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Master of the End Times - Chapter 300

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:13 AM

Chapter 300: Who Can Stop Me

Chapter 300: Who Can Stop Me

The two D-tier powerhouses flanked him, and not only that, other strong D-tier aptitude users also came along to join in!

In reality, they were hoping to see Qin Feng use his A-tier martial arts!

Several middle-aged men from the Li family approached with their heads held high, backed by D-tier ancient warriors who bore an imposing aura which moved in a momentum, causing people to get out of the way as if the Lord of Heaven himself had just arrived .

“Bloodhunter, you killed my family’s head . We demand you give us an explanation today!” The Li family member said angrily .

Qin Feng did not move and spoke in a hoarse voice, “Your family head? Who?”

When he spread out his aura, the Li family member could not even lift his head . It was only just an F7-tier ancient warrior, did he not want to live anymore?

Tieh Lei naturally could not let Qin Feng suppress the other as he quickly released his internal force to form a barrier around the Li family member .

“Bloodhunter, although you’re strong, you can’t just kill innocent people because of your personal enmity with the Xue family . You killed the head of the Li family of Niumeng City, he was a D-tier ancient warrior . Whether we’re speaking in the terms of Niumeng City, or in the terms of the front line, he was a very important person in both situations as a man who had multiple military exploits and had made great contributions to the Human Alliance . Don’t you think… that deserves some explanation?”

“So that was him!” Qin Feng recalled the old aptitude user he killed on the road .

“Bloodhunter, what else do you have to say? Plead guilty now!” Hou Yangjiao said coldly .

However, Hou Yangjiao knew that the affairs of her own family could not be brought up as the logic for that accusation was ill-founded .

On the other hand, it was alright to be making a fuss about the Li family’s matters .

After they had succeeded, they could count on the Li family to be the ones to divvy up the spoils of war .

Qin Feng did not know Hou Yangjiao’s plan, but he suspected that all of this was just a farce .

He merely chuckled coldly, “Everyone that I’ve killed before all wanted to kill me . Just because he is the Li family head I’m supposed to let him kill me? He aids the Xue family in their oppression, why isn’t anyone pointing fingers at the Li family? Having died in such a way, how dare you all come at me, waving that righteous flag of yours, looking for trouble? Do you think I’m an idiot?”

Qin Feng’s tone was firm and distinctly clear . The people around him had to admit that his words seemed to make some sense .

Hou Yangjiao’s face suddenly sank . She only thought that Qin Feng was strong, but being so young, in a situation where he should be overcome with weakness, he was able to speak so casually and calmly without crumbling under the anxiety . Who would have thought that Qin Feng’s words would put her ill intentions to waste?

Instead she reacted quickly and said, “Bloodhunter, whatever the case, a person’s death is a great deal . The Li family’s head is the family’s only pillar of support . Without him, the Li family would naturally fall apart . Since you killed someone, don’t be so stubborn and just apologize to the Li family and provide some compensation, then you’ll no longer be held accountable!”

“Compensation? What kind of compensation do you want?”

The Li family’s people’s expressions suddenly lifted . They originally came to demand for compensation .

The D-tier ancient warriors who came over were naturally there to assist in that matter as well .

An old man from the Li family shuffled out, he was the younger brother of the Li family’s head . He was over sixty years old but well-maintained, however after one day, he had begun to look a little haggard . Adding on how Qin Feng had scared him earlier, he was drenched in cold sweat and did not look very good .

The best description for his current appearance would be what Hou Yangjiao would describe as ‘pathetic’ .

“Bloodhunter, our patriarch’s spatial rune equipment is in your hands . Is it too much if we want it back?”

“Now that the head of the family is dead, no amount of money could be exchanged for the person! The head was strong and had a wide knowledge about ancient martial arts . Now that he’s dead, I’m afraid that knowledge is now lost . We won’t ask for much . The ancient martial arts that you’ve obtained in the Battlegod Tomb would be compensation for us!”

