Master of the End Times - Chapter 339

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Chapter 339: Yan Fang’s Candy Trap

Chapter 339: Yan Fang’s Candy Trap

Now, Qin Feng had teamed up with Yan Fang and his people, and they were on their way out for a hunt . Just the thought of this made his blood boil .

At this time, the people in the hover copters had their missile scopes locked onto the area they wanted to attack .

While the golden sand worms were young, they had the strength of an F-tier . They could then evolve into E-tier ultra beasts once they had reached adulthood, and some of them could advance to D-tier if they were to grow well .

When the worm pack was on the move, the D-tier worm beasts would mix among the pack and they were extremely powerful .

Worse still, these D-tier worms were worm soldiers and generals .

In the entire pack, there was only one beast king—the Golden Sand Worm Queen . The queen hid underground and did not move much .

This was because the queen’s strongest ability was reproduction .

Qin Feng had reached a location nearest to the golden sand worm’s nest, while the others were a little further away .

Under the yellow sand, there were no visible traces of the golden sand worms .

The sand worms had the same appearance as sand, and they carried a shell that looked like golden sand pellets . Their mouths had strong suction power, and their teeth were sharp enough to easily bite through human bones .

The F-tier sand worm larvae were around a meter long, and the E-tiers were one and half meters long, which was almost the same height as humans!

On the other hand, the D-tier sandworms could reach up to two meters long, which was the size of a giant worm . It could easily flatten and crush a human being with just a single charge .

As soon as Qin Feng and Bai Li landed on the ground, a fearless golden sand worm larva emerged from the sand and bit onto Qin Feng .


The golden sand worm collided onto Qin Feng’s internal aura and was blasted away .

Qin Feng stepped forward and crushed the sand worm with his foot .


Brown blood gushed out of the sand worm’s body, and its foul smell stung Qin Feng’s nose .

“If we hunt like this, how long will it take us to finish killing a few thousand of these worms?” Qin Feng thought . With a point of his finger, a weapon from his spatial rune equipment appeared in his hand .

It was a hand cannon!


Qin Feng pushed the button and a cannonball was shot a hundred meters away .


Sand, dusts and smoke arose upon impact .

The shockwave from the blast began to spread .

The golden sand worms hidden in the sand were enraged as they were startled by the blast .


The sand worms began to crawl out of the desert .

The yellow sand gradually turned gold with sand worms, and the sand worms swarmed toward Qin Feng like a big tide .

A gigantic golden sand worm then bit onto Qin Feng .

It was a D-tier golden sand worm .

Qin Feng was unfazed by the bite and wielded his Verdant Emperor Saber .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

The saber slashed horizontally, instantly splitting the golden sand worm into two .

Subsequently, monstrous flames sprung out from Qin Feng’s body .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

Qin Feng’s consciousness was able to spread to the range of one kilometer, and the fiery diamond core had even granted Qin Feng a monstrous fire rune .

This further enhanced the hellfire carpet’s power .

All around Qin Feng, every corner of the desert within his sight was engulfed by a sea of fire .


The sand worms shrieked .

The flames roasted all of their bodies, turning them into charcoal in the blink of an eye .

Major kill!

If Qin Feng did not stop his powers, the flames could keep on killing the sand worms .

The golden sand worms quickly hid underground, but Qin Feng was not going to let them go . He reloaded his hand cannon and continued with his bombardment .


This time, the cannon struck the hornet’s nest, and thousands of insectoids surged out of the ground . Among them was actually a D-tier beast general .

The beast general was four meters long . As it dashed toward Qin Feng, it opened its mouth wide and swallowed Qin Feng whole into its stomach .

It swallowed Qin Feng in a single gulp without biting through Qin Feng’s internal force .

Qin Feng sneered and pointed the Verdant Emperor Saber toward the sky .

“Blazing, Sky!”


Light burst out of his blade and pierced through the golden sand worm’s shell from the inside, creating a huge opening .

Qin Feng instantly leaped out of it .

On the other hand, the beast general had received heavy damage and was on the verge of death .

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The battle lasted for an hour, and Qin Feng finished off a beast general with ease .

Others did not dare to do it like Qin Feng .

The place they were at was actually ten kilometers away from the golden sand worms .

The two hundred thousand golden sand worms were too loosely dispersed, so the alliance advanced step by step .

It was just that Qin Feng was clearly not following them and going on his own killing spree . In a way, it did help make things easier for the others, relieving the pressure for them .

“This Qin Feng dude really did what he said he would do!”

“He lured most of the sand worms away, making things easier for us!”

“Qin Feng is so powerful!”

Bai Li was at the battle area right next to Qin Feng, and on her other side was Yan Fang .

Bai Li was sitting on a sand dune, watching Qin Feng’s battle with boredom .

In just an hour’s time, Bai Li had killed a hundred golden sand worms, after which she stopped hunting .

If any of the golden sand worms were to mess with Bai Li, Bai Li would release her aura to scare them away .

Ever since fighting with Qin Feng, the range of Qin Feng’s absorption ability was too vast . Because of this, Bai Li did not like killing ultra beasts as Qin Feng would not be able to devour the beasts’ powers .

As a result, Bai Li had little to no enthusiasm for this battle .

At this moment, the battlefield where Yan Fang was at began to die down a little . He proceeded to walk toward Bai Li’s direction .

When he arrived, he was surprised to find Bai Li sitting on a sand dune instead of fighting . She placed her chin on both of her palms, looking into the distance .

Such a beautiful lady would truly make anyone’s heart throb .

Yan Fang’s eyes twinkled with excitement .

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He made his footsteps louder as if he wanted to get Bai Li’s attention, except that when he reached Bai Li’s side, she did not even turn to look at him .

“Why are you sitting here, Miss Bai?” Yan Fang broke the silence .

Bai Li took a look at Yan Fang and turned away . “I’ve only been asked to kill a hundred golden sand worms . I’ve done it!”

Yan Fang’s pupils narrowed .

Bai Li was indeed strong, and from among the rumors and news he had heard, Qin Feng had a strong female counterpart that would always be by his side . Many were jealous of him because of this .

“Princess Bai, since you’re done killing, would you like to eat something?” Yan Fang asked .

“What?” Bai Li’s eyes lit up .

Yan Fang took out a crystal box, and inside the box, there was a small, crystal clear fruit .

“Here, have this fruit!” Yan Fang offered .

It was an icy-flesh fruit, although its rank was not high, it had a fatal attraction to women and it could help to smoothen and beautify one’s skin . One icy-flesh fruit was worth five million .

Although five million was nothing to a D-tier aptitude user, spending five million to acquire a G-tier fruit was considered a lavish spending!

Yan Fang had put in a lot of effort to get Bai Li .

This was, of course, just a test . If Bai Li were interested, Yan Fang would give her something even better .

Bai Li looked at the icy-flesh fruit with disappointment . “Just this one?”

Yan Fang was stunned .

“There’s no use eating too much of this spirit fruit, since it wouldn’t amplify its benefits anyways!” Yan Fang said .

“Forget about it, I’ve my own!” Bai Li trailed off .

Saying that, Bai Li raised her hand, and a huge pile of pristine lotus seeds appeared on the crystal bowl .

To her, it was just a bowl of spirit fruits; but to others, it was a pile of money .