Master of the End Times - Chapter 297

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Chapter 297: Internal Strength Liquid

Chapter 297: Internal Strength Liquid

Both of them were equally amazed as they browsed through the remaining two books, Overcast Dragon Kill was a claw skill that did not suit Qin Feng . However, the Dragon Steps that was a qing gong was something that Qin Feng was looking for .

The Dragon Steps was an A-tier battle skill that required high physical capabilities which would allow high speed movements .

Without any doubt, it was the skill that Qin Feng needed most .

There were still various battle skills available in the Battle Skills Chamber but ancient warriors would usually hold back from being too greedy and focus only on the best option, since three of the best were already there, the other options would definitely be set aside .

The remaining ones could be used to cultivate the others at Fengli colony .

Qin Feng and Zhou Hao recorded three of the books and left the original copies in the Battle Skills Chamber .

Then, they went toward the Practicing Room .

It was a small room filled with countless amounts of natural energy stones, the entire room was filled with all sorts of energy .

The amount of energy intensified the deeper they ventured into the room, and it was a suitable practicing spot for those who were at a higher tier .

It seemed that the largest Practicing Room was exclusively used by the Battlegod . Surprisingly, there was a gigantic energy stone bed that stretched to about two meters in length .

The heaven and earth energy released from the stone bed had formed into a sea of clouds that was almost visible to the naked eye, the effect of an E-tier ancient warrior practising on it would be exponential .

“I’ll take this one then, it is suitable for those whose internal strength is seas of clouds, and it would be extremely quick to advance to the next level!”

“Alright, I will come back for you, do not push yourself too hard!”

“No problem!”

Zhou Hao began his practice, although it might be better to have a higher tier Practicing Room, excessive energy that was unabsorbed would bring an adverse effect that might cause tension and discomfort . Therefore, a slight increase in amount would be a better choice .

Qin Feng instantly picked the Practicing Room that was exclusively used by the Battlegod .

As soon as Qin Feng entered it, a sea of clouds of internal strength began to rush into his body .

“Great, with such a treasure, it would only require the blink of an eye to advance to D-tier!”

Qin Feng sat down with his legs crossed and began his absorption .

The overwhelming amount of seas of clouds of energy was being absorbed to the centre between his eyebrows, it then flowed and nourished every vein within his body before it submerged into his dantian .

Soon, the seas of clouds within his dantian spiked .

There was no explosive pain that followed, and every accumulated layer of sea of clouds was from Qin Feng’s practice .

With the massive amount of absorption, the seas of clouds of energy available in the room were disappearing at a visible speed .

Any A-tier ancient warrior would require months to complete the practice on the energy stone bed .

However, Qin Feng planned to absorb everything all at once!

The seas of clouds were constantly increasing in his dantian .

Seventy layers!

Eighty layers!

Ninety layers!

His dantian was filled with internal strength .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng instantly triggered his Asteroid Assimilation to advance further .

Others might fail the advancement as they were unable to maintain the coagulation of the compressed water to a solidified state with their ten layer seas of clouds of internal strength .

There was definitely a world of difference between a D-tier and an E-tier!

Extremely high risk was involved .

It was common for ancient warriors to fail at this stage .

It was also safe to say that there would only be one out of a hundred E-tier aptitude users who would be able to advance to D-tier .

Now, Qin Feng was already halfway through!

Internal strength compression .


The ninety-ninth layer of the seas of clouds seemed to be gripped by a giant palm and squeezed inward .

In the next moment, a pool of water was formed at the centre of the seas of clouds .

The expansion of the water pool occurred almost instantly, and the pool of water submerged from the centre of the seas of clouds and arrived at the bottom of the dantian .

D-tier—internal strength in liquid state!

Change of properties began to take place in the internal strength, while the internal strength water was still coagulating, the ninety nine layers of the seas of clouds instantly converged into ten pools of water .

