Master of the End Times - Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: My Turn

Chapter 298: My Turn

A rough calculation had already enabled them to estimate the price of it all .

It might even be four to five times higher than Xue Yuheng’s net worth .

Elders from the Xue family instantly became envious .

“Bloodhunter, you shall die!”

Elder Liu from the Xue family could not resist the urge anymore and took the lead to rush toward Qin Feng, landing a palm on him .

“Blood Mist!”

Enraged internal strength combined with blood breath spread across to a radius of more than thirty meters .

Qin Feng raised his hand to block the attack .

“Overcast Dragon—Dragon Slam!”

Despite only having quickly glanced through the Overcast Dragon Kill, Qin Feng had already managed to master the Dragon Slam .

Although it might be an easy skill, when released with Qin Feng’s E9-tier beast king physical body and massive internal strength, the output from it was indeed overpowering!

Blood Mist was the first to land onto Qin Feng and also the area within his surroundings, every youth that stood around him let out their screams and turned into Blood Mist .

Hou Fang, who had drawn attention toward Qin Feng and exposed him, was also one of them!

It was fortunate that Qin Feng had chosen to eliminate suspicion of his connection with Zhou Hao by placing him far away by using the Ruling Stone of Secret Territory, or else, their connection might even be exposed!

Qin Feng did not have the intention to save the others!

Everyone was staring at Qin Feng with greed in their eyes and the intention to kill .

During the end times, only the powerful ones would thrive, and those who were able to adapt would survive, and only those who were able to survive until the end of the slaughter would become the most powerful ones!

There was no such thing as mercy!


The Dragon Slam withstood the attack from the bloody hand, a ray of golden light was released, instantly piercing through the bloody palm .

Then, accompanied by solidified internal strength, the palm went through the bloody hand and landed on the body of the elder from the Xue family .

The massive impact tossed the elder high up into the air .


A gush of blood splattered out, forming an arc across the sky .


The elder from the Xue family landed on the ground, it was instant death!

Qin Feng’s shadow flickered and he instantly stomped onto the body of the elder, he stared coldly at Xue Yukui and the Third Elder of the Xue family .

“Were you all enjoying hunting me down before this? Now, it is my turn!”

As Qin Feng was saying that, he was also quickly absorbing the internal strength of the Sixth Elder using Asteroid Assimilation . He swept his conscious energy across the body and took the silver accessory from the Sixth Elder’s waist .

It was at that moment, Xue Yukui and the Third Elder snapped back to their senses and finally figured out what had happened!

“Sixth Elder!”

“Sixth Brother!”

Both of them grieved with sorrow .

Although all of them were elders, they were from the same generation and were also brothers, they did not think that things would escalate so quickly, from the death of the Seventh Elder earlier, and now the Sixth Elder!

“Bloodhunter, you shall pay for this with your own blood!”

The Third Elder was enraged and exuded his D7-tier capabilities entirely .

It was obvious that he was a much stronger opponent .

It would have been impossible for Qin Feng to face the Third Elder before this .

However, Qin Feng’s capabilities had spiked from the inheritance of the Battlegod, his internal strength had achieved D-tier, and with the ten times enlargement of his dantian capacity from the Asteroid Assimilation, his internal strength water pool had accumulated to that of ten pools, and it was much more than the Third Elder’s .

With that, Qin Feng would never fear going against the elder with brutal force .


Domineering internal strength began to appear around Qin Feng, formed into a translucent and perfectly rounded protective barrier, as if he was being wrapped around by a layer of liquid .

Every D-tier ancient warrior who was witnessing the scene were all shocked .

“Internal strength in the liquid state!”

“He has advanced to D-tier!”

“How is that possible, he hasn’t even reached twenty years of age . ”

“Where did this devil’s spawn come from?”

Everyone was caught in a jaw-dropping surprise .

Tieh Lei, Hou Yangjiao, and Yang Mao held onto their urge to kill as they had witnessed the drastic changes that had taken place on the field, they were all hesitant to make their move .

