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Chapter 3

Qin Feng pushed Zhou Hao aside and swung a fist at the razor-fanged infant .

 1He was much slower than the monster, yet as if by coincidence, when he threw the punch, the razor-fanged infant came towards its head first .


 It sounded like the squishing of a grand, big, juicy watermelon . Red and greyish brain matter splattered everywhere .

 1Qin Feng frowned at this—not because the scene was too gruesome but the flesh on his knuckles that had been ripped off by the force of that strike .

 Too weak! Qin Feng could not remember the last time he possessed such a frail and puny body .

 4But when he narrowed his eyes slightly, his tea-colored iris darkened as dark as night; an invisible strength came through the monster infant’s body into his .

 4The wound on his hand quickly turned into a scab . It shed off, completely healing itself as if he had never been injured in the first place .

 This was Qin Feng’s talent!


 2Qin Feng’s expression was a mixture of surprise and excitement!

 He recalled how in his past life, he thought that he was invincible as his abilities had been awakened . He had been so excited that he had announced it to the world . In the end, his talent had been robbed from him and was only left with the ability to absorb dead monsters’ self-strengthening abilities . That little bit of power had barely helped him to survive .

 7Right now, his talent was not destroyed . Did that mean that he was much stronger?

 Qin Feng could feel that after he absorbed the energy from the razor-fanged infant, his physical body had gotten a lot tougher . A total of ten razor-fanged infants could at least boost his physique to G2 tier .

 If that was the case, what was he waiting for then?

 2Qin Feng had not felt so excited in such a long time now!

 When they saw their kind getting killed, the razor-fanged infants charged angrily towards the attacker from afar .

 Two monsters flanked Qin Feng . One on the left and the other on the right .

 Qin Feng shuffled backward, evading the attempt to close in on him .

 He reached into his waist and pulled out a small dagger less than fifteen centimeters, and took a calculated slash at one of the razor-fanged infants .


 The monster’s throat was sliced open, and its tiny body dropped to the ground, its neck and head clinging to each other only by a layer of skin .

 2Fresh, warm blood spilled all over the ground .

 Qin Feng raised a leg and kicked the second razor-fanged baby, sending it sliding three meters backward .

 5So, as to not waste this opportunity, Qin Feng threw himself at the creature and swished the dagger downwards, plunging it into the razor-fanged infant’s chest, not stopping until he could he feel the blade hit the hard ground!

 3One of the razor-fanged infants let out a shrill cry that resembled a cat yowling . The noise, which also sounded a little bit like a baby crying, drew another group of infants toward Qin Feng .

 1The latter remained composed as he made some calculations on how to tackle the creatures sequentially .

 1His rich experience in battling was more than enough to help him combat these unsightly abominations of nature .

 The only thing was, his body could not catch up with his rhythm . All around him, the monsters were slowly closing on him, ready to tear him apart .

 Then, it pounced without warning!


 One of them sank their teeth into Qin Feng, sending a blinding shock in the thick soup of his brain .

 5Paralyzing pain in his punctured calf seared through the entire leg .

 But that was not the scariest part . At the same time, another one of the creatures jumped for his neck .

 Danger was approaching . No . Here it was!

 Qin Feng raised a hand in an attempt to shield his neck with his arm .

 The infant’s razor-sharp fangs dug into the flesh of Qin Feng’s arm . At least his neck was protected .

 “Die!” Qin Feng roared, slamming his arm onto the floor .

 The infant let out a piercing cry, as bones and asphalt came crashing together in unholy matrimony . The beast on Qin Feng’s arm was squashed .

 5Another one of the creatures saw the chance and leaped .

 Its attack was surgical—the position it had chosen perfect . Its mouth opened so wide as if about to swallow Qin Feng’s head whole .

 1Qin Feng’s pupils dilated .

 Just then, a snow-white baseball came to the rescue, knocking down that razor-fangs infant .

 1Zhou Hao appeared in front of Qin Feng . Although his body was shaking violently, he did not stop, swinging around and striking the monster latched on his friend’s calf .

 1“Let go, beast! Monster! Let go!”

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 6However, he controlled his exertion of force in fear of hurting Qin Feng .

 After a few violent thumps and only after the razor-fanged infant’s head was finally smashed in, did Qin Feng shake off the monster .

 The injuries were healing quickly, but, on the surface, Qin Feng was gravely injured .

 Zhou Hao trembled uncontrollably, bursting with adrenaline, face flushed, and gulping in large mouthfuls of fresh air .

 6Such intense, unstopping action was all too much to bear!

 2When he turned around to look at the wounds on Qin Feng’s body, what he saw left him in shock .

 “Qin Feng! Are you alright?”

 “No problem!” Qin Feng shook his head .

 The patrol team was finally here, dutifully dispersing the crowd and slowly retaking the entire street .

 “Should we leave?” Zhou Hao did not know what to do in a situation like this .

 “No need!” Qin Feng answered . “It’s just this one rift . Now that the patrol team is here, it should be a lot safer!”

 Indeed, it was just one rift . But in the previous life, Qin Feng had not been around . The razor-fanged infants had spread out all over the place like a plague and killed swathes of people, Zhou Hao included .

 Thank goodness, all of that was over!

 The flames on the space stabilizer had been extinguished . All up and running, a silver ray exploded from it .

 Then, before Qin Feng and Zhou Hao’s eyes, the rift began to grow smaller until it gradually disappeared .

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 This was the first time Zhou Hao had such a phenomenon, leaving his jaw hanging open in amazement .

 Beep! Beep!

 “Street number 12 is cleared . Head-count in progress!”

 “Thirteen deaths in total! Still counting causalities!”


 The patrol team passed them by, grimly confirming the death toll . Qin Feng calmly watched all of them, not making a single move .

 On the contrary, Zhou Hao’s initial excitement had disappeared, and his face had turned a ghostly white .

 And just like that, the flame of life had been extinguished . In such a brief period, thirteen people had lost their lives .

 If it had not been for Qin Feng, more people would have died .

 A man wearing the patrol team’s medal over his chest walked up to Qin Feng .

 The patrol team was the police in the colony . As humans were such destructive beings, whenever a fight broke out, it would, in all likeliness, lead to a one-sided slaughter where the strong killed the weak .

 3That was how the patrol team emerged, maintaining law and order to protect the very core of the colony’s safety .

 That being said, the colony was, at times, not a particularly safe place either .

 “Did you kill these two razor-fanged infants? Not bad, not bad at all! That’s sure looked promising, young man!” The man smiled . He was not very tall, about 1 . 7 meters and a little mellow . But Qin Feng would never look down on him!