Master of the End Times - Chapter 344

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:56 AM

Chapter 344: Ambush

Chapter 344: Ambush

The mouth was still squirming around, trying to absorb the energy from the sand and churning them into her own power .

Qin Feng’s Hell Magma turned those sands into mouth-burning medicines instead .


It was the sound made by the Golden Sand Worm Queen that had been scorched .


The Golden Sand Worm Queen was screeching in pain .

Qin Feng covered his ears with his consciousness energy .

The other aptitude users who were weaker than Qin Feng felt as if their brains had been shaken .

But the swarms of Golden Sand Worms did not stop their frenzied attacks against these people .

“Cover it with cannon rounds, hit the queen’s weak points!”

Hu Liang continued giving the order to attack . The gunslingers who were standing from a distance began to attack in a frantic manner .

Lin Shi once again found his use . On his shoulder was a huge barrel aiming straight at the Golden Sand Worm Queen .

A translucent cannon round hit the giant mouth of the queen .


It produced a deep rumble that made them feel as if a huge energy was unleashed .

The attack had severely wounded the queen .

However, the attack knocked the queen away from the hell magma .

The huge creature rolled around and fell to the ground .

The aptitude users were manic .

The Golden Sand Worm Queen was previously covered by innumerable insectoids . Only Qin Feng and Bai Li could step into their territory like nobody’s business .

Now that the queen had been knocked back a few hundred meters, there were visibly fewer insectoids around her .

Lei Chang stepped on one of the golden sandworms . He raised his long sword that was covered in lightning .

“Lightning sword!”


A glow appeared on his sword as he slashed against the queen’s body .

However, at that moment, the Golden Sand Worm Queen’s feet began to turn around . The queen was now back on her feet .


The queen’s jade-white carapace turned into sharp blades that pierced toward Lei Chang .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Lei Chang’s internal hard qi was rippled by the attack . Before Lei Chang could land the attack, he was knocked back!


The Golden Sand Worm Queen sounded a long whistle . The numerous golden sandworm around her crawled into her abdomen . A bone-crushing sound followed soon after .

The Golden Sand Worm Queen quickly recovered from her ails .

The queen healed herself by consuming the rest of the golden sandworms .

“Steady lads, don’t rush in without a plan!” yelled Hu Liang .

Lei Chang turned pale . Was he referring to him?

At that moment, the insectoids began their frenzied rush to protect the queen, forcing the humans into retreat .

They might all be D-tiered aptitude users, but the number of insectoids was far too enormous .


Qin Feng took his time in pursuing the Golden Sand Worm . A fiery glow appeared from his sword as he severed the heads of the surrounding golden sandworms .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

Qin Feng charged into the middle like a lone ship in the middle of a sea of worms . A ship that was struggling but unsinkable .

The fire was spreading .

After going through seven to eight days of battle, the hellfire carpet’s true potential had been unshackled by Qin Feng .

As soon as Qin Feng raised his hand, a huge flame that covered the earth consumed up to a hundred meters in range .

All the insectoids that were within the range screeched out in pain . They were burnt into ashes by the flame .

The wings of the peacock carried Qin Feng forward .

At that moment, only Qin Feng dared to enter deep into the insectoid territory .

He covered a hundred meters in a flash .

“Hell magma!”

A pool of magma appeared once again underneath the Golden Sand Worm Queen .

Beneath the Queen’s feet, a golden light appeared to shield the magma .

“Magma pillar!”

Qin Feng’s consciousness energy pierced through the golden shield . By manipulating the fire-elemental runes, the magma pillar delivered a violent blow against its target .

The Queen once again lost her balance .

On the other side, Lin Shi was ecstatically pushing the trigger on his energy cannon . He was sending rounds to the Golden Sand Worm Queen as well .


The Golden Sand Word Queen made a somersault to dodge the rounds . It would not be easy to hit her again .

Qin Feng did not give her time to recover . Magma pools appeared incessantly underneath the Golden Sand Worm Queen’s feet .

Although they were not causing large damage to her, at least the magma pools prevented the Queen from absorbing the ground’s energy .

Soon after, Qin Feng sheathed his Verdant Emperor Saber .

The Queen had exceptional defensive points, she might even be immune to runic attacks . Perhaps physical attacks might do the trick?

Qin Feng’s speed exploded in a moment .

“Dragon Steps!”

“Dragon Slam!”

Qin Feng raised his hand . A 3-meter long dragon claw that was infused with heavy internal qi mauled onto the Queen’s carapace .


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A large tear appeared on the jade-like carapace .


Qin Feng quickly blinked onto the Queen .

“Asteroid Assimilation! Negate!”

In a blink of a second, an enormous surge of internal energy expanded Qin Feng’s physical energy by the multiples .


One punch and the Golden Sand Worm Queen’s outer carapace became fragmented .


Another punch .

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Qin Feng was delivering blows after blows on top of the Golden Sand Worm Queen . The whistling sound produced by the internal energy was deafening .

The Golden Sand Worm Queen turned her carapace into sharp blades to stab Qin Feng . However, they were all blocked by Qin Feng’s internal hard qi .

Qin Feng’s blows were hitting her weak spots!


The Golden Sand Worm Queen could not break free from Qin Feng .

Suddenly, a flash of golden light appeared .

The Queen’s body rapidly became smaller .

“Oh no! The Queen’s escaping!” Hu Liang roared in anger .

It was common knowledge that beast emperor-level creatures could shapeshift . When a large beast emperor is in fear, it could shrink itself to a size that is virtually undetectable . It was their unbeatable advantage .

They cannot let the beast emperor escape at this moment!

Qin Feng held on to the beast emperor as best as he could . But right at that moment, a cannon round barreled toward him!

It was Lin Shi!

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The cannon round was lethal . If it could wound the Golden Sand Worm Queen, it could naturally wound Qin Feng as well .

Qin Feng sternly twitched his eyes .


His high mental strength had directly interrupted Lin Shi’s control of the cannon round .

The round turned toward another direction and self-destructed .

The blast took out the golden sandworms on the ground .

Lin Shi’s face turned pale .

The cannon round was very costly . It was meant to be used against beast emperor-level creatures .

Qin Feng diverted his cannon rounds to hit the average golden sandworms is akin to firing artillery shells at mosquitoes .

“Damn!” Lin Shi was furious . He passed on a message with his consciousness energy . “Don’t let the Queen escape! Quickly, go for the beast emperor crystal core!”

Lin Shi was obviously trying to interrupt Qin Feng’s effort by directing everyone toward him .

The other aptitude users were stunned for a while . Moments later, their eyes lit up .

The fact that they could be at their level was not because of their impulsive natures . Nor it was because they only knew how to take orders .

But when the prize is on the line, the aptitude users were tempted to spring into action .



The crowd was screaming . Gradually, blood filled their eyes . Their sight was set upon Qin Feng’s location .

After all, the beast emperor only attacked Qin Feng!

Qin Feng grinned .

The Queen was hiding in the shadows, waiting for her turn to massacre the crowd . These people thought the Queen was like a sheep to the slaughter, they’ve even made Qin Feng their enemy!

How laughable!