Master of the End Times - Chapter 326

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Chapter 326: Emergency Alert

Chapter 326: Emergency Alert

As Qin Feng walked out of the Aptitude Certification Hall, Bai Li asked, “What happened to that attendant just now? He looked like he was scared sh*tless!”

“He has a guilty conscience!” Qin Feng snickered .

“Why? We don’t even know him!”

“He might know us, yesterday was a big mess and I offended a lot of people, so he tried to find a different way to cause me more trouble . ”

Qin Feng pointed at the mission displayed on his communicator .

“The sand lizardfolk are one of the most powerful intelligent races in the North Sea Desert . There aren’t a lot of them, maybe only three to four hundred of them, and they live underground . ”

“Their location isn’t easy to detect, I know some of their common spots, but they are all deep in the North Sea Desert . Even if we go by hover copter, it’ll take us twenty minutes, which means we’ll be out of the protection range of Shadong Town . ”

“What’s more, these creatures are a species of intelligent race . Forget about killing a hundred of them, killing one would enrage the entire race and we’ll be under a deadly pursuit . Killing two hundred is equal to challenging the entire race!”

Qin Feng had already figured out that this must be a trap set by someone!

Who exactly it was, was still unknown, but Qin Feng did not care at all .

“Well, it’s just one race you’re facing . You’re already an emperor-tier user, what’s there to be afraid of?” Bai Li said, indifferently . “An emperor should show his dominance! I can guarantee you that with a single claw strike, I can level the entire Shandong Town!”

“Pfft!” Qin Feng was entertained by Bai Li’s words, he grabbed Bai Li’s snowy white hands . “Then I’ll have to catch your hands before you really destroy the Town!”

Bai Li lifted her chin and snorted, “Just don’t mess with me or I’ll really do it! If I were you, I wouldn’t provoke me too, because God knows what I would do once I’m angered!”

“Such smugness!”

Just right at this moment, the ear-piercing sirens suddenly sounded .

Beep, beep, beep

Emergency alert!

The faces on the surrounding pedestrians turned pale .

However, they did not look too panicked and remained calm . They only picked up their pace .

In Shadong Town, such a situation would happen at any time .

Soon, the map of Shadong Town displayed on Qin Feng’s communicator began to flash in red .

On the westside of Shadong Town, a giant herd of ultra beasts was suddenly swarming in their direction . There were at least a few thousand of them, and it looked like they were about to invade Shadong Town .

[Barbaric Sandbulls detected approaching Shadong Town, 821 E-tiers, 161 D-tiers and one D-tier beast general detected . ]

[Aptitude users are wanted at the frontline as soon as possible . ]

Qin Feng quickly took out his Silver Bolt and drove out .


Over their heads, combat hover copters were up and flying, and the copters had fired off missiles which were blasted at a faraway area .

“Looks like we really do need to invest on a combat hover copter, or else we might be the last ones to arrive and we’ll only get to savour the remnants!”

Qin Feng had no choice but to step harder on the pedal!

It took Qin Feng ten minutes to arrive at the battlefield . By the time they arrived, a herd of barbaric sandbulls were seen on the desert dunes . They were stopped by the oncoming gunfire and were no longer dashing wildly toward Shadong Town .

“Gunners, quickly! Split up the herd and let the ancient warriors charge forward!”

The gunners fired bullets and cannons to disperse the herd in any way they could .

A few barbaric sandbulls were toppled over by the explosions and fell onto the sand, and immediately the ancient warriors charged to slay them .


An ancient warrior shrieked as he was trampled into the sand by the herd of sandbulls . The sand was instantly dyed red with blood .

“It’s a D-tier!”

“Get out of the way!”

A man in a special yellow uniform stormed in and shouted .

“What’s going on? Why do we have so few D-tiers today?”

“General Hu, there’s no need for all that screaming . Didn’t you know what happened last night at the Wanzong Auction House? Our D-tier warriors were all injured!”

“Who did it? Why do we have internal conflicts every day? What do we do now? Huh? Tell me, what can we do now?”

The others did not dare to talk back to General Hu .

The general of the frontline of Shadong Town was definitely a D-tier . He was commissioned by the Human Alliance and was also the commander-in-chief of the entire Shadong Town!

“Wasn’t there a newly promoted D-tier aptitude user from the Three Cities along the Sun yesterday? Didn’t he disrupt the entire event and injure the attendees? So why didn’t he show up, isn’t he very powerful?” Another D-tier ability user sneered .

General Hu was furious, “Then let him come to settle things . ”


A shiny Silver Bolt parked right next to the general’s hover copter .

“What? Someone’s looking for me?”

The car door opened and a young man stepped out .

It was none other than Qin Feng!

General Hu was in the middle of his speech with much rudeness, same as the other D-tier aptitude user who did not even try to hide his smugness . After Qin Feng arrived and was about to get out of the car, he overheard their conversation and sat back down on the driver’s seat .

At this time, Qin Feng had decided to not give face at all . He parked his car beside the two and was obviously trying to embarrass them .

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If one dared to talk behind his back, they must be prepared to face the consequences .

Qin Feng had his eyes locked on to the person beside General Hu . “This person doesn’t look like he’s injured much, probably because I was being a little too kind yesterday . ” he snickered .

“You!” The man’s face was instantly reddened .

“Stop it, would you please read the room?” General Hu was furious

Qin Feng snickered again and turned his attention to the battlefield .

Then, his body moved abruptly .

“Dragon Steps!”

He channelled internal strength into his legs and advanced forward rapidly, like a walking dragon .

It was the qing gong he had learned from the Battlegod Tomb .

He continued to dash forward in a straight line with incredible speed .

A D-tier barbaric sandbull lifted its leg and was about to stomp down . Its huge body was three meters tall and it resembled a large truck .

“Fiery Peacock!”

Blue-colored flames surged out of nowhere, and in the blink of an eye, the flames formed into a peacock that was dancing in the air .


The peacock chirped and dived forward, slamming into the D-tier barbaric sandbull at once .

The sandbull was suddenly enveloped in blue flames, the flames were so strong that it almost instantly penetrated the beast’s chest .

Barbaric sandbulls were known to have immense defense, so strong that even an ordinary disintegrating gun could only break open the sandbull’s skin . Now, the sandbull was instantly burned into ashes in the middle of the flames, as if it was a piece of paper mache!

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An E-tier aptitude user that had escaped death was in awe . He could not believe what he had just seen and his jaw was on the ground .

Qin Feng looked toward the battlefield and raised his hand . Blue flames appeared in the sky .

“Fire Rain!”

The flames of the evolved Blue Flame Peacock were extremely hot . They fell from the sky like meteorites, and the hundreds of barbaric sandbulls within a hundred meters were instantly showered and covered in flames . They began letting out painful shrieks!


The sandbulls panicked .

At this moment, an even more muscular, four-meter tall barbaric sandbull rushed out from among the herd and dashed toward Qin Feng’s direction .

“It’s the beast general!”

“Get out of the way!”

People began to shout .

As the sandbull stomped both of its legs onto the ground, a huge earth dragon made of sand was formed and it swept across the battlefield .

Within fifty meters in front of it, a terrifying pressure storm was formed .

Even the D-tier aptitude users instantly turned pale!

Just at this time, Qin Feng looked at the earth dragon which had claws and teeth . He felt his consciousness exploding from within his body .

“Fire Dragon Technique!”

A gigantic fire dragon was summoned!