Master of the End Times - Chapter 329

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Chapter 329: The Sky Dweller

Chapter 329: The Sky Dweller

Qin Feng opened the crystal box and gave Bai Li another crystal core .

One by one, the crystal cores went into Bai Li’s stomach .

In the blink of an eye, Bai Li’s strength had soared from E5 to E9 tier!

For a spatial beast like Bai Li, as long as she possessed the energy, she could grow quickly . Her spatial power could infinitely expand her body’s ability so she could withstand the amount of energy, enabling her to advance quickly .

To own such an ultra beast that possessed endless potential, one must be ready to make a terrifying investment!

For Bai Li to advance from E-tier to D-tier, it would require at least fifty E-tier beast king crystal cores .

Fortunately, Bai Li did not need beast king crystal cores, otherwise Qin Feng might have to wait a while before he could afford Bai Li’s expenses .

In the blink of an eye, Bai Li had eaten thirty E-tier energy crystal cores . Her tail emitted a silverish glow, almost forming into one beam .

The glow was so dazzling that even Qin Feng could not open his eyes .

When the light faded, Qin Feng tried to open his eyes again and found that Bai Li had grown quite a bit . Her body height had reached four meters tall, with proportionate body build, and her body was covered in thick fur that looked like a silver cloak . On her back, four agile tails wagged in excitement .

The aura exuding from her body had finally reached beast emperor tier!

Qin Feng took out ten beast king crystal cores .

“Here, I’ll give these to you as well . Have a taste first, and tell me roughly how many beast king crystals you would need to get you to C-tier!”

Bai Li lowered her head to indulge on the humongous beast king crystal cores . In just a matter of seconds, she had finished consuming everything .

The ten beast king crystal cores helped Bai Li to advance twice, now reaching D2-tier .

“Let’s have another forty cores!” Bai Li said .

Qin Feng did a quick calculation and found that he needed two hundred billion for the required crystal cores, and that amount of money gave him a headache .

As expected, of all people, women and servants were the hardest to feed .

The cost of raising his woman was way too expensive!

However, Bai Li’s role was not something that many people could live up to .

“Isn’t it just 40 beast king-tier ultra beasts? They’re not easy to find back when I was E-tier, but since I’m a D-tier now, it’ll be way easier to hunt them!”

For E-tiers, it was very difficult for ultra beasts to become a beast king, and there were many limitations to it .

However, the resources available for a D-tier were different, and the difference was major . The strong will continue to advance and become stronger, while the weak would become weaker .

Bai Li, on the other hand, had another special trait that others did not have, and that was her spatial abilities .

The world might be a big place, but there was no place that she could not reach .

“Let’s take a break for today, tomorrow we’ll continue and finish off the D-tier ability user task!”

“Okie dokie!”

Bai Li did a twirl and transformed back into her human form, she then proceeded to walk out of the space with Qin Feng .

Beep beep beep!

Ear-piercing siren alarms were sounded and heard .

There was another wave of battle happening just outside of Shadong Town .

“It’s okay, the ultra beasts that came this time are weak . They’re only F-tiers, so we can rest for now!” Qin Feng took a brief look at his communicator and figured there was no need for them to go out .


The next day, at Shadong Town’s Hover Gear sales office .

“Sir, this hover copter is from the Sky Dweller series . It’s a special defense edition, blazingly fast, and it can easily shake off even a C-tier aerial beast general . As you know, sir, the highest ultra beast tier in Shadong Town is D9-tier . ”

“Not only is the defense strong, the offense system of this hover copter is equally strong as well, but all of them are energy-decomposition-type attacks . By reducing the cannon blasters, the overall size of the hover copter becomes much smaller, which in a way also increases the space to accommodate an even slightly larger space rune equipment . Moreover, it is fully equipped with a comprehensive radar monitoring system and autopilot system!”

“As for the interior, it comes with a complete bathroom with a laundry machine, a bed, and a simple living room . It’s very comfortable inside . ”

“Of course, its price is relatively high, and it costs 6 billion . ”

The staff stared at Qin Feng expectantly after he had finished the introduction .

After all, most people in Shadong Town would only purchase a hover car, and only a few of them would actually buy a combat hover copter here .

More importantly, the D-tier aptitude users in Shadong Town would be specially provided with a combat hover copter .

Not only that, the hover copter was a tier higher than those provided, and its defensive power was almost comparable to a C-tier protection rune equipment!

It was not something that the average person could own .

But Bai Li was very fond of its Sky Dweller name . When compared to other heavy, bulky hover copters, this was simply the beauty amongst them all .

“We’ll have this one!” Qin Feng did not hesitate when making his final decision . For a person who still had beast emperor materials and forty billion in capital, this combat hover copter was nothing much .

“Alright, this way to make the payment!”

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In just minutes, the entire transaction had been settled . Qin Feng boarded the combat hover copter and the salesperson opened the exhibition hall’s skylight . Qin Feng sat in the cockpit, ready for take-off .

Everything was in operation and things were going very smoothly .

After all, Qin Feng had piloted a hover copter before .

The hover copter flew up into the sky and passed by Shadong Town in a flash, living up to its expectation of being blazingly fast .

Other people on land stared at the hover copter in awe .

“Am I seeing this right? Did I just see a Sky Dweller pass by?”

“Which big shot bought this hover copter?”

The people who saw the hover copter were all stunned . After all, there was only one Sky Dweller in the entire Shadong Town .

Six billion was not an amount which anyone could afford . It was the price of a D-tier beast king energy crystal core . Not only that, this hover copter was powered by a beast king crystal core as its power core .

At this moment, Qin Feng flew the hover copter at extreme speed and circled over the Northern Desert with Bai Li .

The map of their surroundings was quickly scanned .

They had entered the yellow sands area where the ultra beasts flocked together, and there were also some spatial rifts .

In the middle of the North Sea Desert, such rifts appeared very frequently .

“The spatial elements in this area are very unstable!” Bai Li suddenly spoke up .

“Yes, and I don’t know why . It’s not like they haven’t thought about building a spatial stabilization device here before, but it was useless and they gradually gave up on the idea . After all, there’s nothing here but yellow sand, and spatial stabilization devices are too rare!”

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“There’s a reason for these rifts . In human terms, you call it ‘man-made’ . ”

Qin Feng was shocked . He frowned .

“So what you mean is there’s someone who can open rifts?”

Bai Li shrugged . “Maybe it’s not a human who did it, it could be an ultra beast from some other command race . I can already smell the aura of the spatial runes!”

Qin Feng did not expect such a harvest .

Spatial beasts were too rare

Although spatial rune was categorized as an element, it had never been grouped as one of the top ten elements .

It was because this element had never been awakened in anyone, ever .

Moreover, spatial runes were the root cause of the destruction of the end times .

Because of the rift, the current end times came to be .

“I want to get closer and have a better look, I want to see what’s there!”

Qin Feng then landed the hover copter .

In the desert, countless beasts were eyeing Qin Feng .

As soon as Qin Feng stepped off the hover copter, a shadowy figure suddenly came up to him . The figure raised its earth-yellow sword covered in sand and stabbed at Qin Feng .