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Master of the End Times - Chapter 327

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:28 AM

Chapter 327: One Man’s Strength

Chapter 327: One Man’s Strength

The fire dragon roared and the earth dragon let out a low growl . The two clashed together which resulted in an enormous blast!

The searing sands exploded and pelted at the E-tier aptitude users nearby, sending them flying .


The barbaric sandbull beast general was unaffected by the sand pellets . Its hard flesh provided almost-indestructible defense, and these burning sand pellets could not inflict any harm on him .

Its sight was locked on to Qin Feng, and its eyes had turned crimson red .

Qin Feng felt the sand dunes change beneath his feet .

“Fiery Rampage!”

Qin Feng raced forward to attack the bull head-on!

A vortex was suddenly formed at the place where Qin Feng was standing before .

It was the Sand Trap ability .

Qin Feng unleashed his conscious energy and ignited below the barbaric sandbull’s feet .


The ground quickly turned into molten magma, and all four legs of the barbaric sandbull beast general were immersed in it, drowning it in scalding hot lava .


“Magma Rush!”

A pillar of magma shot up from the magma floor and struck the beast general’s abdomen .

The magma spurted upward and Qin Feng controlled it with his consciousness . The magma pillar instantly grew from one meter to three meters tall .

The pillar could almost envelop the beast general’s body, except for its head .

The barbaric sandbull beast general also summoned a huge wave of sand to cover its position .

The magma pillar was washed away by the sand wave . The beast general was also washed to the side so it could dodge the deadly attack!

The two of them fought to a standstill .

From afar, the other D-tier aptitude users were flabbergasted as they spectated the fight .

The barbaric sandbull beast general reappeared . This time, its abdomen was charred black, and the air was filled with the scent of cooked meat .

It was heavily wounded .

The barbaric sandbull beast general instantly turned around and fled!


After a long whistling moo, the once hectic and disordered herd was suddenly organized and they gathered around the beast general, following its escape .

“Not good, it’s escaping!”

The crowd was unwilling to let it go .

Seeing that Qin Feng had seriously injured the barbaric sandbull best general, they would not let such a good opportunity slip out of their fingers!

The spectating D-tier aptitude users decided to make their move .

Qin Feng sneered at them . These freeloaders were the fastest humans on earth, and they were charging one behind the other .

But Qin Feng was the closest to the battlefield, and there was no way the beast general could escape from his grasp!

With a raise of his arm, the Verdant Emperor Saber that was kept in his spatial rune equipment was now in his hand .

Now, the appearance of the Verdant Emperor Saber had changed greatly, and it was even more unique and eye-catching!

At this point, not only did the saber have a unique appearance, it also wielded tremendous power .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

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Qin Feng did a horizontal slash with the saber at the escaping E-tier barbaric sandbulls . Their bodies were sliced in half .

It was as easy as slicing cake!

Qin Feng charged toward the barbaric sandbull beast general with his saber . He managed to catch up with it in just a hundred meters .


Qin Feng slashed downward . The huge flames from the burning sword glare extended to ten meters long and struck the huge body of the barbaric sandbull beast general .

The blue light from the flames flashed before their eyes!


The beast general could not stop its body and continued to charge forward . In the blink of an eye, its gigantic body was sliced into half and it then fell onto the ground .

Qin Feng was able to cut the barbaric sandbull beast general into half with only a single slice .

At this moment, Qin Feng realized that he was surrounded by the herd of barbaric sandbulls .

Qin Feng had chased too far off .

Now, he was in the center of the herd .

But Qin Feng was not afraid in the slightest . He urged his conscious energy and a raging fire suddenly appeared .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

Great flames rose around Qin Feng within fifty meters from his body . The flames were two meters high, instantly swallowing the barbaric sandbulls .

A few sandbulls closest to Qin Feng tried to resist the flames and continued to charge toward Qin Feng with their huge pointy horns .

“You still dare to charge at me?”

Qin Feng repeatedly slash with his Verdant Emperor Saber .

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All of the ultra beasts that were closest to Qin Feng died .

The beasts that did not get close were lost in the sea of flames and ran around in panic . They fell to the ground before they could get out of the hellfire carpet’s range .

Once again, Qin Feng had exterminated hundreds of ultra beasts .

In just half an hour, the herd of ultra beasts was reduced by two hundred in number .

As soon as the beast general died, the herd was in disarray and scattered .

Some of the ultra beasts retreated to the direction of the North Sea Desert, while some of them rushed toward Shadong Town .

“Stop them, obstruct them!” General Hu roared .

The freeloaders who wanted to take advantage of the beasts were already following behind the herd . Due to the sudden chaos, they were the first ones who got to attack .

Although those D-tiers who had reached the herd could barely deal with a single D-tier ultra beasts, they were not willing to die on the spot, or else that would just be miserable .

In contrast with Qin Feng who was standing among the flames, the differences between their powers were pretty obvious .

Qin Feng did not stop his pace . He chased after the herd of barbaric sandbulls with the Verdant Emperor Saber in his hand as he went on a killing frenzy .

The sandbulls were no match for Qin Feng, and one slash was enough to cut off their heads .

Qin Feng chased after them for one kilometer, completely driving them away .

He did not bother to pursue too far . While he was returning, he saw that there were still more than twenty D-tier barbaric sandbulls alive, and more than thirty aptitude users ganged up with each other to fight against the bulls in an impressive manner .

Qin Feng stopped walking and scanned through the crowd . Then, he casually walked across the battlefield .

It was as if he was having a casual stroll along the streets, and not a battlefield .

Soon, Qin Feng walked up to General Hu, the commander-in-chief .

As soon as General Hu saw Qin Feng, the expression on this face changed . He looked like he had yet recovered from the shock earlier .

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“You must be Qin Feng! I’m Hu Liang, a D5-tier ancient warrior, and I’m currently the commander-in-chief of the North Sea Desert war zone . You can just call me General Hu!”

“General Hu! Hi!”

Qin Feng stretched out his hand and gave Hu Liang a handshake .

“Hello, I didn’t expect that a general like you would visit Shadong Town, and I’m really surprised . You wouldn’t be a son of some secretly hidden family, would you? Being this powerful? I’ve never heard of you, and if I didn’t know, I would’ve thought that you’re from the Dragon Capital!”

The Dragon Capital, which was now known as the Ancient Region of China, was a location with dense and rich heaven and earth energy .

If an infant were given birth in the area, he would be influenced by the energy right after birth and would grow up to become someone of importance with outstanding power and strength .

Every individual from the region had demon-like powers and strength .

“You’ve misunderstood me, General Hu! I’m just the mayor of a small colony in the Three Cities along the Sun, many people know that . ”

Qin Feng rapidly rose to power, so it was natural that only a few people really knew about it .

“Hahaha! Misunderstanding or not, you’re still so young . You must be God’s favored one!”

Qin Feng no longer wanted to continue with the topic . If he had not been persecuted and had his abilities destroyed before he was reborn, then he truly was God’s favored one .

Now, Qin Feng might be still young but he gained the advantage from his rebirth . His mentality was way more mature than the other people of his age, and he did not want to carry the title of ‘God’s Favoured One’ .

“General Hu, just now I seemed to have overheard you saying that you would want me to settle things here . Fortunately, I’ve done a good job, right?” Qin Feng changed the topic .

Hu Liang let out a laugh to hide his embarrassment .

“Don’t worry, you’ll definitely get your fair share of rewards!”

This was what Qin Feng wanted to hear .

At this point, the two of them had chatted for almost half a day, only then did the battle on the other side really come to an end .