Feng’s death, the parallel technique had not yet been completely displayed as no one had met the requirements .

If the A-tier martial arts skill were cultivated to perfection, it could be used to fight against A-tier enemies .

For example, Qin Feng had given Zhou Hao an internal technique that could be cultivated up to B-tier .

The fact that the Asteroid Assimilation skill could reach S-tier was just a speculation . After all, Liu Meng, who possessed the Asteroid Assimilation skill in the first place was pushing himself forward and was even about to advance to the S-tier!

“Come on, let’s go and take a look!” Zhou Hao could not wait any longer .

Qin Feng nodded and followed Zhou Hao as they walked around the wall and reached its back .

The place was a huge stone chamber .

In front of the stone chamber, there were six doors . On the first door to the left, there were engraved patterns, which were obviously martial arts diagrams .

The stances on the patterns as well as the flow direction of the internal force were very odd .

“This requires us to form our internal force into a mist ball, we can practice this . It seems like we have to pass a test on the second stage!” Zhou Hao said .

“Yeah, it looks like we’ll learn the parallel technique once we push open the second door . Which of course requires strength!”

Zhou Hao could not wait to practice .

Qin Feng also followed the practice . In fact, he had come across the Secret Art of the Overcast Dragon in his previous life .

However, it was only available as F, E, and D-tier secret art . The B-tier was a rare market piece, not to mention A-tier, which was out of the question .

Later on, there were even people who invested on the young talents to come to the Battlegod Tomb to seize the book containing the Secret Art of the Overcast Dragon .

At this time, having been reborn, Qin Feng had prior knowledge and was able to quickly learn the technique .

In just ten minutes, Qin Feng had practiced the parallel technique in one go . Since his system was strong, he could still learn F-tier secret arts in just minutes .

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“This stance is so odd, and the way the meridians flow in my body is as painful as the time my body was reinforced by the dragon blood . This parallel training is not good!” Zhou Hao grimaced, but after he took another break, he began practicing again .

In just a short while, someone else had appeared in the secret chamber .

Surprisingly, it was Hou Fang!

As the third person to reach the pristine lotus altar, he had gotten five lotus seeds . He fell into a deeper hallucination than Zhou Hao did, but after consuming the seeds he quickly sobered up and arrived here after a short walk .

He was also excited when he laid eyes on the Secret Art of the Overcast Dragon .

After all, this was an art that could make him an A-tier ancient warrior .

Qin Feng used his internal energy to transmit his message to Zhou Hao, “You train here, I’ll try the second level!”

Zhou Hao nodded at Qin Feng, only then did Qin Feng get up and rush toward the second door .

Without needing to use any strength, Qin Feng pushed open the door with one hand .

Hou Fang, who had just arrived, had his jaw dropped as he watched Qin Feng leave .

“He… he has finished practicing?” Hou Fang asked Zhou Hao .

Since they had gone through two hurdles together, and Zhou Hao and Qin Feng were good friends, they were proud of each other . “Of course!” Zhou Hao replied proudly .

“He… What kind of demon is he?” Hou Fang could not help himself from saying those words .

“I’m not sure either!” Zhou Hao replied . He was clear about what Qin Feng was, but that was something he could not tell Hou Fang .

“Some people are just gifted by the gods, and they aren’t comparable with ordinary people . ”

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Hou Fang was left speechless .

Hou Fang had been praised as a talented genius since he was a child . He had reached F4-tier at the age of nineteen, just like the hunk of Chengbei High School, Gao Linghan, who was also highly regarded .

And now, an overpowered demon came out of nowhere and knocked him off his feet in almost every way . He felt like a frog under the well .

“Forget about it, carry on with your practice!”

Hou Fang also sat down and practiced on the first stone slab .

Twenty minutes later, two more people appeared in the chamber . Qin Feng came out of the second door and walked towards the third stone door . He also pushed it open easily with just one hand!

Astonishment filled the eyes of the four people that were still sitting .

Qin Feng disappeared behind the third door .

‘I’ve almost finished the practice for the first level of the Overcast Dragon, maybe I can try the second level now . Then, I might be the first to get my hands on the secret art book!’ Thought one of the teenage ancient warriors that came later . He stood up and walked toward the second door . He placed both of his hands on the door and gave it a mighty push .

The stone door did not budge at all!


No matter how much strength he exerted on the door, he was still unable to move the door .

Not only that, the stone door began to flash with silver light, and the teenager reappeared ten meters away from the stone door . Since he was still in a pushing motion, he fell forward face-down .

The entire scene was hilarious to say the least . Zhou Hao and the other person could not help but laugh .

This time, only Hou Fang did not laugh . He could not force himself to laugh at all because he had just seen Qin Feng pushing the door open with just one hand .

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“I’ll do it!”

Another teenager stood up and ran toward the door . He used his entire strength to push the door, but his face changed once his hands touched the door . He stopped laughing .

Instead of proceeding, he backed away!

“Hou? Why don’t you try?” The guy asked Hou Fang .

Hou Fang did not dare to try!

“Forget it, I’d better practice instead!”

Another half an hour passed and more people filled up the chamber . There were now ten people inside!


Qin Feng walked out of the third stone door . Despite the fact that he looked incredibly beaten, he still calmly walked to the fourth door and pushed it open with both hands .


The stone door opened again!


Three hours later, Qin Feng walked out and pushed open the fifth door .

Inside the stone chamber, more than twenty people had their eyes fixed on him .


Five hours later, the number of people inside the stone chamber had reached over thirty . Some of these people were the ones who came up later from the Dragon Head Falls . Now that over twenty hours had passed since the opening of the Battlegod Tomb, everyone was starting to get drowsy!

The fifth stone door opened up . Qin Feng walked out of it and toward the sixth door .