As they were still hesitating, another round of change took place!

“Die!” Qin Feng took the opportunity and made his move, his hand was instantly covered with a golden light ray, and within the next moment, he had already pierced through the chest of the Third Elder with his palm .


The glaring golden light burst forth from his body and blood mist exploded from the back of the Third Elder .

The Third Elder of the Xue family had died!

With the advantage of close contact, Qin Feng was able to directly absorb all of his opponent’s internal strength .

In the next moment, he had already set his eyes on Xue Yukui .

Xue Yukui shivered, despite the raging anger that was within him, he could feel the risky situation that he was in .

Qin Feng had indeed become much stronger compared to the recordings that they had on him .

There must be some treasures that he had found from the Battlegod Tomb .

Regardless of what it was, Qin Feng was no longer an easy target anymore!

‘I have to run while it is still possible!’

Xue Yukui had the intention to escape in mind, yet his face was blood-red, he felt utterly humiliated .

Xue Yukui was no longer an ordinary elder from the Xue family, he was also the acting leader of the family .

He must be feeling greatly depressed, having to restrain the pride that he usually had and was being hunted down like a dog that had lost its owner!

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“Huh, do you think you can escape?”

Qin Feng did not have the intention to let his opponent sneak away .

Xue Yukui kept running forward while Qin Feng immediately began his pursuit from behind .

Initially, Xue Yukui was confident in escaping from Qin Feng’s pursuit as he had witnessed the qing gong skills that Qin Feng had showcased the day before .

However, Qin Feng’s speed had now spiked tremendously .

His qing gong was outstanding, it was as if a dragon was roaring .

Qin Feng was able to catch up with Xue Yukui in just a short while .


Qin Feng extended his hand and pierced through Xue Yukui’s internal strength .

Xue Yukui dodged sideways .


A palm slammed onto his shoulder as a ray of glaring silver light appeared .

The spatial rune equipment that Xue Yukui had was most probably beast king tier .

His internal strength was instantly reduced as Qin Feng’s palm landed on him .

Xue Yukui turned around and countered Qin Feng’s attack with both of his hands that were filled with internal strength .

“Take this!”

Xue Yukui made a malicious expression, it was as if he was expecting to take down Qin Feng when he was not surrounded by internal strength!


Both palms collided, however, a massive force was channelled into the Xue Yukui’s hands .

His hands were instantly mutilated into a bloody mess .

Qin Feng’s hands were also covered with fresh blood .

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However, they were only lightly wounded .

“Ah!!” Xue Yukui screeched in pain .

Both Xue Yukui’s arms exploded, it was as if they were being slammed by the palm of a beast king .

The insane amount of force had crippled both of his arms .

Qin Feng then took advantage of his momentary lapse due to the pain .

Qin Feng activated his internal strength again and instantly burst forth with a second attack which was aimed directly toward Xue Yukui’s skull .

Xue Yukui raised both of his hands, intending to withstand the attack from Qin Feng .

However, the effort was all in vain .


Both of his arms were shattered into pieces as Qin Feng slammed down his palm .

“Overcast Dragon, Dragon Slam!”

At that moment, Qin Feng was like a gigantic dragon that had extended its dragon claw from the skies, and the merciless attack had crushed onto Xue Yukui who was like a helpless ant .

Initially, they were still exchanging blows by travelling with their qing gong skills, and now, both of them had arrived on top of a small hill .

A vague gigantic golden dragon claw landed on top of the hill and struck Xue Yukui’s body .


The earth quaked and the mountains shook, and the ground on top of the hill began to crack open .

Xue Yukui penetrated into the ground after being hit by Qin Feng’s palm that was filled with internal strength .

Qin Feng stood within the giant pit formed by his own massive destructive attack and looked at Xue Yukui who was a bloody mess and barely breathing!

“We, the Xue family, would never… forgive you…” Xue Yukui could barely complete his last sentence .