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Chapter 35

Qin Feng was now at somewhere about 100 km away from Chengbei Colony . This was one of the spots purged by the Savage Armies . Hence, there would be no powerful beasts attacking Qin Feng . However, there were still some G-tier beasts lying around . During spring and autumn, the military would continue to come here to do their annual purge .

 1He decided to set up camp within the confines of the hovercar . Besides, why put all that luxury to waste . Before Qin Feng settled to sleep, he sprinkled some beast-repellent powder 20 meters away .

 Waking up the next morning, he found several beasts trying to approach the vehicle, only to be stopped by the beast repellent barricade . Seeing the opportunity, Qin Feng quickly rounded them up and killed them . With the encouraging results, he set out to look for another rift . After looking around for some time, his efforts were fruitless and to no avail .

 1“I’m pretty sure that I’m at the right location . I think the space rift has not happened yet . Examining the clues, I think it should have happened within these two days!”

 Qin Feng’s current location was somewhat distant from Chengbei Colony . He could only estimate when the space rift was going to happen . By the time the Savage Armies came to investigate, it should have been long gone by then . The machine only indicated that the space rift would happen this month and it was perfectly normal that Qin Feng did not know exact details .

 To his surprise, however, the space rift was about to rake place sooner than he expected . It was evening, and the sky was painted in streaks of orange . Without warning, a part of the sky rippled and twisted . Then, Qin Feng’s car started to blare out warnings .




 [Warning! Warning! A space rift is spawning 500 meters away from you . Unknown creatures inbound . Please be careful!]





 [This space rift is less than 10 centimeters wide . Threat level: G!]




 [A huge surge of energy has been detected! You are recommended to leave your location as soon as possible!]

 Qin Feng quickly lifted up his head to scan his surroundings . He saw cracks appear in place of the ripples, and it suddenly shattered like glass getting hit by a bullet . Typically, space rifts were extremely unpredictable . They could either contain fortunes or threats .

 This was the second space rift that he’d encountered since he had been reborn into his world . Qin Feng initially thought that it presented a golden opportunity for him to earn a handsome amount of fortune .

 4Or so he wished!

 He was wrong!

 This was a major threat .

 The sudden appearance of the wormhole caused black lightning to cackle all around it . This space rift was different from the one in the razor-fanged infant incident . This one was spawning very slowly . It would seem that Qin Feng still had enough time to flee from the scene .

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 Suddenly, a meteor streaked through the sky . Burning red with charred dark bits flying off it, it left a fascinating flaming trail akin to a comet .


 Everything happened in a mighty flash! In a blinding flash, everything around him vaporized and exploded . Qin Feng had no time to react, what more stray any further from his landing spot . Before he could even realize it, the meteor landed only 30 meters away from his hovercar . The tremendous force of the impact was almost powerful enough overturn Qin Feng’s hovercar .


 Immediately, Qin Feng pressed on the button that allowed the car to hover, and it had managed to nullify the powerful shockwave of the meteor . The only thing that he could not avoid was flying stones and debris, raining upon the car like a furious hailstorm! The entire landscape had been terraformed by the meteor’s impact .




 Xiaobai vocalized, extremely agitated . The fur behind its neck all stood up; its flight or fight instinct triggered . Once the rained of sand and stones slowed down, Qin Feng exited his vehicle, deciding to take a good look at the stellar body that had so rudely intruded the calm .

 “This… This is the Hell Stone!”

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 The sight of the stone threw Qin Feng into a shock . The meteor was a black stone that was covered in flames; its black smoke consisting of black runes . The runes were like a virus, where any exposure could turn the person into a zombie .

 “This explains the zombie horde that I encountered some time ago!”

 A catastrophic event had taken place at Chengbei Colony a month ago . Tens of thousands of zombies swarmed the colony at the same time . Though they had been all been quickly eliminated, the disease-carrying zombies managed to kill 40% of kids below the age of 16 who had yet to receive awakening serums .

 3The orphanage suffered the most losses during that period . At that time, Lin Derong was not there . Most of the kids from the orphanage were killed by the virus, clearing out the entire first floor of the orphanage .

 3Amid the tragic event, Qin Feng had managed to successfully flee the colony . Before he left the orphanage, he received a message from the employees, asking for a donation to help them deal with the crisis . It was then that Qin Feng gave all his money, enough to keep him alive for a few days . He soon left the place in a hurry .

 Still, it did not help much . All the while, Qin Feng paid close attention to this incident . Everything that was reported about the orphanage did not match what he witnessed . At first, Qin Feng thought the catastrophic event was caused by the black runes that had escaped the space rift . He had never thought that a Hell Stone was the cause of everything .


Hell Stones were considered S-tier special ability items .

 One might wonder what horrors this stone was capable of bringing .

 A wild boar had been killed when the stone hit the ground . Instead of staying dead, the swine stood on all fours and let out a long roar . Its enormous body was surrounded by a black aura, and its originally yellow skin had turned grey . It soon started to shed, displaying all the boar’s muscles . The weirdest part was, not a single drop of blood had come out from it . Its eyes were had now turned red as if possessed by an evil spirit .


 Qin Feng got down from his car without a second thought . It was a well-known fact that killing a zombified creature was extremely difficult . Qin Feng had to land a shot on its head to get a confirmed kill . If Qin Feng came into contact with the beast, there was a high chance that he might turn into a zombie .


 The energy gun penetrated the wild boar’s head with a long, blue beam .

 At the same time, the black runes changed direction and were headed towards Qin Feng! Unbeknownst to him, it was actually impossible for him to turn into a zombie because he was a dark ability user .

 1“Since all of these are black runes, I wonder if it’s possible for me to absorb them all . ”

 Qin Feng’s primary purpose in coming here was to kill all the dark creatures . He had never thought that the truth could have been so terrifying . Now, panic was setting in . He braced himself and walk toward the dark runes .




 Xiaobai moving around in the hovercar . Nonetheless, it refrained from calling Qin Feng back because it somehow knew that the dark runes were going to benefit him . Xiaobai might appear to be a small creature, but it was, after all, the child of a high-tier beast and inherited the memory of its parents . Right now, however, it only had its instincts to rely on .



 Qin Feng’s special ability core was activated .