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Master of the End Times - Chapter 332

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:20 AM

Chapter 332: Underground Battle

Chapter 332: Underground Battle

Deng Gong had a shock and questioned with a stern voice, “Who are you? How did you enter here?”

Of course, Deng Gong did not want anyone else to spoil his dealings with the Sand Lizardfolk, especially when the stakes were high .

“Friend, leave immediately! Spread the news to Shadong Town and seek help from the D-tier elites, this is a female Sand Lizardfolk beast king, run for your life!” Suddenly, Han Nuan shouted and gave her warnings .

Han Nuan was hoping that someone could save her; however, she knew that the Sand Lizardfolk Queen was too powerful .

She had noticed the E-tier aptitude badges that were on Qin Feng and Bai Li’s chests!

At the same moment, Deng Gong felt relieved as soon as he noticed the badges on both of them .

“Leader, kill them immediately, so that they will be unable to return and alert the others!”

At that moment, the queen had certainly sensed the bloody smell of Sand Lizardfolk from Qin Feng’s body .

“It’s you, you have killed my people!” The queen was furiously enraged .

Half of her body was raised up as she extended her razor-sharp fangs from her mouth that was cracked open, extending to the back of her ears .

“Kill him!”

All of the thirty Sand Lizardfolk were infuriated and filled with the urge to kill!

Piles of sand appeared in the air and formed into a gigantic wave, and Qin Feng was about to be buried in it .

“Fire Dragon!”

Qin Feng had to stop the sand from closing in!

The surroundings of the low-rise hall were engulfed in the gigantic growl of the fire dragon, and the intense flame was strong enough to cast away the sand .


The sand was instantly dispersed by the attack from Qin Feng and turned into decomposed runes that scattered in the air .

At the same moment, a Sand Lizardfolk was preparing to mount a sneak attack onto Qin Feng from the walls on his left side, while there was another one that had sneaked up and pounced toward him from above .


The Sand Lizardfolk turned their sharpened claws into solid rocks as they pierced toward Qin Feng .

Qin Feng exhaled his internal strength and formed a protection around him as he began to make sequenced and swift attacks .


Qin Feng grabbed and dragged the body of the Sand Lizardfolk that was above him, and swung it toward the wall on his left side while the Verdant Emperor Saber on his hand expelled its Burning Sword Glare .


Two down .

“Phantom Motion Steps!”

In the blink of an eye, Qin Feng had appeared behind a Sand Lizardfolk and landed a horizontal stroke with his saber .


A skull was beheaded, and it was another death for the Sand Lizardfolk .

Despite having the advantage of enhanced earth ability attacks, the Sand Lizardfolk were unable to cause any harm toward Qin Feng who was travelling at high speed .

However, any Sand Lizardfolk that were being targeted by Qin Feng would certainly be dead .


Deng Gong turned pale with fear!

The F-tier aptitude users that were with him were equally confused and shocked by the battle .

“Retreat immediately!”

Deng Gong immediately made his move to escape and exited from the hall .

On the other hand, Han Nuan was extremely delighted as she had never thought that Qin Feng and Bai Li were so powerful .

“It must be the aptitude elites that had just arrived at Shadong Town, it must be, there is still hope!”

“Kill him, you trash!” The Sand Lizardfolk Queen let out an enraged roar .

“Yes, leader!” The beast general instantly transformed its body and quickly enlarged into a huge ultra beast that was two meters in height .

A lift of its hand instantly surrounded Qin Feng with yellow sand .


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The Sand Lizardfolk beast general let out a deafening roar as its conscious energy fluctuated, while the yellow sand turned into solid rocks and began to gush toward Qin Feng that was within .

Despite being protected by the barrier of his internal strength, the pressure of the massive solid rocks could also flatten and kill Qin Feng .

It was a disadvantage to take on battle at such a location .

The space was extremely limited and surrounded with earth runes that were highly in favor of the Sand Lizardfolks .

