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Master of the End Times - Chapter 301

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:32:12 AM

Chapter 301: Bloodhunter Disappears

Chapter 301: Bloodhunter Disappears

Nobody could stop him!

Everyone had been knocked to the ground by Qin Feng, nobody was left standing . At this time, they were all wondering what they had done wrong!

They originally thought that they could just force Qin Feng to submit . Looking at this now, that thought seemed to be laughable .

By only using what he had learned from the third section of the Overcast Dragon technique he had already swept through all of his opponents!

He had learned this trick before, back before his rebirth . The movements of his internal force were something he was especially familiar with, allowing him to unleash it with a powerful display .

These people thought that Qin Feng had obtained the A-tier ancient martial arts technique and did not have the time to practice it, believing that his strength would not have improved by much . Now, they felt like they had made a huge mistake .

“Heh,” Qin Feng sneered contemptuously .

At this time, Hou Yangjiao, who had been thrown a distance away and not injured by the Tornado Cloud, picked herself up . Her face had begun to swell where Qin Feng had struck her .

There was a fierce hostility in her eyes . She had lived for forty plus years and had not been beaten like this for a very long time, now she was filled with grief and rage .

Qin Feng took a step forward, causing her to be surprised as she unwittingly took a step back . She then realized what she had just done and her face flushed even more .

Her aura was weak and she was afraid of Qin Feng .

Hou Yangjiao did not want to admit that .

He began to speak again . “Since you have time to stir up trouble here, why don’t you go back and practice harder . If I find out that you all are following me, then you better fear for your lives!”

Since they had already turned on him, Qin Feng did not plan to leave them even an ounce of dignity . What was more, the identity of Bloodhunter was created by him to hide his true identity . In the future, he would disappear from everyone’s sight, Qin Feng was not worried or afraid of offending anyone today .

Hou Yangjiao did not dare refute!

And so he swaggered away, with all of the D-tier aptitude users gazing at his disappearing figure .

“In the future, he’s going to become C-tier and the Xue family will die!” Tieh Lei muttered, unable to hold back the pain, blood welling up inside .


He began to puke blood .

Everyone that was hit suffered from some kind of internal damage .

As for that Li family member, he had already passed out on the ground . Nobody was even sure if he survived or not!


One day later, Qin Feng had already left from the direction of Niumeng City, driving like a bolt of silver lightning as he sped in the direction of Chengyang City .

He had intentionally left behind some traces, but nobody had gone after him . After all, who would want to chase after Bloodhunter without at least being C-tier?

Qin Feng drove toward Chengyang City not with the intention of revealing himself, but with the intention of hiding the spoils he had gotten from his continuous battles .

After all, these things had to be taken out and dealt with .

On the outside, he only needed to act as Bloodhunter who had fled from the Four Cities on the North Sea, and enter the Three Cities along the Sun to sell the items to the underground black market within Chengyang City! That would suffice!

He could wait half a month before selling the items, that would be reasonable .

However, he did not plan to spend around half a month on the road . He took advantage of the moonlight and, with Bai Li, completely disappeared from the Four Cities on the North Sea’s borders!

After that, the Bloodhunter’s trail would only become an urban legend in the future!


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In Fengli colony, on top of the mother mountain, within the most luxurious looking villa, a silver light suddenly flashed and formed into a spatial rift .

A figure in a black cloak strode out, followed by a three-tailed fox hopping out .

It was Qin Feng and Bai Li .

The swirling silver vortex began to close as Qin Feng tore off his mask and discarded his armor, revealing a sturdy figure .

Throughout these battles, his physical body had been strengthened again and purified by the pristine lotus seeds . His physical form might have concealed his full force, but it was still impressive and shocking to see with the naked eye . [1]

The aura that emanated from his body was like that of a wild beast’s .

“Whew, it suddenly feels so good to return home!”

After fighting for so many days, he felt very relaxed having returned to his home in Chengbei colony .

He climbed into the bath and went on to have a long relaxing soak after he had removed his trousers .

“Ah! It suddenly feels so good to be a human again . I couldn’t talk for days and I couldn’t wear any dresses!” Bai Li sighed with content . She could not use her communicator the past few days; after being infected with the explosion of human media, life without the Internet was extremely boring for her . [2]

Finally, that terrible experience was over!

Qin Feng picked up his communicator and called Zhou Hao’s number .

Zhou Hao was sitting in his hovercraft when he answered the call, he sighed when he saw Qin Feng’s background on the feed, “You’ve gone home already? You used a spatial waymark to return didn’t you? Dude, you’re way too extravagant, I swear . ”

That must be the only explanation for how Qin Feng got to the Fengli colony so quickly!

Zhou Hao would naturally not suspect that it was actually Bai Li’s spatial ability .

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“Yeah… What about you? Are you in any danger? If you can’t travel then you can take the spatial waymark back too!” Qin Feng stated .

“I’m fine . Nobody’s after me at the moment . I’m currently in the wilderness trying to see if I can break through into E-tier!”

Only by practicing in the wilderness could one quickly rise through the ranks!

Qin Feng nodded in approval .

“Oh yeah!”

On the other side of the communicator, Zhou Hao suddenly changed the topic . “There’re many people that contacted me, there’re some E-tiers too, and they said that they want to buy the second volume of the Overcast Dragon secret technique from me!”

The Overcast Dragon’s second volume was an E-tier parallel training secret technique, naturally many would want it .

“Nobody’s trying to threaten you right?” Qin Feng raised a brow .

“Pfft, naw . Xiao Huang’s still here and if there’s anyone who tries anything on me I’ll make sure they’ll never get back on the road!”

Beast king tier ultra beasts were something people were still afraid of!

“Hmm, then sell it off . Something that valuable is going to catch some unnecessary attention . It’d be best if you find multiple people and sell it off in one go . Once they’ve passed it around in the future it wouldn’t be as valuable . After all, in the end it’s just a bit of money, you can’t expect to sit on that forever . ”

“Yeah! I got it!” Zhou Hao grinned before laughing, “I feel like a rich man, I mean this E-tier ancient martial arts is worth 100 million!”

Selling it to seven or eight people would definitely turn in a profit .

For Zhou Hao, an F-tier ancient warrior, the speed in which he was making money was definitely something that was against the established order .

Chengyang colony’s Gao Linghan was also F-tier and made several million at a time, and he was incredibly proud of it .

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They were still far behind Qin Feng!

This time his profit had reached about hundreds of billions![3]

After catching up with Zhou Hao, Qin Feng excused himself and went on to contact Xue Xingfu .

Xue Xingfu was a little surprised when he got a call from Qin Feng .

“Mayor, didn’t you say you went on a retreat?”

“Yes,” Qin Feng nodded, then added, “I’m already D-tier!”

Xue Xingfu was so taken aback that his eyes might as well have turned into gongs . His voice was so loud that it might as well have split the sky, “YOU WHAT NOW?!”

He could not believe it!

How old was Qin Feng? Seventeen? Only seventeen?

He had actually reached D-tier?!

The mayors of Chengyang, Fu City and Sea City were probably only D-tier .

“M-mayor . Sir . You’re pulling my leg, aren’t you? Did you really reach D-tier? No, wait . No, you wait for me! I’m going to head over right now!”

Xue Xingfu told himself that he needed to verify this in person . This news was too much to take in . It really was shocking!

[1] I swear like, the man definitely has an eight-pack that is sturdier than metal by now .

[2] That’s a mood .

[3] This is the same man that spent six billion to buff his fox sidekick .