Master of the End Times - Chapter 320

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Chapter 320: Lei Chang

Chapter 320: Lei Chang

Shadong Town!

Its walls gave off the vibe of an impenetrable defense . It was the combat zone closest to the frontline . After all, in the past ten years, Shadong Town had been destroyed three times, and relocated and rebuilt three times as well . Each time it was destroyed, it was a crisis for the Four Cities on the North Sea .

As such, it also had another name, North Sea Outpost .

The combat hover copter lowered itself onto Shadong Town’s helipad; the surrounding area nearby had more than a dozen hover copters parked around . Compared to the one Ke Xiangzuo piloted, these ones looked like they packed more ammunition and weaponry .

All of these were meant for war!

When in the North Sea Desert, being in the air was safer than being on the ground!

“Mayor Qin, we’re here . I wish you peace and safety in the North Sea Desert!” Ke Xiangzuo said .

That statement held true intentions behind it!

Something like peace and safety in a battlefield really was a rare occurrence!

“Thank you . Watch out and be safe when you return!” Qin Feng shook hands with Ke Xiangzuo before taking out the Silver Bolt, and seated inside it with Bai Li .

Of course, the Silver Bolt was purchased under Bloodhunter’s identity but since Bloodhunter had technically appeared in the underground black market, selling a car was something that was quite normal .

Turning something shady into something clean, Qin Feng could naturally openly take the car out .

The Silver Bolt transformed into a silver stream of light as it raced toward Shadong Town .

There was originally still a bit of distance to the town but at the Silver Bolt’s speed, Qin Feng managed to reach its gates in about ten minutes .

The town could be described as dull yellow in color, and all the houses were made out of stone . The style seemed pretty uninteresting, and maybe a little bit crude .

“The permanent residents in Shadong Town don’t even reach up to 20%, maybe it’s even lower than that . People come to work and serve high-end aptitude users . Once they’ve earned enough money, they usually just up and leave as soon as possible . The frontline isn’t a joke, it could be overwhelmed by the enemy at any moment!” Qin Feng explained .

Bai Li curled her lips . “You humans sure have a hard life!”

“Maybe all the weak species have a hard life, but it’s humanity’s intellect that has thought of many ways to fight back,” Qin Feng said .

However, those that were weak would only face extinction . Only humanity would still think of making a stand and fighting .

“Yeah! That’s right, human intelligence really is good! Their clothes look very nice!” Bai Li’s first thought was clothing, the designer’s ingenuity and bold creativity that brought a glint to her eyes .

“Heh . ” Qin Feng smiled helplessly and did not continue the conversation with Bai Li .

He was familiar with Shadong Town, or more like, his memory had not forgotten its scenery .

Soon, the car drove into the town’s center and stopped in front of a very tall building . This towering building was obviously different from other simple-looking buildings .

It was an auction house under the Wanzong Organization .

There was a red carpet that led from the door with a pair of flower baskets at its side, but it was obvious that these flowers were just fakes used for decoration, no matter how alive they might seem .

In the end times, the more colorful a plant was the more dangerous it would be .

“Looks like we’re lucky today! We actually managed to make it on time to the Wanzong Auction Day!”

The auction day started once every week and with how the frontline battlefield went through rapid substantial changes, there was bound to be plenty of good things .

Qin Feng took Bai Li into the auction house and the surrounding hostesses all beamed and welcomed him .

The large screen on the first floor showed the situation of each floor on the auction hall . The first floor to third floor were meant for retail, the fourth floor was holding an F-tier auction and the fifth holding an E-tier auction .

The auction hall for D tier aptitude users were on the sixth floor and could be directly accessed by the VIP elevator . But when Qin Feng reached the elevator he was stopped by a hostess .

“Sir, do you have an invitation letter?” The hostess asked in a rough tone, closely looking at the E-tier aptitude user badge on Qin Feng’s chest .

“I’m a D-tier aptitude user who was recently certified, and I just arrived in Shadong Town so I haven’t received Wanzong’s invitation letter yet!” said Qin Feng .

“That would be our mistake . If you don’t mind, you may first apply for one of our Wanzong VIP cards . You’ll need to have the proof of 10 billion in funds and then you can enter the sixth floor . The auction today is very good, and even after the auction you may visit the D-tier aptitude user trade fair!”

Qin Feng naturally understood and nodded his head, but someone else strode up beside him .

“E tier? Hasn’t even been certified as E9-tier and you claim to be D-tier? Don’t tell me you’re planning on going up to cling to someone stronger!” The person looked at him with contempt, but his eyes lit up when he glanced at Bai Li .

This man was about 1 . 8 meters in height and was well proportioned, but he did not look physically imposing and did not carry the aura of an ancient warrior .

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It was not clear whether he was an ability user or a gunner .

“Mr . Lei Chang, welcome!” The hostess smiled and quickly opened up the elevator door for him .

Lei Chang’s gaze fell back on Qin Feng and suddenly he raised his eyebrows .

“When I look at you, you seem very familiar!”

Qin Feng had no expression on his face, gently saying, “Yes, you seem quite familiar too Mr . Lei . You must be brothers with Sea City’s Lei Chen!”

Lei Chang’s eyes held a sternness in them, but he eccentrically pointed at Qin Feng and chuckled, “Hehe, and I say, you must be Qin Feng then? Not bad . Very good!”

His gaze briefly flashed with a look of greed .

More than a week had passed since the events of Tangshan Ridge but the news had already spread!

Since there were no dead people this time, it did not become a large scale sensation and was reported sparsely on the battle net, but to the news circle among the D-tiers, this definitely was not a secret!

The beast emperor crystal core was gone but those three beast kings’ materials and the beast emperor peacock feathers were all too valuable!

That being said, Qin Feng was basically a walking treasure vault .

“No need for him to get verified . This one is a famous person, just give him a VIP card and he can come up with me!” Lei Chang suggested .

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“Will do, Mr . Lei!” The hostess naturally could not refuse .

Qin Feng chuckled all of a sudden, not wanting to follow Lei Chang .

“Not yet Mr . Lei, I still have a few things I want to sell . Maybe later, there will be some of my goods in the auction!” Qin Feng said .

Lei Chang’s gaze became reserved . “Alright . Then, I’ll go on ahead!”

He turned to enter the elevator, and when he turned around to stare again it gave people the chills .

Qin Feng did not care!

Qin Feng was wearing an E-tier aptitude user badge, if he went up with Lei Cheng would that not make it look like he came with him? That, and following after Lei Chang, would have brought on some humiliation would it not? That person could dream on!

He ended up following the hostess to apply for a VIP card and at the same time took out some simple D-tier materials he wanted to auction .

D-tier beasts were difficult to hunt and kill, even the common materials were highly marketable . However, the more advanced items would have to be taken out during the trade fair . Wanzong did not mind this, after all anyone could attend the trade fair if they were to pay for the five million yuan ticket . When one’s funds were above hundreds of millions, five million was just a drop in the ocean .

“Sir, the auction list is over here and the auction items you have will be temporarily added as well . Here, have a look!”

“Hmm,” Qin Feng swept through the listed items and found that the most valuable objects were just beast general materials . Obviously, the treasures were not here .

“Two tickets for the trade fair!”

“Very well, Sir!”