Master of the End Times - Chapter 317

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Chapter 317: : Meeting Liang Kan

Chapter 317: Meeting Liang Kan

Of course it was more than that, but Qin Feng had to approach it with moderation . Back then, his abilities had not reached the point where he could take on and crush the three families .

And the three big families in Chengyang City did not hold Qin Feng in any high regard, not giving him a single cent!

But that has become different now!

They thought that Qin Feng was alone and weak at that time, even assuming that Qin Feng knew how to be tactful!

Now, it was these three families who were the ones that needed to be ‘tactful’ .

“Mayor Qin, what do you mean?” Cheng Zhou inquired carefully .

“About that question, you can discuss that with Xue Xingfu . I have things to do right now so tell him to speak to me later!”

After hearing that, Cheng Zhou did not dare to persuade him anymore, “Okay Mayor Qin, I shall not take up too much of your time!”

After hanging up the communicator, Qin Feng waved his hand at Bai Li and got into the car with her .

Very soon, he left the aptitude user certification hall behind with the onlookers outside all watching him leave .

When he was in the car, he thought for a while before calling another person .

“Mayor Qin, I was just about to contact you! I heard that you came to Chengyang to apply for a D tier aptitude certification badge!”

The person that showed up on the communicator was none other than Bai Tianyang .

“Mayor Bai, you’re well informed and it looks like you already know about it, but I have something I need to talk to you about right now so I decided to call you!”

“Oh? What is it?”

“I previously discovered a clue, this is regarding Chengyang’s external patrol team’s vice-general of the First Legion, Liang Kan, and a dark organization . I would like to ask him some questions but I’m afraid the other would respond with hostility and that it would result in some bad consequences, which is specifically why I called you!”

“Is that so?” Although Bai Tianyang was smiling, his eyes reflected a solemn mood . He was not sure if Qin Feng was telling the truth or not, “Mayor Qin, do you have any evidence?”

Qin Feng directly sent the image of the tattoo from the Dark Coalition member he had killed near the colony of Fu City, along with an image of Liang Kan’s tattoo, to Bai Tianyang before selectively telling Bai Tianyang what he knew .

“Mayor Qin, you’ve raised a very difficult question . He’s our city legion’s vice-general!” It could be said that every member of Chengyang City’s army was trained by Bai Tianyang himself .

It was like if someone were to suddenly come up to Qin Feng and say, “There are some problems with Commander Wang Chen . ” Even he would naturally hesitate and want to check if it was true .

“Don’t worry Mayor Bai, I just plan on asking a few questions! There will be no harm on the other party’s life but I hope you wouldn’t contact them because you might inadvertently warn the enemy!” said Qin Feng .

“You think that Liang Kan might be an enemy?” Bai Tianyang jokingly replied, but what he said carried with it a deeper layer of meaning .

“Mayor Bai, take it as me owing you a favor!” answered Qin Feng .

“Hahaha! Fine, but if Liang Kan really is up to something, this is a dangerous situation . I’ll leave it to you Mayor Qin! You can figure it out!” Bai Tianyang said with a smile .

The two people exchanged niceties before hanging up their communicators . The luxury car that had been randomly driving around suddenly turned into another direction .

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Liang Kan was the vice-general of the external patrol team, naturally he would be stationed outside of the city . Currently, his position was at the west of the city .

Qin Feng drove out of Chengyang City and then got out of the car .

There were countless sentry towers that soon appeared on the main road, and each tower was manned by a gunner . The sentry towers surrounded a small fortress, which was the command center outside of the city .

Many people turned their eyes onto his car . When it stopped, Qin Feng and Bai Li were exposed to countless sniper rifles the moment they stepped out .

“Hey, it’s Mayor Qin! The guy who said that he wanted to become D-tier!”

“Why did he stop here?”

“Should we stop him?”

“Stop him? Are you crazy? Don’t you remember what happened to the Xin family?”

“Yeah! If you ask me, he’s probably here on business . We shouldn’t hinder him . ”

Qin Feng and Bai Li began to approach the fortress . He also swept the area with his consciousness and locked onto the only E tier person in the entire facility . His target was on the third floor .

Knock knock knock .

Qin Feng politely knocked on the door .

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“Come in!” A voice came from inside, and he pushed the door to enter .

“What’s the matter…” Liang Kan raised his head before lowering it back down with a seemingly indifferent gaze . Only after a moment he quickly raised his head and directly looked at Qin Feng .

He suddenly stood up and his eyes shot to the windows as if he was thinking about jumping out of it . But how could he be faster than Qin Feng’s speed?

Qin Feng was already moving, now standing between him and the windows to block off escape . When Liang Kan tried to turn around to run away, he realized that Bai Li was behind him .

Being flanked from the front and the back put him in a dilemma . There was a huge gap in power between a D-tier and an E-tier so Liang Kan did not try to resist at all . Not only that, Bai Li and Qin Feng were no ordinary D-tier aptitude users .

“General Liang, I don’t think we’ve met before . Why are you so nervous?” Qin Feng said in a quiet voice, his face expressionless .

Liang Kan’s eyes narrowed . “Qin Feng, don’t think I don’t know what you did!”

“Oh? What did I do?” Qin Feng asked .

“Stop acting, you didn’t come here to get to know me, some E-tier ancient warrior, did you? You’re already D-tier now!”

“That’s right . I’m D-tier already, otherwise, how would I dare come and find you?”

Back during the Spring Hunting Garden, Chen Ming said Liang Kan’s name, thinking that Qin Feng would immediately try to find Liang Kan .

Although he was probably able to take down an E tier by then, he did not want to risk drawing unnecessary attention .

The reason being Liang Kan’s status as one of Chengyang City’s generals .

Qin Feng had only reached D-tier . Including the years before his rebirth, it had taken him a total of eleven years .

He honestly was not sure about how far he could go, but now he was going to take a step further!

“Liang Kan, who’s the one behind Z Organization? Which laboratories still exist right now? You better tell me everything, no lies! Otherwise, very unpleasant things will happen between us!”

“Heh, Mayor Qin, do you really think I can tell you?” Liang Kan obviously did not plan on telling Qin Feng so easily .

“Okay then, Vice-General Liang, since you’re not answering the questions . Tell me, how did you know about me? Obviously your attitude toward me is very different from other people’s . What exactly did I reveal about myself?” Qin Feng smiled faintly .

Liang Kan only felt the sweat gathering on his forehead that was increasing .

Qin Feng’s presence was indistinct, but he had the power of a D-tier and it felt like he was more dangerous than Bai Tianyang .

Liang Kan swallowed hard, then he said, “I’m not weak you know, naturally I can enter the more advanced laboratories . You think other people haven’t seen Lin Wuyi in your colony?”

Qin Feng was a little surprised, his smile faltered by just a bit . He did not expect Liang Kan to notice Lin Wuyi .

“I did not expect to be exposed so early! Then, why haven’t you run away?” Qin Feng asked .