The ten pools of water did not merge together and remain separated at the bottom of the internal strength dantian .

If they were to merge together, Qin Feng would most probably achieve internal strength of a C-tier, by then, he would have gigantic pools of internal strength, making him even stronger!

However, Qin Feng certainly did not push himself too hard as he would require internal strength that was nine times higher than the others to practise his Asteroid Assimilation . If he were to truly push himself further, it would bring a reversed effect .

After all, he was not Liu Meng, he had the absorption ability which made it much easier for him to organize his internal strength . It would be unnecessary for him to force himself to advance which could result in an internal strength explosion .

“Phew!” Qin Feng opened his eyes and let out a satisfied smile .

At that moment, a cracking sound was heard from below Qin Feng, it was from the energy stone bed that was releasing the energy of heaven and earth .

Surprisingly, there was a crack that had formed into a gap right down the centre, and the energy stone had become bleak and dull!

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“Ah?” Qin Feng felt sorry for the cracked energy stone bed that had suffered his insane energy absorption .

“Seems like it will take some time for this to recover for the next use!” Qin Feng felt helpless and let out a sigh for the domineering effect of the absorption, it was lucky that he had stopped the practice after his internal strength had achieved D-tier, or else, the stone bed might follow the footsteps of the materials that were absorbed by him, turning it into ashes .

At that moment, it was almost dawn!

Bone cracking sounds were heard coming from his body as Qin Feng stretched his body .

Despite having D-tier internal strength, Qin Feng still had E9-tier physical capabilities, and with such an intentional concealment, his own capabilities would be well hidden .

“When I go out, the Xue family would most probably be in great shock!” A sudden urge to kill flashed past Qin Feng’s eyes .


At that moment, those who were guarding from the outside of the Battlegod Shrine were either seated with their legs crossed or resting in the tents .

When compared with ability users and gunners, ancient warriors had much stronger physical attributes and could easily survive without any proper shelter .

In addition, the source of energy from the outside of the Battlegod Shrine was extremely pure .

Soon, the ancient warriors frowned and opened their eyes .

They were able to witness the returning heaven and earth energy from the outside of the Battlegod Shrine, and they were able to catch a glimpse of the shrine before it disappeared in the skies .

Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Individual shadows appeared in the wilderness .

They were the youths that had entered into the Battlegod Shrine .

Everyone that had returned was filled with energy, it was as if all of them had been rewarded from their encounter .

“What happened? Why did I leave?”

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“Where is this place? Ah, my headache is killing me! Was that… an illusion?”

“Has it ended already? I have yet to attempt the second level of the Overcast Dragon!”

All of the youths were in shock .

There were more than fifty of them that had made it to the third chamber . They regretted not fully utilising the dragon blood to its fullest potential as they were unable to attain the required physical capabilities to open the second stone door .

From this one entrance to the Battlegod Secret Territory, they had only managed to obtain the learnings from one of the Overcast Dragon’s scrolls .

However, some had managed to figure it out, and there were some who were able to grasp the skill .


“Where is he, he is out too!”

“He has obtained the sixth scroll of the Overcast Dragon!”

Everyone had their eyes fixed on Qin Feng who was the centre of attraction .

At the end of January, the weather was still chilly, and he looked battered and exhausted with his topless body, worn out shorts, and no shoes on!

He raised a finger, and a cape appeared in his hand, he used it to cover his body .

Then, Qin Feng was about to leave!

Hou Fang, who stood amongst the crowd, shouted, “Third Uncle, Bloodhunter has about a thousand pristine lotus seeds with him!”

Of course, Hou Fang did not know the exact amount, therefore, he did not hesitate to exaggerate the amount .

As the pride of the talented genius had been destroyed, Hou Fang felt that the only way to improve was to overcome the giant hill that was Bloodhunter!

Bloodhunter had to fall!

Hou Fang let out a roar and instantly caught the attention of every D-tier ancient warrior .