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Master of the End Times - Chapter 345

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:55 AM

Chapter 345: Killings Without Hesitation

Chapter 345: Killings Without Hesitation

It was a turning point .

A ray of golden light flashed through the battlefield .

“Ah!!!” A D-tier ancient warrior covered his chest and did not know what had happened .

However, everyone else had seen it!

The chest of the aptitude user was impaled by the golden miniscule golden sand worms .


There was no chance for the D-tier aptitude user in surviving that, his internal strength disseminated into the air while his body collapsed onto the ground!

“Be careful!”

Everyone else was alerted by the situation .

The Golden Sand Worm Queen had shrunken its body!

It was truly unbelievable that it could travel at such a high speed .

A ray of golden light swept through the battlefield .

“Dragon Steps!”

Qin Feng’s internal strength began to rush and circulate within his body at high speed .

He vanished into the shadows and also turned into a golden light ray .

Gao Li who was positioned at the frontline of the battlefield had noticed the golden light that had appeared, and he was immediately alerted by it .

“It is the Golden Sand Worm Queen!”

Gao Li wanted to retreat; however, it was too late!

The Golden Sand Worm Queen was travelling too fast!

As Gao Li thought that he had no chance of surviving from the hit, another golden light ray appeared and was travelling faster than the Golden Sand Worm Queen, the scene before him seemed to have become slow motion .


Both sides collided into each other .

Both of the shadows stopped and revealed themselves, it was the Golden Sand Worm Queen and Qin Feng .


Qin Feng slammed down his palm and clawed onto the Golden Sand Worm Queen .


An insane amount of internal strength output was channelled onto the Golden Sand Worm Queen, it was unable to withstand the hit from the palm and instantly exploded .

The shapeshifting effect had instantly disappeared upon the death of the Golden Sand Worm Queen while its shrunken body expanded .

Amidst the chaos, a beast king core had drawn every attention from its surroundings with its glimmering glow under the sun .

Qin Feng grabbed onto it with one hand .

It was at that moment; another hand reached out simultaneously .

It was Lei Chang!

Lei Chang had been patiently waiting for this moment!

However, he did not think that Qin Feng would be one step ahead .

His sword was immediately drawn out and aimed toward Qin Feng’s arm .


The internal strength of the sword sparked and a deafening sound of collision was heard as it collided onto Qin Feng’s internal strength barrier .


Qin Feng immediately retrieved the core from the Golden Sand Worm Queen and kept it within his spatial rune equipment .

Then, Qin Feng glared at Lei Chang with an intense urge to kill .


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Qin Feng drew out his Verdant Emperor Saber from his spatial rune equipment, torrential flames surged from the saber as they were triggered by his internal strength .


“Burning Sword Glare!”

“Lei Sword!”

Lei Chang was infuriated and forced himself to confront Qin Feng directly .


Internal strengths collided with each other .

Flames were met with thunder, and both of them sparkled with blue and purplish white light rays simultaneously, although it was a short-lived blinding moment, the thunder sparks were soon overpowered by the blue flames .

The outcome of the battle had spoken for itself .

Lei Chang stood no chance in taking Qin Feng down .

Soon, after the collision of both internal strengths, both weapons crossed into a confrontation .

Lei Chang seemed to be insanely agitated .

As a member of the corporation, he still could not believe he would have such a regretful weaponry .

The next moment had instantly left Lei Chang stunned and speechless .


Both weapons collided, and Lei Chang’s weapon was halved, while Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber instantly slit through Lei Chang’s neck!

“Ugh…” Lei Chang wanted to speak; however, he had lost every bit of his strength, he looked upward as his vision spiralled continuously .

His skull had been completely detached from his body .

Lei Chang did not even have the ability to cross his sword with Qin Feng, and he was instantly served with Qin Feng’s beheading!

Lei Chang was dead!!!

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Qin Feng activated his internal strength silently and absorbed every bit of internal strength that was dispersing from Lei Chang, although physical contact might have been a more effective absorbent, however, Qin Feng had still managed to take up to eighty percent of it .

It was at that moment, outer shells and the golden fleshes of the golden sand worms were looted by other aptitude users as they stared at Qin Feng like a pack of hungry wolves .

Soon, all of them caught a cold chill running down their spines .

Lei Chang’s body that fell flat on the ground had caught them off guard .

What had happened within the short moment?

Did Lei Chang die for real?

“Commander!” Lin Shi was infuriated, as it was unexpected that Lei Chang would have such a tragic ending .

He immediately targeted his vision onto Qin Feng .

“It’s you, you killed our commander!” Lin Shi let out a raging roar .

Qin Feng replied with a similar voice combined with his internal strength .

“What can you do about that?” Qin Feng shouted, “I did not go through the difficult battle just for the sake of benefiting all of you, now, everyone that has gotten the flesh of the Golden Sand Worm Queen, return it for standardized distribution after the battle, or else, I would assure all of you a merciless massacre!”

Everyone in the surroundings was shocked and trembled in fear .

“Mr Qin, I agree!”

Gao Li was the first to stand out as he was just saved by Qin Feng, he was the closest with the Golden Sand Worm Queen, and he had gotten himself a huge piece of flesh that had exploded from the dead queen .

The Golden Sand Worm Queen core was worth around five billion while the flesh and outer shells differed in value, and all of them would have a combined value of at least fifteen billion, any single piece of flesh could be worth more than one billion!

Gao Li was fine with it as he knew that Qin Feng would not mistreat any of them .

With an initiator among the crowd, the remaining members from the Freemen Alliance trusted Qin Feng collectively handed out their loot .

Qin Feng pointed his weapon toward the members of the Leitang Organization .

“Do you all wish to join your commander?”

Everyone panicked and had cold sweats .

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Qin Feng’s dominance was insanely overpowering!

Despite being at the same hierarchy, they had no chance in defeating Qin Feng .

They had no choice but to hold their grudges against Qin Feng as they knew that Qin Feng meant what he had just said .

As he was already capable of taking down the commander, would they not be an easier target for him?

Moreover, Lin Shi had also remained silent and refrained from going against Qin Feng .

The chaotic moment had a brief pause as everyone took out their items that were looted from the queen and handed them over to Bai Li who collected every one of them .

“Continue the siege and kill every remaining golden sand worm!”

Qin Feng ordered .

Everyone followed the order while those that were agitated by Qin Feng had no choice but to channel all their anger toward the golden sand worms .

Without the support of the queen, there were merely thousands of worms left, and soon, they were all being annihilated completely by the forces .

Although there might be one or two that had managed to escape, it was highly unlikely for them to form a new clan within a short period of time .

It was safe to say that it was a successful operation!

The battle lasted for more than ten hours and only ended during sunset, everyone was extremely exhausted .

However, none of them left, and everyone looked toward Qin Feng .

It seemed that everyone was waiting for the distribution from Qin Feng .

There were ten D-tiers that had died from the battle, while the majority from the one hundred fifty people left were from the Freemen Alliance .

Hu Liang and Yan Fang approached Qin Feng .

Qin Feng knew what they were up to, however, he had no interest in having any discussions with them .

He did not even want to favor anyone at the surroundings .

Qin Feng evaluated the situation around him and spoke . “The sudden outburst situation was originally participated by more than forty aptitude users from the Freemen Alliance and myself, our hard-fought battle for the past eight days had annihilated ten thousand worm beasts, and I believe all of you have heard of this accomplishment!”