Master of the End Times - Chapter 342

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:59 AM

Chapter 342: Dogfight

Chapter 342: Dogfight

“All combat hover copters, fall back!”

“Evasive actions!”

“Main cannons ready to fire, D-tier destructive energy rounds armed, ready to engage!”

As Hu Liang gave the orders, the barrels of the energy cannons slowly turned to the skies .

Delay was not an option in battle .



A three-meter round exploded across the sky .

It looked like a rocket ship that aimed for the sky from afar .

After the round had traveled more than ten thousand meters, it began to turn downward .

The dozens of combat hover copters were hovering a thousand meters away . They looked on as the round landed upon the swarms of bugs .


A loud explosion erupted .

The flashpoint pierced through the sky .

A huge mushroom cloud rose out from the eruption .

Soon, the flashpoint vanished . A cloud of dense smoke spiraled into the skies .

An innumerable amount of fragmented insectoid bodies covered the ground .

They were all taken out by the violent explosion!

“Looks like that round didn’t do much!” said Qin Feng .

Everyone on the Sky Dweller was taken aback .

“Come on, that was a D-tier destructive energy around . Theoretically, it could wound a beast emperor!”

“You’d have to hit it first!” Qin Feng shrugged .

The smoke began to disperse . Something was emerging from the center of the swarm .

There was a crater in the middle, almost a hundred meters in diameter . Underneath that, a golden light came into sight .


The light began to crack!

The Golden Sand Worm Queen crawled out soon after .

For now, it did not receive much damage .


The Golden Sand Worm Queen screeched out loudly . It produced a huge suction force that pulled in the combat hover copters toward it .

“Oh no, we better run!”

The aptitude users were horrified .

At that moment, a bunch of purple-colored combat hover copters began to fire erratically .

Some of the cannon fires were directed toward the Golden Sand Worm Queen . But most of them were fired at the combat hover copters in front .


A combat hover copter was directly hit . It lost balance and crashed into the ground .

With no means of resisting, the combat hover copters were directly sucked into the queen’s mouth .

The crew members leaped out from the choppers in an attempt to save themselves .

Qin Feng’s face turned grim .

“Dammit, it’s the Leitangs!”

“What the hell are they doing? Are they trying to kill us all?”

“Quick, we need to know their status!”

The people on the Sky Dweller were enraged .


Elsewhere, the five or six combat choppers of the Leitang Organization were flying in a dazzling manner above the battlefield .

Lei Chang was in one of them . He showed a grim smile as he ordered, “Lin Shi, knock that Sky Dweller out of the sky . Isn’t he rich? I’d like to see what he can do with his wealth! Those who are fated to crash shall eventually!”

Lin Shi was full of confidence within the chopper . As a D-tier gunner, he had vast experience in piloting the combat hover copter . He naturally agreed .

“That Qin Feng may be strong, but within the chopper he’s just a caged tiger . He won’t be able to escape; I’ll offer him to the purgatory!”

Lin Shi aimed his rounds precisely at the Sky Dweller .


On top of the Sky Dweller .

Qin Feng pulled up his stick . The Sky Dweller was flying at full speed .

The Sky Dweller managed to evade eight out of ten rounds . The other two rounds landed on the Sky Dweller .


The Sky Dweller’s shield was flickering crazily .

The seven or eight crew members in the Sky Dweller turned pale . They saw how the D-tier aptitude users who escaped from the crashed chopper were surrounded by the golden sand worms .

There was only a feeling of fear!

The people who asked what was going on shut their mouths!

Was there a need to ask at this moment?

Was there a need to ask at all?

The Leitangs intended to kill them!

Qin Feng calmly and quickly put on his flight helmet .

“Consciousness connection!”

In a split second, Qin Feng could feel his consciousness expanding to cover every part of the combat hover copter .

The many sensory buttons made him feel like he was the combat hover copter himself .

As his consciousness expanded, his senses had spread out as well . He could see everything that was going on on the battlefield .

Qin Feng locked on toward a direction . There was a purple chopper there .

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A streak of energy ray went in the direction of the chopper .

The chopper’s energy shield flickered for a moment . Its shield was severely weakened by the blow .

Qin Feng’s Sky Dweller was equipped with only energy cannons . It could only fire energy photons!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A row of light began to be fired in a dazzling array . There was no need to conserve ammo at all .


The enemy’s energy shield was shattered .

“Go to hell!”

Qin Feng huffed coldly . Using his consciousness, the light hit the side wing of the enemy chopper .


The hovering system was destroyed . The enemy chopper crashed to the ground!

The Sky Dweller tore across the sky like a victorious knight .


Numerous rounds of cannon fires erupted from behind .

Qin Feng made a swirl across the sky . In a few explosions of light, the pursuing rounds were destroyed .

Not only that, he had now appeared at the back of those crafts .

Bzzt! Bzzt!

A huge prism of light exploded .

A purple craft attempted to dodge evasively but its shield was hit by the light . The shield shattered immediately as it was already at its limit .

But the light caught another purple craft up ahead .


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The hover copter disintegrated!

The E-tier gunner pilot let out a shriek . His body was vaporized!

There were three other D-tiers that were caught in the wake of the explosion . They would not be able to return to the skies!

“Bastards, let’s kill him!”

Lei Chang was furious .

Lei Chang’s hover copter was the one that had its shield destroyed .

Lin Shi, who was piloting the craft, turned pale as well . That was too close for comfort!

For a gunner, especially a D-tier who could pilot the hover copter, a pilot going down with his craft is all too common .

Therefore, Lin Shi who narrowly escaped death almost lost it just now .

“F*ck, I don’t believe it . There must be another gunner on the craft . I’m gonna see who it is!”

Lin Shi quickly put on his flight helmet .

In an instant, his consciousness merged with the combat hover copter .

The two began to engage in an erratic dogfight .

The fight grew fierce .

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bzzt! Bzzt!!


Rounds were flying across the sky . Hover copters were falling down continuously .

It was not that they did not want to dodge, the combat hover copters they were piloting had no D-tier gunner interface . Although five of Leitang’s combat hover copters were not D-tier as well, their choppers were still miles ahead of the standard-issue ones from the Human Alliance .

And then there was the Golden Sand Worm Queen . The unlucky ones could only fall to the grounds .

There were only machines battling across the sky .