Master of the End Times - Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: Tangshan Ridge’s Old Beast King

Chapter 302: Tangshan Ridge’s Old Beast King

Within ten minutes, Xue Xingfu had already arrived at Qin Feng’s manor .

It was only after he had witnessed Qin Feng unleash his fluid-like internal force that he came to terms with this reality .

“However, my physical strength has only reached E9-tier and my consciousness is the same level as that . I need to continue practising!” Qin Feng said . Since he had the absorption ability, he had naturally set a very high standard for himself .

If someone else had wanted the body Qin Feng had, it would take a lot of hard work over a long period of time in order for it to be possible .

“Hey, Mayor? Can you please stop shocking me?” Xue Xingfu felt very ashamed when facing Qin Feng .

Qin Feng chuckled, changing the topic entirely as he said, “I called you just now because I plan to go back out there to practise and after that, I might head off to the frontline for three months . You best be mentally prepared!”

Xue Xingfu’s expression grew serious .

The frontline . That was where humanity truly battled the ultra beasts .

Since the rifts there could not be sealed off, it would spit out ultra beasts every day and they needed to be constantly killed in order to keep the rifts in check and protect the home country .

D-tier aptitude users would go to the frontline in order to gain merits, but of course this was dangerous . Reaching D tier did not mean that it was a good thing, there were many people that died in the frontline!

Assuming that Qin Feng were to accidentally die in the frontline, Fengli colony would collapse in the blink of an eye!

“I understand, which is why I need to improve myself at a faster rate!”

Fengli colony needed other people to support it .

“Which is why I’m going to give this to you!” Qin Feng took out a jade medal and handed it to Xue Xingfu who was a little surprised . “A Battlegod Token? I can’t use this thing and the Battlegod Tomb has already disappeared!”

Qin Feng smirked . “It’s disappeared, yes, but from now on it’ll appear near Fengli colony!”

That stunned Xue Xingfu once again!

“Mayor, don’t tell me you mean what I think you’re meaning?”

Qin Feng smiled and did not answer . However, at this time, there was no need for an answer!

Xue Xingfu had quickly caught on and figured it out .

Although the Battlegod Tomb had closed up after just one day, as Zhou Hao was a frontline officer and Qin Feng’s best friend, Xue Xingfu naturally kept tabs on the situation and knew about the major events that had occurred in the Four Cities of the North Sea .

These things, from his point of view, were distant . It was like watching superstars gossip before the end times . These were not worlds he lived in, but it still made people wonder .

What he did not expect was that these things would overlap with one another!

Xue Yuan killed, along with his attendant!

Someone named Bloodhunter!

The D-tier Seventh Elder of the Xue family died by his hands .

A kill order was issued to take down this masked devil, many E-tiers gave chase in order to kill this D-tier aptitude user .

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Entered the Battlegod Tomb, killed the Xue family’s acting patriarch and then single-handedly took down members from ancient warrior families before swaggering away .

That was just a myth!

Yet, that mythical person was sitting right in front of him .

Xue Xingfu did not know what to say!

“Mayor, then this Battlegod Token is for…?”

“You can train in it, the tomb . You can enter the martial arts pavilion at will and choose whatever suits you . The catch is that you can’t simply tell anyone about this, we’ll talk about it after you have reached E-tier!” Qin Feng said .

“Right, got it!” Xue Xingfu nodded .

Zhou Hao also had a Battlegod Token on hand .

Zhou Hao was the person that Qin Feng trusted the most .

Xue Xingfu was the person that Qin Feng relied on the most .

If the strength of his subordinates were to grow, Qin Feng hoped that it would be these two people, so at least there would not be any special alterations within the colony .

“Oh, Mayor . You said that you are going out to practise again, where…” Xue Xingfu had not received any special news .

“Yeah, I’m going to Tangshan Ridge!” Qin Feng said .

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Tangshan Ridge was south of Fu City, far away from Chengyang and Sea City . It was filled with so many ultra beasts and mutant plants that it was simply impossible for people to travel through .

If one were not D-tier then exploration was not possible .

Not only that, once a year there would be ultra beasts that come out of Tangshan Ridge to attack Fu City, but these monsters would not be as massive in quantity as the ones that attacked Sea City as there had been some special outposts designed to stop these attacks .

Still, something terrible existed deep within the bowels of Tangshan Ridge .

Xue Xingfu was dazed for a moment as realization dawned on him . When it came to business, he was naturally well-informed!

“Ah, Mayor, you want to get involved too? The beast king thing?”

“That’s right!”

“Got it!” Xue Xingfu replied as he recalled the latest news .

In the past few months, strange activity had been picked up from Tangshan Ridge . A few people had been sent to investigate and eventually found out the cause .

Tangshan Ridge was extremely big and in its center, a D-tier beast emperor came into existence .

Stronger than a beast king, only a D-tier and above ultra beast could have the chance of evolving into a beast emperor .

The beast emperor’s strength was immense, something that could cause a lot of chaos . But in Tangshan Ridge, there were other beast kings and they had their own territories, and now the beast emperor was dying!

It was getting too old!

The beast emperor came from a different plane and it was unknown how long it had lived but one could tell that it was ancient when they looked at it . Now, the other beast kings wanted to kill the old beast emperor and eat its energy crystal core and evolve into a beast emperor themselves .

Fu City immediately relayed this news with the fear that a new beast emperor would emerge . The old beast emperor was unwilling to move as it was too ancient, and this new beast emperor would be in its prime . If it had high intelligence, it could decide to move out of Tangshan Ridge and cause havoc in the human territory .

That was something that sounded unstoppable .

Of course, being third party neighbours who could not afford to lose the war, they went in to take advantage of the situation . After all, beast emperor materials were way too rare!

The new mayor of Sea City, Lei Chen also went there . Which was why he was not in Sea City .

As for the mayor of Chengyang City, Bai Tianyang, he was there too .

All the Three Cities along the Sun had dispatched their people, not to mention the Four Cities of the North Sea which have also stepped in . Due to resources, economics and geography, the Four Cities had stronger aptitude users, so there would probably be more people from the Four Cities there .

How could Qin Feng not participate at such a flourishing time .

Xue Xingfu did not anticipate this at all . It was because Qin Feng had just joined a bunch of teenagers in their contention inside the Battlegod Tomb and now he was going to be competing against a group of city mayors . The gap between these two events was way too much and he did not know how to react .

He ended up sighing . Qin Feng was getting way too strong way too fast!

“In that case, I won’t bother your rest any longer!” Xue Xingfu asked to retire for the day and Qin Feng allowed it .

After a few days of not having a good rest, Qin Feng lay on his soft and comfortable bed, and he fell asleep as he hugged Bai Li .

After a dreamless night, when Qin Feng was about to leave on the second day, Bai Li forced him to put on a specially made combat uniform .

He looked at his own reflection and realized that he looked a little bit more magnificent . The clothes were not striking, instead they had a subtle vibe that did not draw attention to it and made his person look more dashing .

Suddenly, he felt an appreciation for a woman’s touch inside this house!