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Master of the End Times - Chapter 335

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:31:12 AM

Chapter 335: Risking Life for Some Riches

Chapter 335: Risking Life for Some Riches

Qin Feng naturally would not have answered, as the rift was handled by spatial beast emperor Bai Li .

“The sand lizardfolk are only D-tier, they sacrificed themselves to try and summon such a massive spatial rift but it was unstable so it collapsed on itself!” He decided to blatantly lie .

Hu Liang was not entirely convinced . “What about the ultra beasts then?”

Qin Feng replied in a calm manner, “The ultra beasts were only E-tier beasts . Don’t you think I’d be strong enough to handle those kinds of creatures? Everything you see on the ground here was caused by my Magma technique!”

“That does make sense!” Hu Liang still had his doubts as he did not know what occurred, but the results were clear to him . Regardless of Qin Feng’s methods, in the end, the appearance of the giant spatial rift did not cause any massive changes to the North Sea Desert .

“General Hu, there was just a battle here and a beast king was just slain . Its aura had spread out to make this into a beast king’s battleground which is why no other ultra beasts have appeared yet . If we keep staying here though, we might find out who’s the new owner of this territory!”

Hu Liang’s face fell, “I understand, but Mr . Qin you’ve done a great job today . You took out a beast king and wiped out an entire tribe . We will give you the rewards you deserve!”

Qin Feng nodded, then said, “In that direction you’ll find the few people I rescued from the sand lizardfolk’s underground tunnels, now that you’re here they can be brought back!”

Hu Liang did not know what happened, but he nodded before ordering for a combat hover copter to find the people that Bai Li rescued .

“Mr . Qin, are you still going to stay here? It’ll be getting dark soon!” Hu Liang asked .

“I still have some things I want to do . Take care, General . I’ll head back after a while!” Qin Feng raised a hand to his head in a respectful salute .

Hu Liang thought about it for a moment and realized what Qin Feng was going to do! The Sand Lizardfolk Queen had been slain but there were still the sand lizardfolk’s warrens below!

The sand lizardfolk hoarded fire diamonds which were highly valuable .

It was a shame that all of those had become Qin Feng’s possessions . Whoever tried to take a piece of it would have come out with a few more pieces of themselves missing .

While it was not exactly clear how the rift disappeared, it was clear that Qin Feng killed the Sand Lizardfolk Queen .

Someone who could take on a king was naturally around the same level themselves .

The D-tiers near the hover copters stared at him with a mixture of awe and envy .

“Looks like the beast emperor crystal core wasn’t bought in vain . Turns out someone so young has a king’s level of power!’

“Of course it wasn’t in vain! He bought it for 100 billion!”

“Earning 10 billion per year would still have to take ten years worth of time . Ten years later, the kid’s probably going to be C tier!”

“Right now this Qin Feng’s probably going to rob the sand lizardfolk’s warrens!”

“Yeah, even then we still can’t go . The guy fought hard to get it so don’t provoke him . These rewards are befitting of someone who can rival a king in terms of power!”

“These aren’t just any kind of benefits!”

“How much benefit is worth risking your life for?”

The others were talking amongst themselves by now and it was clear that Qin Feng, without a doubt, had become the subject of their envy and admiration .

Meanwhile, Qin Feng and Bai Li had gone off into the entrance where Deng Gong had escaped from before . When he spread out his consciousness, he sensed that the underground passageways spread out in all directions .

He grabbed Bai Li by the hand and went down a path . The corner of his mouth twitched with dissatisfaction .

After a while, he saw a figure in the tunnel he went down .

It turned out to be Deng Gong .

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“Ah!” Deng Gong let out a startled yelp when he saw Qin Feng and Bai Li . The next thing he did was turn tail and run .

“Hmph . ”

With an indifferent huff, his internal force was unleashed and had wrapped itself around Deng Gong’s body .


Deng Gong dropped to the ground, unable to move from the pressure . He could not even raise his head and could only lay sprawled out on the ground .

“You really plan on throwing your life away for some cash, huh?” Qin Feng said coldly .

Deng Gong was panicking and shakened to the core, “Sir . Sir, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have come here . Sir, all of the sand lizardfolk’s treasures are yours!”

“Aren’t they all supposed to belong to me in the first place?”

Deng Gong’s forehead was drenched in sweat .

Qin Feng asked in a low voice, “Deng Gong . Does the Desert Eagle Organization know about your deal?”

Deng Gong could only slightly nod his head, “Yea . Yes!”

“So Guo Geng also knew?”

“Sir, if the Boss wasn’t involved, how would I have been able to contact the sand lizardfolk?”

Deng Gong was only E-tier and was about as strong as a juvenile sand lizardfolk . If all of this was on Deng Gong then it would probably have been impossible .

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“Then I have one last question for you . Where is Guo Geng now?”

Deng Gong quickly answered, “Sir… the Boss… No, no, Guo Geng should be in Wangbei Town by now, a small town near Qihan City . But… but he always changes places . I’m always talking to him via communicator, if you want to find him then I can call him right now!”


Qin Feng stepped on the other’s wrist, instantly shattering the communicator along with Deng Gong’s wrist .

“Aaah!” Deng Gong let out a pained scream .

“No need . If I want to find him, then I’ll find him myself . No matter where, I’ll find him!”

Qin Feng raised a fist, and began to send out large quantities of internal force from it before bringing it down on Deng Gong’s body .

The Asteroid Assimilation was activated, completely absorbing all of the internal strength inside Deng Gong’s dantian!

There was fear in his eyes as he felt his internal force get abruptly drained from his body . He could not even say a word .

Qin Feng flicked his wrist and the Verdant Emperor Saber was wreathed in flames before it sliced toward Deng Gong’s neck

Without internal strength and being restrained by Qin Feng’s aura, Deng Gong could only stare at his incoming death, unable to avoid it, unable to look away! The man died while his eyes were open!

As the head was lopped off, it was placed inside Qin Feng’s spatial rune equipment . With another flick of his wrist, Deng Gong’s body was instantly turned to ash with a burst of hellfire .

As the flames burned the body away, some rune equipment was also exposed .

Qin Feng picked up a silver ring studded with gemstones and scanned it with his consciousness . He then discovered that there was a box of fire diamonds inside .

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The treasure of the sand lizardfolk was indeed here!

“Alright!” Qin Feng said .

“Did he take anything good? We haven’t even packed the treasure yet, and I want that tiara that the Sand Lizardfolk Queen was wearing . It’s so pretty!” Bai Li said .

Qin Feng’s lips twitched into a smile . “That has the best fire diamond out of all of them, it can even be used in the place of an ultra beast crystal core for rune equipment, but if you like it, then you can use it as jewelry!”

“That sounds good . I’ll have to thank you then, hubby!” Bai Li said playfully as she held Qin Feng’s hand .

“Hey, you’re the one who’s the hero this time . Why are you thanking me? I should be thanking you!”

‘Thanking you for fighting side by side with me, running all over the place on this road of rebirth . I no longer feel alone, on the contrary, it has been quite fun . ’


The Cloud Nine was extremely fast . Although Qin Feng went down the underground passage of the sand lizardfolk before leaving, he arrived well before Hu Liang and the others did when he headed back to Shadong Town .

As soon as the Cloud Nine arrived, it was discovered by many people .

Qin Feng had chosen to land on the roof of the aptitude user’s hall, after all, the place was close enough!

After putting away the Cloud Nine, Qin Feng entered the hall .

He then reached the reception area on the second floor and sent the video via his communicator .

“Certify this information!”