Master of the End Times - Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: The Ruling Stone of Secret Territory

Chapter 296: The Ruling Stone of Secret Territory

Qin Feng was surprised and he opened his eyes wide .

“Overcast Dragon, explode!”

Qin Feng immediately activated the hidden skill, and the energy within his body spiked once again .


A loud explosion echoed within the stone chamber and awakened everyone who was about to fall asleep .

Then, everyone witnessed Qin Feng’s shadow that had disappeared from the sixth stone entrance .

Everyone was shocked as they stared at the enclosed stone entrance!

“I wonder how powerful the sixth level would be, however, it feels as if something is missing!” Qin Feng wondered out loud .

Although the completion of practicing Overcast Dragon could result in the capabilities to go against an A-tier ultra beast, the entry requirement to begin on the practice was rather low .

The first level only had an F-tier requirement to begin practising .

The second layer required one’s physical capabilities to be one of an F3-tier beast soldier, and the third layer required that of an F6-tier beast general . Zhou Hao could instantly begin his attempt, and it was the greatest reward for a top tier genius to be within the Battlegod Tomb!

The requirement paralleled the levels and increased gradually, with the level requirements being at E5-tier beast soldier, E8-tier beast general, and the sixth layer which was D5-tier beast general!

However, Qin Feng felt that something seemed off, if these were the only requirements, the Overcast Dragon would appear to be a little bit too weak .

Qin Feng continued to move forward and went through a passage that stretched for about ten meters, he was instantly surprised by the scene ahead .

It was no longer the stone chamber that was dimly lit earlier .

This stone chamber was much bigger!

It was surrounded by night glowing pearls that lit up the chamber with their glow .

A rectangular offering table was placed before Qin Feng while a jade sculpture stood behind the table, and it was vividly depicting a middle-aged man that stood upright and tall .


Instantly, voices accompanied with internal strength were heard around the area .

“Three bows to honor me as the master, and to take up my mantle! Receive every knowledge that I have gathered during my entire lifetime, and raise my name, or follow your own wish and seek for freedom, there is no insistence…”

Voices from the Battlegod were constantly heard, while Qin Feng fixed his gaze onto the stone container that was offered on the table .

The container would most probably contain the spatial rune equipment of the Battlegod!

“The hidden skill on the stone container will be released with a single touch!” Suddenly, Bai Li warned .

Qin Feng raised his eyebrow .

“The second half of the hidden skill is on the cushion, if the first contact is on the cushion, then, taking the container will not activate the spatial rune, if you prefer, I can wipe away the runes that are on the container for you!” Bai Li suggested .

“It is alright, it will not be too much of a hassle to honor the elder with bows, after all, the reward is given by the elder!”

Qin Feng did not mind paying his respects to the deceased in order to obtain reward from the Battlegod .

He immediately kneeled down and paid his respects, only then, he reached out to the stone container that contained a necklace within .

A pale grey stone with the size of a quail egg was connected to the necklace, and it was emitting a radiant glow .

“Ruling Stone of Secret Territory!”

Qin Feng was extremely shocked .

The item would allow him to control the entire Secret Territory of the Battlegod!

Qin Feng grabbed onto the stone, and it was as if he was instantly being enhanced with God’s view that could observe everything within the entire space .

There were more than four thousand people that were practising at the Dragon Head Waterfall, while there only about five hundred people that had entered into the Pristine Lotus Alter and lost their way within the garden .

Surprisingly, there were more than forty people that had entered the hidden chamber that was filled with carvings of the Overcast Dragon .

Furthermore, Zhou Hao had managed to open the stone entrance of the second level and entered into the chamber!


Qin Feng activated his conscious energy and disappeared from his spot along with Zhou Hao who was at the second level of the stone chamber .

Zhou Hao was unaware of what was happening, he struggled to focus on his vision and the next moment, when he opened his eyes, he was already standing before a majestic hall that was labelled with gigantic words .