“If the head didn’t die, he could have lived for thirty more years! One year would be at least two billion, so that means that you owe us sixty billion . You should pay this in a lump sum, if you don’t then you must at least have some things worth as much! Don’t say you don’t! You’ve killed four elders of the Xue family, and you have obtained many things, letting go of some of them wouldn’t be too much to ask, would it?”

The old man finished saying all that in one breath and several others around him nodded .

Qin Feng’s smile faded, it was replaced with anger .

“In all my years, I’ve never seen someone like you . So shameless to be taking advantage of your seniority, such a self-righteous person!”

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Qin Feng was thoroughly irritated .

The Li family member was too scared to speak any more, but the other D-tier aptitude users would naturally come forward now .

Since these things were on the line, if they did not split the portions then this would have been a waste of time .

Profit guided their hearts .

They did not wish for Qin Feng to become too strong and wished to use these things to make themselves stronger .

In the days after the end times, resources were obtained through contention!

“Bloodhunter, the Li family is right! These requirements are reasonable, you should speak with respect!”

“Don’t forget you killed the Li family’s head . They can identify you as a criminal and set a bounty on you . When that happens, you’ll be expelled from the Human Alliance . I’m afraid you don’t want to see that happen!”

“Yeah! Agree already! You have enough!”

All these people were trying to coerce him .

He found that kind of funny . In the end times, the Human Alliance had naturally established laws and morals . Now, these people were obviously using morality to rob him!

What a pity, their wagging tongues could not move him at all .

In the end, the strong ones are king .

And the strong did not need to negotiate, because the strong would only negotiate or chit-chat when they are feeling compassionate . Trying to force something out of them only had one result .

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“Since the ancient times, murder is repaid with someone’s life, losses are repaid in debts!” He said in a resolute and decisive way . His aura began to oppress even further .

“Since I killed the Li family’s head, then you can try and kill me!”

Qin Feng was wearing a mask, but everyone could hear that he was mocking them with his tone with that low chilling chuckle .

He pointed at the Li family’s people . “I killed the Xue family’s people, so the Xue family tried to kill me . You lot try anything on me and I won’t hesitate to show no mercy!”

The Li family’s people all paled, there was no way that they could do anything to Qin Feng . He was on a completely different level!

“What’s this? Aren’t you gonna make a move? Then don’t waste my time!”

He turned and began to walk away .

“Halt!” Hou Yangjiao uttered angrily but Qin Feng did not even slow down .

A dark light flickered in Hou Yangjiao’s eyes, she had been waiting for this chance!

She activated her internal force and began to attack Qin Feng .

Not only that, the other D-tier ancient warriors looked at one another before surrounding Qin Feng in the blink of an eye .

The current D-tier ancient warriors present totaled up to eleven of them .

Qin Feng sneered . Behind him was an incoming palm!

“I’d like to see who can stop me!”

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He let out a roar before pushing his powerful body forward .

Hou Yangjiao, being the first person to rush over, was met with a slap to the face that knocked her out of the air and sent her crashing into the ground .


Qin Feng laughed contemptuously, internal force bursting into the air .

“Overcast Dragon, Tornado Cloud!”

His internal force surged, spiraling into the shape of a golden dragon! This giant dragon was similar in appearance to his fire dragon, but instead of being made out of flames it glowed brightly with raw internal force and exuded a powerful, dominating aura . The Li family that was watching could not hold their ground and were knocked down .

Pfft! Crack! Pfft! Pfft!

Organs were crushed, blood sailed through the air, and lives began to fade .

“Let’s go!”

The golden dragon moved in a circle, slamming into the D-tier ancient warriors around him with its body .

Qin Feng mobilized eight of his internal force’s water mass, like an ancient warrior in the D8-tier going at full force, crashing it into the ancient warriors that were surrounding him .

Boom boom boom boom boom!

The internal force aura violently exploded, sending those ancient warriors flying through the air like broken dolls

Qin Feng was the only person left standing in the middle of it all .

“Now…” He looked at his surroundings, coldly saying, “Who, can, stop, me?”