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Master of the End Times - Chapter 322

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:35 AM

Chapter 322: Splurging 100 Billion

Chapter 322: Splurging 100 Billion

The clock was ticking . Zhao Tianche’s expression was turning stiffer by the moment . There was disappointment in his eyes .

“80 billion!”

A voice suddenly rang out .

Everyone was in shock!

All who were present were aptitude users . They locked onto the source of the voice almost instantaneously .

The people around Qin Feng stared at him in a dumbfounded manner, including the person whom Qin Feng had questioned previously .

“Chen Xiang, don’t tell me that you’re bidding? Where did you get so much money?” Another person who knew the middle-aged man beside Qin Feng quickly interjected .

The man known as Chen Xiang quickly shrugged . “I didn’t say that, can’t you tell how my voice sounds?”

The person was confused . Although he knew it was not Chen Xiang’s voice, from where the sound came from, only a young man remained, and he was only an E-tier to boot .

Chen Xiang too, looked at Qin Feng . He tried to persuade him in a low voice . “Little brother, have you asked your superiors? This is no simple auction, without sufficient financial backing, you would be eaten up by others!”

Qin Feng smiled . He did not know that the person would be so kind-hearted . “Don’t worry, big brother!”

‘Don’t worry?’ Chen Xiang’s heart was pounding . Although he sounded relaxed, how would an E-tier like Qin Feng be able to withstand forceful takeovers like this? The Hou family and the Leitang Organization both had C-tier aptitude users .

At this moment, Lei Chang too looked over .

“Qin Feng!” There was a storm in Lei Chang’s eyes .

If it were others, they probably would not be able to fork out so much money . But who the hell was Qin Feng?

Not only did he have so much D-tier material in his hands, now he was even manipulating the underground black market of Fengli colony . He had so much funds on his hand that he could pay the price .

Lei Chang had no clue that Qin Feng did not need to pull out resources from elsewhere . His other side as Bloodhunter alone had raked him a huge fortune .

“Something bothering you, Mr . Lei?” Qin Feng looked at Lei Chang in a composed manner . He did not panic like everyone else thought he would .

“Qin Feng, don’t you act clueless with me!”

“Ha, Mr . Lei . I’m not acting clueless, I am clueless! It’s my first time here and I’m unaware of many things . The only thing I know is whoever wants the goods, he’s gotta have something to show!”

Lei Chang stared at him ragingly as if he was about to give him a good scolding .

But then, Qin Feng looked toward Zhao Tianche who was on the auction platform .

“Mr . Zhao, it’s almost time . I’ve given my offer and if there’s no one else bidding, don’t you think the good’s mine now?” said Qin Feng .

Zhao Tianche could not contain his delight . Who knew someone would actually bid for the item!

He quickly agreed to the deal . But at that moment, another voice sounded .

“81 billion!”

The crowd looked over . It was Tieh Lei .

A beast emperor was capable of pulling up a common person from the realms of mediocrity into a dominion of strength and talents .

Tieh Lei, as the disciple of a well-known family, was defeated by an unknown “Bloodhunter” who was not even twenty-years of age in the Battlegod Tomb . He craved for an upgrade for himself within the shortest time possible .

“83 billion!” Qin Feng bid .

“84 billion!” Hou Yangjiao was relentless .

On the other hand, Lei Chang was clenching his teeth .

Yet, he did not dare to bid .

Lei Chang had no money . The Leitang Organization did not have that much funds for him to splurge .

Qin Feng’s gaze landed on Lei Chang . He noticed that he had not put in a bid . He asked, “Aren’t you going to bid, Mr . Lei? You were so confident back then . ”

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Lei Chang’s face turned pale .

Qin Feng smiled gently when Lei Chang became speechless . He then called out, “90 billion!”

The price quickly escalated .

Hou Yangjiao did not want to lose out . “91 billion!”

Qin Feng remained calm . “100 billion!”

He could hear the people surrounding him gasping for air .

One hundred billion was not really that high of a price for a beast emperor crystal core .

But it was not something within reach of those present .

All of them felt that Qin Feng was too conceited .

Hou Yangjiao said scornfully, “Where did you come from? Do you really have that much money? Stop calling out ridiculous prices, get out of here!”

As she spoke, the air around Hou Yangjiao changed . In an instant, a burst of D-tier ancient warrior aura exploded from her in a hostile manner .

If Qin Feng were really an E-tier aptitude user, Hou Yangjiao’s aura alone would overwhelm Qin Feng .


The air around Qin Feng too experienced a sudden change . In the next moment, a heavy internal strength was unleashed from him .

Within moments, Hou Yangjiao’s aura was completely ravaged . Qin Feng’s aura was crushing Hou Yangjiao’s .

Hou Yangjiao groaned . She took three steps back to get away from Qin Feng’s circle of aura .

Qin Feng was quite forgiving . After a short sneer, he retracted his aura .

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“Lady, you’re wounded . Better not force yourself or your base would be damaged!”

It seemed like Qin Feng was giving advice, but in reality, he was giving out a warning!

Hou Yangjiao quivered . She could not afford to care about her dignity . Blood was dripping out from the corner of her lips .

Qin Feng’s aura had already wounded Hou Yangjiao’s meridian, causing backflows in her blood channels .

The crowd was stunned by the scene .

Though Hou Yangjiao might be wounded, someone who could pull this off could not be a normal person .

At the very least, all of them knew that Qin Feng was a D-tier aptitude user!

Even Chen Xiang, who was worried about Qin Feng, was stunned!

“Any other bidders?”

Qin Feng surveyed around . His gaze landed upon Tieh Lei and Lei Chang .

Their lips were tightly shut . They did not speak a word .

Obviously, they did not dare to say anything .

Only then Qin Feng looked toward Zhao Tianche who was on the platform .

“100 billion, sold!” Zhao Tian Che was no professional auctioneer, and he had no intention of having further delays . The amount was already more than what he had expected .

Zhao Tianche picked up the beast emperor’s ability core .

“Make way!”

Zhao Tianche proceeded to Qin Feng’s side . His eyes were filled with gratitude .

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“Mr . Qin, was it? Though I do not know you, I’m grateful to you this time!” Zhao Tianche said .

“It’s but a fair deal, Mr . Zhao . Don’t overthink it!”

“Whatever it is, I’m still thankful to you . Here’s the beast emperor crystal core, please verify it!”

Qin Feng nodded . He opened up the crystal case . The aura of the beast emperor’s crystal core poured out .

Having seen his share of ability cores, the energy within the crystal was rather strong . To top it off, it had even evolved— it was as good as the Blue Flame Peacock Emperor’s crystal core .

Under normal circumstances, two hundred billion would not even cut it .

“It’s good . What’s your contact number?”

“Please transfer it to the CEO of Dacheng Organization . Name: Cheng Dacheng, the contact number is…”

Qin Feng entered the details . A notice lit up . After confirming the messages, the deal was done .

Money in one hand, goods in another .

The beast emperor crystal core had now fallen into Qin Feng’s hand .

At that moment, a terrible event happened abruptly!


They heard the sound of a bomb being launched from a faraway barrel .

All of the D and E-tiers turned their heads and looked out the window .

A gold-colored bomb came into sight .