Master of the End Times - Chapter 315

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Chapter 315: Revert Potion

Chapter 315: Revert Potion

A young person who seemed to be above thirty stood before Qin Feng with a dense dark circle .

It was the biology research professor that was hired by Qin Feng as a researcher .

In the era where only capability spoke the loudest, ordinary people would take up the profession of a professor in order to live a better life .

The professor was known as Bai Yi, a capable assistant of Bo Tianyang in his past life, but now it was intercepted by Qin Feng’s recruitment .

“Carry on!” Qin Feng spoke .

“From the information that you have provided, there were more than ten main projects!”

“Researches have been targeted on cats, pigs, bears, rats, hawks, and other ultra beasts, and experimental targets would be set after undergoing genetic comparison, and their combat power would experience a tremendous spike upon their transformation into mutants . ”

“Upon the completion of their mass research, a commonly used potion was developed by them, and it is referred to as the revert potion!”

“These potions were the defected versions of the awakening potion, or the mutated version of it . According to researchers, it has been developed since the beginning of the end times to awaken unique genes in the human body to become more powerful, it is rather unexpected that after more than a hundred years, the effort is still ongoing!”

“Research on the revert potion has undergone several enhancements and the probability of mutation is rather high, whereby ordinary human beings would have a 20% chance of mutation . However, the results of such mutation were rather weak . On the other hand, those who have been awakened would have 60% chance of mutation, and upon mutation, they might even achieve beast general or beast king tier . ”

Qin Feng had witnessed for himself the effects of the potions as they were used by many from the dark organizations to spike up their combat power .

“Did the information indicate the channel through which they market the potions? Or who do they supply them to?”

Qin Feng asked .

The researchers would not know the answer, the investigators would know better .

However, for those ordinary people who wanted a better life during such times, they had to go the extra mile in order to succeed . Bai Yi answered immediately, “There was only information about the research work that they handle, their production plant is at another location . Although there were traces of communication that had been sent out, we are unable to track down the recipient with our current capabilities and equipment!”

“Hmm!” Qin Feng nodded, suddenly, he continued to ask, “Tell me, what would be the purpose of producing such potions?”

Qin Feng looked at Bai Yi as his sharp conscious energy was able to sense Bai Yi’s struggle .

Then, Bai Yi forced a smile and adjusted his tone . “Mayor, do you believe in the strength of combined forces?”

Qin Feng was at a loss for words, it sounded familiar to him!

Then, Qin Feng shook his head and chuckled, when he was at the Tangshan Ridge, those who had suggested to him the strength of combined forces were mocked by him!

“Speak up, there’s no need for hesitation!” Qin Feng did not rebuke Bai Yi’s statement .

“Alright, Mayor!” Bai Yi replied, “Allow me to make an assumption, just an assumption, if the potion becomes popular among the ordinary people, its effectiveness would allow it to surpass the demand for awakening potion, with 20% awakening rate, there would be one person awakened out of every five ordinary people!”

Qin Feng sank deep into his own thoughts .

Bai Yi continued, “The aptitude users would become beast generals and beast soldiers . With that, wouldn’t it be much easier for them to face the spatial rifts and ultra beasts?”

Qin Feng recalled his memory of those researchers and their burning passion .

Bai Yi forced a smile and added on, “If that goes well, the potion would be the savior for humankind, and allow us to get rid of the ultra beasts and restore peace . I cannot help but to express my admiration toward the researcher who developed such an experiment, meanwhile, the enhancement effort is still ongoing, perhaps it might even succeed in the next ten to twenty years!”

Qin Feng managed to recover from his thoughts and replied, “So, you still think that the potion is beneficial?”

“Mayor, that’s not what I meant!” Bai Yi immediately denied and waved his hand .

Qin Feng knew that Bai Yi felt the opposite .

As a researcher, Bai Yi lived a better life compared to ordinary people who struggled to survive .

Bai Yi was also a capable person that could survive well during the end times .

However, Qin Feng reiterated again, “If combined strength from the ordinary people is what you would suggest, do you also advocate for continuous sacrifices too?”

Bai Yi was afraid to respond .

It was indeed a sensitive topic of discussion .

There was an ongoing misconception between the ordinary people and aptitude users, where the stronger ones would thrive and the weaker ones would be sacrificed, survival of the fittest was the only rule that applied during the end times .

Whereas the morale standpoint had divided humans into the Human Alliance and the Dark Coalition .

The potion would be best used on the members from the Dark Coalition .

Qin Feng added, “Mutation rate of 20%, what will happen to the remaining 80%? Would they turn into monsters and sacrifice their lives?”

Bai Yi hung his head low .

“Putting that aside, what about the future generations?” Qin Feng scoffed coldly . “I doubt that the mutants would even be able to produce a future generation that looks like ordinary human beings . Even if the next generation did exist, would they still be considered as human beings?”

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Bai Yi’s head was still hung low as all of a sudden, he felt that Qin Feng appeared to be highly unpredictable!

Naturally, he did not know that Qin Feng had seen all of the information, and he had also experienced it in his past life .

The usage of such a potion would become common among the Dark Coalition within the next ten years .

“Sacrifices are unavoidable during times of war, in fact, to come to think of it, I do agree with you!”

Bai Yi was slightly taken aback and he looked at Qin Feng .

“Also, do you really think that such a potion would be effective in getting rid of all of those ultra beasts?”

Bai Yi was instantly left speechless .

“Understood, Mayor, should we still continue on with this research?” Bai Yi asked .

Qin Feng shook his head . “What else is there to research on? I will not allow experimentation on human beings, switch to another field of research, biological creatures, cultivation of ultra beasts that have rich protein content in their flesh, growth catalyst fertilizers for plants, anti-virus potions, and etc!”

Qin Feng threw out a few suggestions that would soon become accomplished research in the future, however, without knowing much detail, he could only list out a few to Bai Yi .

Bai Yi immediately followed up with several nods and his eyes were wide open, all of the suggestions were being listed down .

Qin Feng let out a smile as he gave Bai Yi a pat on the shoulder . “Also, for the first question that you asked me, here is my answer, I have never believed in the strength of combined forces!”

“It is because this is not the end times but an era where the strong would rule . ”

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“When there is someone that can be the strongest of all, the earth would definitely be restored to its former peace . ”

The only thing was, no such person existed just yet!


It was early February, the weather had begun to become warmer .

Early in the morning, Qin Feng led Bai Li toward Chengyang City .

Everyone at Fengli colony knew what they were up to!

Qin Feng was about to obtain the certification for his D-tier aptitude user badge .

The news had spread across the Three Cities along the Sun like an exploding boom .

After all, it would normally take ten years to achieve D-tier .

The last D-tier that the Three Cities along the Sun had was five years ago, surprisingly, it was a member from the Dark Coalition .

Fortunately, the D-tier had left immediately after the accomplishment .

Regardless of the destination, it would be best for the D-tier from the Dark Coalition to leave the Three Cities along the Sun .

Now, another D-tier had finally appeared!