Battlegod Shrine .

Zhou Hao was at a loss for words, and he was aroused with extreme excitement .

“No way, is this true? Would it be my outstanding talent that had caught the interest of the Battlegod, am I going to be the one to inherit the exceptional skills?”

Qin Feng was left speechless as he stood behind, taking in all that Zhou Hao had uttered .

“Stop dreaming, you wish!”

Zhou Hao immediately turned around and saw Qin Feng .

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“Ah? Why are you here, has the Battlegod chosen you too?”

Qin Feng was left in between laughter and tears . “What are you talking about, it was me who brought you here!”

Qin Feng showed the Ruling Stone of Secret Territory that was on his hand and explained the use of it .

“Wouldn’t that make you the disciple of the Battlegod? Does this secret territory belong to you from now on?” Zhou Hao was extremely surprised .

“That’s right! I can cultivate pristine lotuses that could bring in a massive amount of income, and there are still other items left within the Battlegod Shrine!”

There were also the Battle Skills Chamber, Practicing Room, and Secret Treasure Vault, and others that were within the Battlegod Shrine .

The Secret Treasure Vault did not have much left, and there were only E-tier items that were unusable by Qin Feng, while higher tier items had been sold by the Battlegod to build up the Secret Territory!

After all, the Secret Territory was made from extremely expensive spatial materials .

However, the Battle Skills Chamber and the Practicing Room were still a complete whole .

“Hmm, hurry up, there are still others within the Battlegod Secret Territory, there might be some that are still fighting for dragon blood at the first stage, same goes to those that are still at the second stage fighting for the pristine lotuses, send them out first, and all of these precious rewards will be yours!” Zhou Hao was elated .

However, Qin Feng remained calm and replied, “We will come back after a few hours, as it would be too obvious to send everyone all at once, and we will continue at six in the morning to give them the impression that the Battlegod Tomb is only opened for a day, it would be less suspicious!”

“Right, it would be a better way to remain unnoticed while we take up all of the rewards . Also, we would be leaving at six, and nobody would know that you already have the Spatial Ruling Stone of the Battlegod Tomb!”

Qin Feng let out a sneer as he had the same thought as well .

It would be pitiful for those who had come to participate in the inheritance of the Battlegod . After all, they practised for an entire month in their past life, only to find themselves being forcefully repelled by the spatial rune!

Qin Feng had now obtained it so easily!

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Of course, Zhou Hao was also one who had benefited .

Both of them walked toward the Battlegod Shrine and continued toward the Battle Skills Chamber, certainly, Qin Feng would also want to find out how the sixth scroll of the Overcast Dragon looked like .

There was an unobstructed spot within the Scrolls Chamber that had three books placed on it .

Overcast Dragon, Overcast Dragon Kill, and Dragon Steps .

They were parallel training fundamentals, battle skill kills, and qing gong respectively .

It was a complete set of core books .

Qin Feng no longer had to worry about the availability of battle skills to train trusted aides and spread his influence!

Despite being interested in two of the other books, Qin Feng chose to pick up the Overcast Dragon, surprisingly, the first chapter was totally different from the one that he had seen earlier .

“The Battlegod was indeed a wily old fox, the Overcast Dragon is supposed to be practised by submerging in the dragon blood bath, or else, the outcome would be ineffective !” Zhou Hao said .

“Hmm, it makes sense, most of those who have practiced Overcast Dragon were only intermediate disciples that had managed to only scratch the surface, only core disciples would be able to learn the complete set of the knowledge!”

“Well, can I consider myself as a core disciple now? Since you were the first, does it mean that you are my elder now?” Zhou Hao laughed .

Qin Feng smiled, “That’s not a bad idea, I was originally planning to address you as my elder brother since you were born one month before me, and now, it feels good to become an elder of yours . ”

Zhou Hao immediately regretted his suggestion . “I take it back!”