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Master of the End Times - Chapter 334

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:13 AM

Chapter 334: Summoning Gateway

Chapter 334: Summoning Gateway


A piercing roar rang out .

Qin Feng and Bai Li were suddenly surrounded by hundreds of sand lizardfolk .

They were all in a wild sprint toward the direction of where the Sand Lizardfolk Queen had fallen .

Around two hundred or so of the sand lizardfolk were annihilated under Qin Feng and Bai Li’s rampage, now there looked to be about three hundred remaining . It was actually more Lizards than he originally imagined .


Qin Feng’s consciousness shifted and the Sand Lizardfolk Queen’s head exploded, only leaving behind a fist-sized energy crystal core that resembled a miniscule planet in his palm .

The sand lizardfolk collectively became enraged at the sight .

Not only did he kill their clan leader, he had also taken away the sand lizardfolk’s most important crystal core .

Qin Feng’s actions drove them over the edge!

“Sacrifice! Summon!”

Among the sand lizardfolk, an elderly looking beast general abruptly spread out its consciousness .

Qin Feng was not sure what was going on but there was a creeping sense of dread that began to slowly grasp at his heart .


One sand lizardfolk abruptly and violently exploded into a shower of sandstone .

Bang! Bang bang!

One by one, more sand lizardfolk began to explode and the sandstone was swept up into the air, collecting into the shape of a large gateway .

The sandstone gate was a hundred meters wide and fifty meters tall, an incredible size .

A Summoning Gateway .

The gate made out of the accumulated sandstone still had the background of the desert behind it, but in the blink of an eye its interior glowed with a silver light before the scenery framed by the gateway was painted pitch black .

The gateway, no a spatial rift had just been opened up!

Every intelligent species, like human beings, had mastered the secrets of space time . Even then, the human beings’ understanding of such secrets paled in comparison to what the intelligent ultra beasts knew!

At that time, humans did not know how to use other kinds of energy to break open spatial rifts . The most they were able to comprehend was how to seal them using energy .

Meanwhile, the sand lizardfolk had just used a suicide ritual to open the largest spatial rift he had ever seen since his rebirth .

The thing looked like a damned runway to him! With how tall and wide it was, it might as well be enough for behemoths to step through!

Qin Feng’s expression paled at the thought!

From the rift, an E-tier ultra beast crawled out . It was a desert lizard .

Very quickly, it was joined by countless more desert lizards . As they exited the rift and stepped onto the sand, they made rustling noises as they moved .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Behind them was a D-tier crawling dragon!

While that might have just been an ordinary ultra beast, it had a body length of twenty meters long . It definitely qualified as an ultra behemoth .

It did not stop there, the rift was still spitting out ultra beasts .

“B*stards! Stop moving!” Qin Feng roared and unleashed a powerful attack .

“Hell Magma!”

The front of the rift turned into a huge pool of magma .

Pop! Plop!



As soon as more ultra beasts stepped out of the rift, the ones that fell into the lava began to scream .

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“Cut the feed!” Qin Feng called out before turning off his video recording, Bai Li following suit soon after .

His consciousness began to spread out .


Due to Qin Feng’s battle, all of the nearby drones in the North Sea Desert were sent over to monitor the situation . It was not clear to him just how many people would see the image .

In the headquarters in Shadong Town, the video feeds all turned into static .

The already grumpy Hu Liang let out a frustrated grunt .

“What the hell is going on over there?!” He let out a roar .

The people nearby scattered like startled hens at his outburst, unwilling to make a sound except for Hu Liang’s deputy, who quickly wiped sweat off his brow and said, “General Hu, Mr . Qin must have destroyed the drones so we can’t monitor him!”

“Monitor? What do you mean monitor? What, you didn’t see the giant f*cking space hole that just ripped open in the middle of the desert? You didn’t hear the alarm? What if some kind of an overpowered ultra beast crawls out of there? What are you waiting for? Shadong Town to collapse?”

The deputy continued to wipe away the cold sweat that was dripping from his face .

“Then… should we send more drones, General Hu?”

The drones were no more than just half a meter long machines and there were at least a thousand of them in the desert .

“No point . The situation is critical . Get all the D-tiers you can and tell them to go check out the area!”

“But… but… that’s sand lizardfolk territory!”

“Did you get dropped on your head or were you born dumb? What lizardfolk? Their clan leader just died! Now get me a combat hover copter, I’m going too!”

“Yes, General!”

Hu Liang gathered four to five D-tier aptitude users and rushed off to the wilds of the North Sea Desert!

At this time, the land of the sand lizardfolk had been turned into a sea of magma . In the magma were all bones, crystal cores, ultra beast skin and claws .

There was nothing alive!

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“Bai Li! Seal the rift! Quickly!” Qin Feng exclaimed .

Bai Li nodded, activating her power, and a silver glow began to envelop the front of the gigantic rift .

In an instant, the black rift turned into a brilliant silver .


From the giant rift, a massive ultra beast pushed out a large hand .


This hand was covered in scales and if Qin Feng had to guess, it was probably the hand of a tarrasque .

It had giant claws, a full two meters in length and each nail like giant hooks . Under the scorching sun, they reflected a chilling glint . There was no way of judging just how many creatures had been slain by those very claws .


The silver light was punctured and a black crack began to appear over it .

Bai Li was furious .


The silver light glowed, immediately surrounding the crack as well as the arm of that C-tier ultra beast .



There was a crisp sound, like a mirror emitting silver light being shattered before turning into flecks of glowing energy that began to dissipate .

Looking at where the huge gateway was, there would be nothing by the desert scenery and the boundless dimming sky .

No rift . No space runes either!


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The giant hand fell into the magma, making quite the splash as the flesh was cooked and blood was boiled in the blink of an eye before turning into grey ash . Only the nails and scales were left behind .

“Hoo!” Qin Feng’s forehead was drenched in sweat .

Having to maintain such a huge range of Hell Magma also consumed a large amount of his consciousness .

Finally . It was all over!


Qin Feng manipulated his consciousness and the materials in the magma floated up and began to stack up beside him .

Bai Li waved her hand at the pile and swept them away .


The fiery element of Hell Magma was recovered one after another in the blink of an eye .


From across the horizon, several combat hover copters suddenly came into view .

Qin Feng raised his head and looked up, thinking for a moment before realizing they were probably from Shadong Town!

Just as he expected, the combat hover copters began to descend .

The first person he saw was Hu Liang .

From what Hu Liang saw when in the air, there was a huge sandstone gateway towering over the desert . There were hundreds of meters of black-colored lime* on the ground but no sign of any ultra beasts .

“What’s going on? Wasn’t there a rift before? Where did the rift go?” Hu Liang demanded .

Translator’s Notes: Lime as in limestone .