Master of the End Times - Chapter 324

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Chapter 324: The Freemen Alliance

Chapter 324: The Freemen Alliance

Qin Feng did not go far . He stopped at another building after flying away from the Wanzong Auction Hall before plunging to the streets .

Since they did not go far, many people that had seen him locked on to him .

As soon as they saw that Qin Feng had landed on the ground, the aptitude users around had their eyes peeled .

They sensed a pressure that was natural to a D-tier aptitude user on Qin Feng’s body .

Both the pedestrians and the hovercraft drivers held their breaths . Their heads were lowered and they avoided making direct eye contact with Qin Feng .

It was a quiet kind of fear .

Although they had no idea what happened, they saw Qin Feng emerge from the Wanzong Auction Hall that was on fire and the D-tier battle like a victor . They also heard the voice that was passed down through his internal energy!

Qin Feng ignored the crowd’s gaze . He put Bai Li down and went into a hotel .

The hotel manager quickly attended to him .

“Sir, would you like to check-in or have a meal?” The manager spoke dutifully .

“Check-in, just get me a room!”

“Certainly, this way please!”

The manager brought Qin Feng into the hotel .

Only then the heavy air outside began to subside, followed by a string of discussions .

“Who is that guy? A newcomer?”

“That’s another D-tier aptitude user and he’s strong as hell!”

“What happened at the Wanzong Auction Hall just now? Wasn’t there supposed to be an auction today?”

At that moment, on another building, Chen Siang and the rest were perplexed as well .

“Oh well, let’s disperse!”

“Chen Siang you old man, you sure have some luck . Looks like the newcomer is really strong!”

“Agreed, he is competent in both martial arts and aptitudes . Once he has absorbed Zhao Tianche’s beast emperor crystal core, his talents would certainly undergo another round of transformation!”

“They called him Qin Feng just now…”

“What? He’s Qin Feng!”

The crowd soon realized who he was .

The aptitude user who had obtained the beast emperor crystal core of the Blue Flame Peacock .

At that moment, Chen Siang did not know whether to laugh or cry .

“Forget it, I wouldn’t place so much hope on a late bloomer . Hopefully, the Leitangs or the Hou family won’t come to me looking for trouble after this!”

Chen Siang said as he waved his hand .

“Why don’t you let him join us?” One of them suggested .

“Yeah, he’ll be a boon!”

“What help? It’ll probably turn into trouble . He’s really had it now—he single-handedly disgraced so many D-tiers . He even interrupted Leitang’s plan and offended the whole Hou family . Who knows what’s going to happen next!”

“That’s my concern as well, but I don’t regret stepping in . We’ll take another look at this Qin Feng’s character next time, let’s disperse!” Chen Siang ushered them to leave .

Chen Siang was not part of any group, and he was not the core leader of the party .

These people were solo aptitude users that had scattered across the land . They were slightly weaker than the great ancient warrior families and fought alone most of the time, which made them vulnerable to bullies . As time went by, they formed a Freemen Alliance .

At the very least, they would support each other on the battlefield .

Qin Feng’s sudden appearance, as well as his strengths that surpassed the organizations and great ancient warrior families gave them a new idea .

The catch was no one knew how Qin Feng thought of it .

Perhaps he was just trying to catch the organization or the family’s attention so that he could be invited to join them?

At that moment, Qin Feng was in the hotel, completely clueless about these people’s intentions . He checked around the room and only relaxed after knowing that there were no surveillance devices .

“Take guard outside, let me know if anything comes up!” Qin Feng ordered Bai Li .

“Um, understood!”

Bai Li nodded and played with her communicator .

Qin Feng took out his Battlegod Token .

Absorbing the crystal core would release some aura that could spell unwanted trouble .

When Qin Feng absorbed the Blue Flame Peacock’s crystal core, it caused the release of an immense aura . Although he succeeded in the end, it would be too dangerous without Bai Li’s help .

Now that so many people were on the lookout for him, he had to be extremely cautious .


Qin Feng poured in his internal energy into the Battlegod Token . A silver halo appeared around him . He vanished into midair and entered the Battlegod Tomb .

At the first level of the Battlegod Tomb, Liu Xue, Wang Chen, and the rest of them were still strengthening themselves using the dragon’s blood . Zhou Hao was also training vigorously in the Battlegod Shrine . Xue Xingfu was probably managing the underground black market at his hour .

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Everyone was hard at work!

Qin Feng went into a larger training chamber without interrupting the rest of them .

After that, he took out the beast emperor crystal core .

“Before I was reborn, I couldn’t even dream of this!”

Before he was reborn, Qin Feng was not weak .

But some things could only be possible when they were at the same level .

The beast emperor crystal core for instance .

Qin Feng could only challenge the D-tier beast emperor when he had become a C-tier . A D-tier beast emperor could only be defeated by a large number of C-tier aptitude users . There were exceptions to this, such as the Blue Flame Peacock that was nearing its age or if it had accidentally suffered some kind of wound that could be exploited .

However, a D-tier beast emperor crystal core had no effect in increasing a C-tier’s skills!

It would be a waste to use it .

One hundred billion for a D-tier was unimaginable wealth .

A C-tier would require the crystal core of a C-tier beast emperor . That would be out of Qin Feng’s reach .

A B-tier beast emperor was strong enough to overturn the rivers and the seas!

An A-tier beast? Not even an S-tier elite would dare to provoke it .

“I’ve built up upon my advantages well ever since I was reborn . I could easily obtain even the beast emperor crystal core!” Qin Feng gently smiled as he opened the crystal case .

Within the case was a crystal core about the size of a basketball, lying silently in the middle .

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Qin Feng placed his hand on the crystal core and ignited an explosion of aptitude .

“Aptitude— absorb!”

The crystal core was visibly slowly getting smaller .

The vast energy transcended into the bones and limbs of Qin Feng through both of his hands .

His body was being reinforced continuously . Even his blood had become different!

From his skin, muscle, bones, up until his internal organs, they were being strengthened continuously .

Qin Feng’s body could now release even more immense energy .

Finally, the crystal core turned into the size of a fist . The dark part at the center was revealed to be a small Qirin in liquefied form .

The Qirin soon turned into a thick fog before being instantly absorbed by Qin Feng .

The dense, black fog was wavering among Qin Feng’s consciousness . It was spat out before converging into his meridians . The energy was different from his internal energy, yet there was no rejection .

Finally, the tiny Qirin had reached inside Qin Feng’s dantian . It stood on top of a puddle and started galloping .

Each movement was like an entrancing pattern .

Qin Feng quickly discovered that the Qirin was utilizing similar techniques as the Overcast Dragon .

Much like the Overcast Dragon’s technique that was used to conduct physical training, the Steel Qirin was almost the same .