Master of the End Times - Chapter 351

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:30:44 AM

Chapter 351: Time Assault

Chapter 351: Night-Time Assault

Xue Jinkuang let out a mad cackle, “Qin Feng, you’ve just been hit by the Xue family’s special poison . Wherever you go, the more internal force you use, the faster you’ll die!”

Qin Feng felt the bloody mist that he had accidentally inhaled colliding and causing havoc on his meridians .

It was at this time that the meridians that were changed by his absorption ability revealed its power . His internal force flowed like a powerful river in every meridian, washing away the dangerous toxin in the blink of an eye .

What was more, Qin Feng had an emperor-level body, so he could not be easily poisoned .

Still, he was shaken after hearing the manic laughter that his opponent let out . His speed slowed down and his body trembled .

Xue Jinkuang once again rushed at him . “It was good going at first! I just wanted your hand, but I’m going to have to kill you now!”

He thought that Qin Feng would grow too strong! From how he was, he would move into C-tier soon and when the time comes to that Xue Jinkuang might not even be a match for him anymore .

Because of this, it was better to just sever the problem by its roots! After all, he was already being offensive in the first place, better to just kill him and avoid trouble in the future!

“Go to hell!” Xue Jinkuang abruptly struck out with a palm . “Sanguine Palm!”

It carried a pungent and powerful aura as it came toward Qin Feng .

At this time, Qin Feng’s aura had also changed!

“Dragon Slam!”

The golden dragon’s light erupted from his body, his internal force ringing out like a dragon’s roar .


The two attacks collided with one another .

As the internal force attacks slammed together, it began to create violent tremors as the energy was spread in all directions .

Then, the attacks broke past their collision and affected the internal force that either have yet to use .


Both Qin Feng and Xue Jinkuang felt their internal force shatter at the same time .

Xue Jinkuang felt a large force impacting his body .


From the impact, his shoulder blades were shattered .

Whereas on Qin Feng’s end, he felt the internal force rush into his body, directly attacking his internal organs .


Qin Feng coughed up a mouthful of blood .

This was the first time he had suffered such a serious injury since his rebirth . As the familiar pain spread it only made Qin Feng more determined, but he knew that his injuries were far worse compared to Xue Jinkuang’s .


Qin Feng did not stick around, his body was suddenly shrouded in darkness .

Xue Jinkuang’s eyes widened, sweeping his perception toward and past Qin Feng’s direction, but he could find no traces of the other party .

Just like that Qin Feng managed to evade him again .

“Tsk,” Xue Jinkuang inhaled sharply as he felt a stabbing pain coming from his shoulders . He had not experienced what pain was like for a very long time!

“Blood Cure!”

Xue Jinkuang mobilized his internal force to heal his injuries . He knew that Qin Feng could not have gone far, but if he tried to chase the boy down that would only mean that he would get ambushed again .

Going on a day-long wild goose chase, only to have his eyes pecked by the goose . He did not want that to happen again .

This time, Qin Feng had not gone far .

In the night, a pack of F-tier desert wolves was huddled together and lounging around a large yellow stone boulder . There were a total of thirty wolves, with two or three being beast generals .

This number of wolves was considered a weak bunch in the North Sea Desert .

Tock tock tock!

A flurry of uneven steps could be heard . The wolf pack perked up their ears and sniffed the air . They had picked up the scent of freshly fallen blood .


The pack leader howled out a command that rang through the night, gleefully rallying its pack to rush toward this sudden free dinner .

Meanwhile, a pair of glowing red eyes stared out from the darkness .

“Come at me!”

A smirk appeared at the corner of Qin Feng’s mouth as he mobilized his consciousness .

“Darkness Pulse!”

A large, pitch-black shadow suddenly surrounded the wolves, covering them entirely .


The wolves seemed to have sensed that something was wrong and let out a whimper that escalated into a wail of horror .

In the blink of an eye, the wolves’ auras all dissipated as they collapsed on the ground . Dead .

Qin Feng felt a burst of strength enter his body, but instead of it being strengthened, he realized that it was quickly repairing his injuries .

Xue Jinkuang was too good . The Sanguine Palm that he unleashed was at the peak of its potential .

If Qin Feng did not have the body of a beast emperor, he would definitely be dead by now . Some of his internal organs had actually melted because of the attack, and if they did not heal, he might as well be a goner .

Just one hit and Qin Feng was the one on the floor .

His dantian only had one group of internal forces . If this group were not effectively replenished before it was consumed, Qin Feng would be completely helpless .

Fortunately, he had his absorption ability .

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Under the cover of darkness, Qin Feng used his perception to track down ultra beasts to hunt . F-tiers and E-tiers were all his targets . He preferred to not go after D-tiers at this time because he needed to recover, and he was not in the best physical condition .

After half an hour, Xue Jinkuang followed the trail of blood Qin Feng left behind and eventually caught up with him .

Both tried to attack one another the moment he spotted his opponent .

“Fire Dragon Style!”

“Sanguine Claw!”

The two attacks collided again and Qin Feng learned that Xue Jinkuang’s combat prowess did not weaken at all while he was getting weaker himself .


The battle between the two got fiercer and at that moment, countless insectoids began to surface . Obviously they had been disturbed by the battle between the two .

The huge swarm rushed toward them .

Xue Jinkuang’s eyes widened while Qin Feng’s eyes lit up .

In an instant, Qin Feng disappeared again .

“Damn it!” Xue Jinkuang gave chase again, but Qin Feng had once again disappeared without a trace and the insectoids had locked onto Xue Jinkuang .

He could only grit his teeth and flee the area, not wanting more trouble than it was worth .

The battle between the two was put on hold again .


After another half an hour, the two met again .

During this battle, Xue Jinkuang managed to brush Qin Feng’s arm with the Sanguine Palm .

Qin Feng managed to land a hit with his fire ability, his Hell Magma blasting Xue Jinkuang .

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The man lost all of his hair from that attack!

Qin Feng took the split second to escape when the man was blinded by the flames .


An hour or two later, they clashed again .

They traded blow for blow, both dishing out and taking significant damage .

Qin Feng blasted a special bullet into the air and ended up attracting a herd of ultra beasts .

He once again used the opportunity to escape!


In a single night’s time, the two had crossed fists seven to eight times .

Each battle ended with Qin Feng escaping one way or the other .

But if Xue Jinkuang could not find this tricky enemy, then he would not be considered a C-tier!

‘It seems that Qin Feng has two abilities, he has a Dark ability . That must be why he can disappear into the darkness like that,’ Xue Jinkuang thought to himself .

While Xue Jinkuang knew of this ability now, he had no intention of telling other people . In his eyes, Qin Feng was already a dead man .

Only the Human Alliance would take fame into consideration when they were trying to get someone .

He was not like that . What was more, he was a C-tier, even if Qin Feng had the Dark ability he would not try to find someone stronger to deal with the whelp .

The status of Xue Yumang and the others were beneath him, he had no need to report to anyone either .

Qin Feng’s abilities had not been exposed to the world yet .

And on Qin Feng’s end, after facing someone in battle using his Dark ability for such an extended period of time, his ideas had begun to change .