Qin Feng had been taking down the Sand Lizardfolk one at a time with his saber, however, the tables had turned, and he had to take on a much stronger opponent!

On the other hand, Bai Li blinked and disappeared from the tunnel, she had entered into the hall .

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Bai Li raised her hand and released all of the captured women from their cages .


Bai Li commanded .

Everyone of them had overcome their fear and started to run for their lives .

Han Nuan was poisoned and her body was in an extremely weak state; Bai Li untangled her from the ropes and let her out .

“Mistress, can you provide me with a gun? I would need to protect those that have escaped!” Han Nuan requested .

Bai Li took out a gun and passed it to Han Nuan .

“Thank you, Mistress!”

Han Nuan clenched her teeth as she forcefully lifted herself with conscious energy and floated outside .

“B*stard! Stop them!” The Sand Lizardfolk Queen roared .

Immediately, a troop of Sand Lizardfolk went ahead in pursuit .

“No one can harm those that I want to save!” Bai Li showcased her confidence valiantly; she lifted her hand and the surroundings were dazzling with light rays, and three Sand Lizardfolk were instantly torn apart .

“You are not a human being!”

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen instantly squinted her eyes .

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Fortunately, the message was not transmitted further by the conscious energy, and there were no other human beings left in the hall .

“How would that bother you, and for sure, I am also not the same tribe as you!” Bai Li let out a cold sneer and took a glance at the scales on the body of the Sand Lizardfolk Queen .

It looked horrible, and it was as if Bai Li could hurt her eyes just by looking at it .

“Then you shall die!”

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen seemed to have noticed the displeasure from Bai Li’s eyes, and she was infuriated by it .

She stood up from the ground .

As she had been lying prostrate on the ground, she had shorter but powerful legs that were curled up, while her abdomen was densely filled with scales, stretched and flattened onto the ground .

However, the queen had now resized her waist and extended her legs to support her body, and was standing up .

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen had now taken the form of a complete female; however, her body was still densely covered by scales .

“You shall die now!”

The queen took out the whip from her waist, and as a silver light flashed through, the whip was swept toward Bai Li .

Bai Li was immediately on high alert .

“This whip looks good!”

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen let out a cold sneer . “Then you shall die to this!”


The whip was aimed at Bai Li, the ray of silver light flashed through and a pitch black spatial rift had been cracked open .

Such an attack from the rift would definitely destroy every defensive capabilities of its victim .

Surprisingly, the whip was a spatial rune equipment .

Bai Li sneered as the spatial rift that was formed around her began to heal by itself .

As the surrounding runes intensified, Qin Feng was further pressured within his own internal strength .

Qin Feng immediately pressed his left arm toward the rock and began to channel his explosive conscious energy .

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“Lava Flow Style!”

All of a sudden, fire runes began to encroach into the earth runes and instantly melted into dark red lava .


Lava began to gush out from Qin Feng’s left arm and was blasted out in a straight line for more than ten meters .


The Sand Lizardfolk beast general was instantly tossed out and submerged into the melted lava .

Qin Feng dashed away from the edged stone wall and began to slaughter with his Verdant Emperor Saber .


The beast general was struck with a hit of Burning Sword Glare on its body .


The hit had landed onto the body of the beast general that was covered with extremely solid scales, flames exploded from the Verdant Emperor Saber and sparked in all directions, without any doubt, the hit from the saber had overpowered the defences of its opponent .

An arm was completely cut off .

Qin Feng pressed on with his attacks and followed up with another hit .


A Sand Lizardfolk was beheaded and the skull rolled on the ground with scales that were still attached to it .

The Sand Lizardfolk beast general had been slain!

“Damn it!”

The Sand Lizardfolk Queen was infuriated and lashed her whip toward Qin Feng .

“Pfft!” All of a sudden, Qin Feng’s internal strength was destroyed as a dark rift began to continue the strike . It was as if Qin Feng was about to be devoured by it .