Master of the End Times - Chapter 338

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Chapter 338: up Plan

Chapter 338: The Clean-up Plan

Bai Li’s attacks were quite scary and vicious, and Bai Li always had a cold look on her face . Those people who did not have dirty thoughts about her would not dare to interact with Bai Li that easily .

What was more, between the pair, Bai Li was an otherworldly creature and much more difficult to communicate with . Naturally, Chen Xiang felt that talking to Qin Feng would be much easier as the message would also be better conveyed to Bai Li as well .

“Bro, I understand what you’re saying, so you want me to exterminate the worm queen?” Qin Feng asked .

Even Qin Feng did not dare to promise that he would be able to defeat the worm queen .

The more capable the beast king was, the more powerful it was, and the worm queen was the most threatening beast among them .

And there were too many instances where fighting in groups would be better than going solo .

“This is too dangerous! Although you killed the Sand Lizardfolk Queen, I wouldn’t dare to let you face the tribe by yourself . We can all work together to kill the worm queen!” Chen Xiang motioned with his hands hurriedly .

“That’s a great idea!” Qin Feng nodded .

The stiff expression on Chen Xiang’s face finally relaxed .

“Are you planning to join our Freemen Alliance as well?”

Qin Feng, however, shook his head, “Since we’re free men, why do we still need an alliance? Wouldn’t it be unnecessary to form such an alliance? Let’s just treat this as a collaboration work, we’re just temporary teammates!”

Qin Feng did not want to get involved with Yan Fang for the time being .

He was not weak, though he was not much stronger than Qin Feng either .

But he would eventually become a member of the Dark Organization, and that was for certain .

It was better for Qin Feng to stay on guard .


Just as Chen Xiang was about to say something, Qin Feng let out a faint laugh, “I’m a man who prefers absolute freedom, consider this cooperation my help to you, and as a show of gratitude for the time you helped me at the auction house!”

If it were not for giving Chen Xiang face, Qin Feng would not have agreed to this muddy trip .

After all, this was a worm queen siege .

Whether it was the Steel-limb Broodmother Queen or the Golden Ant Queen, an F-tier worm queen was very difficult to deal with, let alone a D-tier worm queen .

“Alright, we’ll go by what you said . It would be good if we can get to know each other, and promise me we’ll fight by each other’s side in the future!” Chen Xiang said .

“Of course!”

Qin Feng nodded .

“Let’s get going!”

Chen Xiang got up and put on the bathrobe that was placed next to him . Then, he led Qin Feng to the club’s lounge .

Inside the lounge, there was already a group of people .

Not only were there aptitude users in bathrobes, there was also a group of beautiful young women in bikinis surrounding them .

As soon as Qin Feng entered the lounge, the crowd immediately turned their attention to them .

“Qin Feng, let me introduce you to the leader of the Freemen Alliance, Yan Fang!”

“Hello there!”


Both men shook hands, and a glimmer of light flashed in both of their eyes .

“Mr Qin, we understand why you wouldn’t want to join our alliance . For a strong man like you, it’s obvious that you wouldn’t want to be led by others . Of course, the Freemen Alliance itself isn’t a bound alliance, so let’s treat this cooperation as a temporary project and nothing more!”

“Of course!” Qin Feng nodded .

“Mr Qin, have a seat!”

“Mr Qin, do you require these beauties for your service?”

“Mr Qin doesn’t need any beauties! He already has a girlfriend and she’s a real beauty!”

The crowd spoke to Qin Feng one after another .

Qin Feng’s eyebrows furrowed slightly . He despised the fact that these people were comparing Bai Li to these women who sold their bodies just so they could stay by these aptitude users’ side .

“Don’t worry about me, you guys enjoy yourselves!”

Qin Feng rejected their offer and sat alone on a sofa .

His demeanor became somewhat cold .

Everyone was somewhat sullen, and deep inside, they did not like Qin Feng very much .

In their opinion, Qin Feng was too arrogant .

Yan Fang looked shaken and he waved his hand to signal for the women to leave the lounge .

“Let’s discuss the plan . Lately, the golden sand worms are on the move quite frequently . The faster we make our move, the better!”

Once they got to the main topic, Qin Feng’s face warmed up a bit .

In fact, Yan Fang and the others knew what important matters they should focus on . The golden sand worms indeed posed a great danger to them, so dangerous that they must not dally around anymore .

More importantly, Yan Fang had found the Golden Sand Worm Queen’s nest .

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With that, they knew the location and the time to strike, and all that was missing was unity between the members!

With Qin Feng now in the team, they truly had the manpower to challenge the Golden Sand Worm Queen .

With that being said, the operation had been confirmed .

“There are two hundred thousand golden sand worms, and we have to clear at least ten thousand per day for a period of half a month . Toward the end, we’ll start the siege on the Golden Sand Worm Queen . I’ll register this mission with Hu Liang and make this our main mission, other urgent missions can wait!”

Chen Xiang was the first to frown . “I’m afraid the members of the Freemen Alliance would become too exhausted from killing a hundred worms, let alone ten thousand . That’s an insane number!”

Only Yan Fang would think otherwise .

His eyes fell on Qin Feng .

“Kill as many as you can, leave the rest to me!” Qin Feng smiled faintly .

“Nice, I like you Mr Qin, you’re always up for a good challenge!” Yan Fang smiled .

In fact, Qin Feng had only killed around four thousand golden sand worms in eight hours today . Qin Feng did not go all out as he did not want to show off too much in front of the other D-tier aptitude users .

And now, things were different since this was a mission . The more effort Qin Feng put in the more rewards he would get once the mission had been completed .

“Tomorrow, assemble here at 8 am sharp, and we’ll head to the battlefield together! Hopefully, this time we’ll be able to protect Shadong Town!” Yang Fang said .

The crowd was in high spirits .

They were no longer weak aptitude users, and naturally they would want to achieve something great .

They were now involved in the siege of the beast king . How could something like this not be exciting to them .

Moreover, they would be granted with great wealth once the siege was completed!

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In the next morning, a platoon of combat hover copters flew past Shadong Town .

It was a bit strange that so many combat hover copters were deployed without any prior notice .

Lei Chang, who was still having his breakfast, frowned when he heard the hover copters . “What’s going on? Are they on a big mission right now?”

With his powers, Lei Chang could sense the number of people inside the hover copters that were zooming through the sky .

There were more than forty D-tiers inside!

One of Lei Chang’s goons immediately stepped forward . “It’s Yan Fang’s group, and they just won’t give up on the Golden Sand Worm Queen . This time, they’ve grouped up with Qin Feng who has just bought the beast emperor crystal core . It looks like something big is about to happen!”

Lei Chang immediately frowned when he heard Qin Feng’s name .


Lei Cheng snorted in dissatisfaction, and his glare turned fierce .

Before this, he had ordered people to set up Qin Feng, but never did he expect that Qin Feng would still be able to complete the task and slay the Sand Lizardfolk Queen .

Not only did Qin Feng gain the spotlight, he had also benefited from Lei Cheng’s plan, unintentionally helping him to succeed in the mission .

How could Lei Chang not be angry?

Just thinking about it made Lei Chang’s heart ache in anger .

“That damn brat!”

Lei Chang became even more infuriated .

The injuries that Lei Chang had received from the showdown at the auction house had mostly recovered, but it still somewhat affected his combat, which made him furious .

Although there was no need for him to risk his life in battle, again, Lei Chang had gained nothing in the past few days, and a lot of things had been delayed since .